those hashtags

Thursday, 14 September 2017


My 3rd semester year 2 life as a student has begun. Class has just started yesterday and I've quite a lot of things to settle with, including notes, entrance survey, handling excos' programs and also mine which is on 25th November this year insyaAllah.

However, Alhamdulillah so far so good, despite of my communication skills problem when meeting uni-mates after so long not seeing each other. I feel so awkward even with my own classmates and I am not really friendly type of person, I find it hard to approach others and ask what they did during 5 months break so, I ended up looking at my phone and reading some webtoons.

Oh ya, forgot to tell you I get juniors this semester. And they ARE so many!!

I rarely go to cafe at night since year 1 but yesterday, when I did, woah it was SO crowded and fulled with people. The number of guys are doubled than last semester. I somehow feel insecure when seeing crowd especially the opposite gender.

I haven't officially get to know them yet, but later a meeting between the club and the junior will be held so, at that time, they will probably trying so hard to memorise my name (& the other excos too) because I used to do that when I was a junior HAHAHA ke aku sorang yang noob macam gitu 😂

It's already 1 am now and it's time to go to bed after finished doing my Solid Dosage Forms notes for introduction but now, I am here doing some quick post. I haven't share my semester 2 result because my pointer is not very good. I want to do better this semester and excel in all subjects, insyaAllah. I try not to delay any work or task given to me and I hope this high spirit will last until forever. Less going out, less dramas, less horror movies with roommate, less lazy but not less blogging because I cannot. I need space to blab and write my thoughts.

Still tak masuk tajuk lagi.

Okay, this evening I have English class and I afraid if I get Dr. Rushitah because she's quite strict in marking marks and looks a bit fierce. I love her, please do not misunderstood my point okay. It's just that my classmates and I need someone who can cheer us up and help us in English in a fun way like our previous lecturers. Again, Alhamdulillah our English lecturer this whole semester is Madam Muria. I was quite scared at first because as you know, I am not very fluent in speaking English.

In her first class, she asked us to think hashtags that describe us then all of us need to go infront to write it on the board and explain. I was like Ya Allah!!!! Masuk-masuk dah bagi task then suruh speak English depan kelas 😓 Mahu tak mengigil tangan aku dalam kelas tu aigoo dah lah lupa nak bawa jacket fakulti. Nasib engkau lah Aida, cakap kat diri sendiri.

Sarah suggested for us to exchange perspective of each other. She then said I am shy with people I am not familiar with but actually very talkative and a bit crazy with the people I am close with. I couldn't agree more with her, it is 100% true no doubt.

Starting from Auni, everyone kept going infront.

One by one, they wrote down their hashtags.

#bigguy #iamshy #gg #funnynotfunny #solucky #adventurous

My hands started to cold and my heart beats so fast. I was very very very nervous looking at the others. I was laughing at others' jokes I almost forgot I'll be standing at their place soon

Then suddenly it was my turn.

Gosh. All eyes were looking at my direction. The lecturer called "Next", I know I need to stand up and go infront. Aida, relax and breathe. You can do it! I told myself. I stood up and slowly walked to the board, reaching for marker pen and started write down the hashtag.


I didn't write in capital letters okay.

"Assalamualaikum. My name is Nurul Aida binti Kapli. I chose this hashtag because I think it describes me the best. I am very talkative with people I am close with such as my parent, sibling, best friends and housemates. However, I am shy when meeting new people. I rarely talk to them because I cannot find any topic to chat with them"


Kindergarten level, I guess. But, whatever, I go to uni to learn and improve myself. That's it. Just want to share and keep this moment for long period so, I post it here, the place that I feel like home.