Saturday, 31 March 2018

quick updates; Hegemony of the Superior and Pink Ribbon A Promise of Hope


It has been 3 weeks already since the last time I blogged. Got so much to tell & I'm all hyped!

My first week of semester 4 in uitm ended well with kpo, a 5 days program including 3 days 2 nights camp that was held somewhere far from the town & have no service line. It was exhausting physically & mentally. Deep sighs. Nevertheless, there are still some good things and inputs that I obtained from it; speaks infront of all seki(s) of society club in my campus, finally got to learnt something 'bout ajk logistik, got to use tray during eat time (macam dalam kdrama tu gais), played some good games, ran along the beach while held hands with friends, teamed up with some amazing people, did boria on stage (tak macam boria pun I was laughing and rolling my eyes along the performance while looking at yat & jiha), listened to live tazkirah from our bertam boys (haha), catched some belalang and hold a lizard (big one duh) with my bare hand, drinked flower water (mineral water added with some flowers that my group picked kat tepi-tepi jalan), had showered wearing kain batik once, slept on a doubledecker bed (mine was on top), learnt something about the power of cooperation in team, cried for the first time while singing a patriotic song and of course, had real good laughs there.

The moment when we were struggling to fill up a bucket with water using caps, shoes, sweaters and card holder that we were wearing on the last day, I won't forget that feeling ever. Never. Also the moment when I was crying so hard while singing a patriotic song but still trying my best to finish the song. I'm thankful to our ancestors that successfully bring the freedom that we are enjoying today :") 💛

My second week was also amazing as Sophys second event (my own second program together with yat) this semester went smoothly. Sale for Fund: Pink Ribbon A Promise of Hope was held with objective to bring awareness to students about breast cancer & also collect donation for breast cancer patients through preloved items sale. I was busy writing lot of letters to this and that person & institution. I went to ILP near our campus to invite them to our program & had lunch with yat and nik after the visit (ceh visit tak sampai 5 minit pun haha). Met few pharmacy seniors as they came back to bertam for their fyp presentation. Ha, I talked & played a game (ambil kacang hijau with chopstick) with pahdeng too, a junior that I'd never talked to. Finally, I also cried because of my exco partner (i'm not mentioning his name here) untuk keberapa kalinya. Done with the sad part, don't want to elaborate more on that.

This week, I had my first pharmacy practice lab where we need to dispense  medications to patient. I was nervous at first, but now I think I do enjoy talking to the patient (for the lab session, lecturers become our patient la kononnya).

jangan tanya dia ni pergi kelas atau pergi picnic

I am also happy with my teams for 1st and 2nd weeks of ubfest 🎪 as always, our Sophyslicious ice creams are hot-selling item every week, Alhamdulillah couldn't be more happier & prouder!

team week 1

team week 2

that one thing I am proud of myself

Do miss writing so much. Bad news, my father felled down and broke his leg so, he'll be on a 3 months leave. Semoga cepat sembuh abah! Good news, two women I adore get pregnant Alhamdulillah so happy for you, Nurin Qistina & Vivy Yusof! Can't wait to meet your little ones.