Wednesday, 8 February 2017

a korean addict

A Korean addict, yes I am. 

Starting from year 2010, I was introduced to kpop musics and the first kpop songs I listened to was Ring Ding Dong and Gee🎢 I do remember how hard it was for me to recognize each of Girls Generation group member because their faces are almost the same, kan? Listening to their old songs surely make me cry😒 How I miss the old days; the good times I had spending money on epop magazines, kpop stuffs (I still do and even more worse) and spending time fangirling to kpop groups with my friends especially Yan! Getting into kpop musics driven me slowly to watch Korean dramas, movies and reality shows. The plots, actors and actresses are seriously daebakkπŸ‘ After watching and listening to kpop songs and kdramas, I started to learn Korean languange through websites back in 2012 when I was in form 2. Besides how cute Korean languange sound, the reason why I learn hangul because I really hate that I can't read the words in the reality show (if you know what I mean) After the struggle I had endure every day, I am able to write and read all the Korean words in a fast pace. However, I haven't been able to continue my lessons these days but I will try bit by bit because I wish to watch Korean drama without any subtitle later on. Then, I started to fall in love deeper into Korea through the food. Yums they taste amazingly deliciousπŸ˜‹ My all-time favourite dish is tteobokki. MasyaAllah, sedapnya! The restaurants I have enjoyed my Korean dishes are Sopoong, Dubuyo, Eid bangi, Hanbing and also B.bap. I haven't try dishes at Myeongdong Topokki yet, but I'll surely go there because there are a lot reviews saying they serve great food with great priceπŸ› Day by day, my interest towards Korea grew bigger. The fashion is a wow! πŸ’• That's what makes me want to lose weight even more as most of their clothes are super duper small. And since last year, I am so into Korean beauty including skincare and make up products. I am honestly focus more on skincare regimen rather than make up because in order to get a great make up result, we need to have a nice skin. And if we have such a nice skin, we don't really need to wear make up to cover up our flaws, don't you agree? I don't put on that much make up tho, just a small amount of bb cream, baby johnson powder, lip tint and I am ready to go! πŸ˜„ Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbut my skincare routine is quite long and most of my coursemates will think it's complicated and wasting money. It does requires a lot of money but I don't care; I invest for my skin now so that they will thank me later. I have so much complexion since I was in primary school but it is getting better now, Alhamdulillah.

Now, please bring me to Korea! ✈

Saturday, 4 February 2017

jungle trekking at Hutan Lipur Sungai Sedim & hiking at Cherok Tok Kun


I have lots to share especially about the hiking trips I had during kpo and also with my usrah team but I just couldn't find any free time to properly write something. I tried, almost halfway done. But haha yes, still no newest post till this one. Hehe. 

I had been quite heartbroken since last week, I found out the person I had crush on, just got a girlfriend. Pretty, tall, kind and slim; literally she's just wayyyyyy and wayyyyyy better than meπŸ˜” Good for him, I guess. And insyaAllah, good for me too because I believe Allah has a better plan for me kan (so chill la!) Kumbang bukan seekor, budu bukan sebotol (eh??) HAHAHA belambak je kat luar sana, pilih je nak yang mana. Nak yang melayu asli ke jetjet mat salleh ke atau mamat kpop kimchi ke kalau tak pun dapat mamat cina mata sepet sikit ala-ala korea pun okay dak *ayat sedapkan hati sendiri* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pasal kpo program tu, I had a blastful 2 days! We played some games on Friday night with all 5 clubs in UiTM Kampus Bertam for the very first time. Had an ice breaking before the next day. Malam yang sangat santai, kelakar sampai sakit perut tahan gelak. Hari sabtu, such a very long and tiring day. Mostly that day untuk kitorang semua belajar macam mana nak buat paper work dan buat presentation of our planned activities depan Encik Hafiz dan a few panels. Masa ni lah aku banyak belajar walaupun pening pening jugak nak buat kertas kerja ni. Sunday then cominggg😁 It's been a long time I haven't seen a river and waterfall. SubhanaAllah, the green view of the Hutan Lipur Sedim was so breathtaking, calming and mesmerizing😍 I couldn't stop staring at the very little details of the jungle, rock, leaves and every single things there. Sangat menajubkan! Cantik sangat ciptaan Allah, takkan pernah dapat ditandingi dengan ciptaan manusia yang seciput. Disebabkan aku ni anak yang baik kan BHAHAHAHA aku celup kaki je lah dekat sungai tu walaupun kalau ikutkan hati nak je terjun macam Pandalela buat backflip walaupun sebenarnya tak larat pun nak angkat badan sendiri yang naik berkilos 😣 Memang hadapi saat sukar la waktu tu sebab hellooooo dah 7 tahun okei aku tak nampak sungai dan tak rasa betapa nikmat dan sejuk segarnya air sungai!!!!! Mama tak kasi, sebab dia takut if any bad thing happen. Dia bagi kebenaran mandi dengan satu syarat je; kahwin sebab dia kata tanggungjawab dah beralih kat suami. So, kepada Encik Bakal Zauj πŸ™ˆ nanti izinkan lah bakal zaujahmu mandi sungai okayyyy kalau tak saya reject ❌πŸ˜‚ Banyak sangat benda kelakar jadi masa kpo and also benda paling menakutkan. I got kissed by the bloodsucker, leech. Allahuakbar, takut dia takleh nak explain macam mana. Tetiba darah melimpah keluar seram tengok😱 I thought I'll be one of the luckiest people for not getting bitten by pacat tapi itulah nasib tidak menyebelahi. Too much to tell but the pictures will do their things.

Friday night

First time cakap kat depan ya ampun nervous sgt!😧

Discuss untuk presentation

Team kira aktiviti budget untuk presentation

Our president presenting our aktiviti berbajet

My girls, my team πŸ’–

From left; Madam Dini, Amzar, Kakwa, Saya!, Dba, Jiha Yat


Nak mandi air terjunnnnnnn

Ah, can you see how beautiful the waterfall is!?

Pasal hiking dengan geng usrah pun syok sebab first time pergi Cherun Tok Kun kapp 😊😊 Masuk yang ni dah 3rd hiking for last month. Aku pergi dengan housemates; kecuali Nora dengan Ain. Masa kat kaki bukit tu aku tanyalah sorang akak ni,

"berapa km nak sampai puncak?"
"dalam 1 km"

Kemudian ofkos lah aku dengan riaknya (jangan ikut pls) cakap,

"lah dekatnya lagi dekat dari Bukit Jambul" 

Sebab rasa macam tak challenging gila kan!? Aku pun duk lead kat depan sebab kononnya nak jadi orang first yang sampai puncak (managed to become the first thoπŸ˜†) tapi walaweh menipuuuu gila 1km haih takkan 1 jam 20 mins baru sampai puncak?????! Bila turun kat bawah tanya orang, rupanya 7km yerrrrrrrr πŸ˜‘ kena tipu habis lah serious penat sebab asyik dok fikir kenapa lama sangat nak sampai puncak. Mandi peluh aku nak naik atas puncak tu 😌 The view kat puncak memang sangat heartbreaking sebab ada pencawang elektrik je cis bege betul HAHAHAHA penat kau naik nampak itu aje?! Tapi don't worry sebab around 100m turun dari puncak korang akan pergi satu laluan untuk tengok view cantik. Superb! Dapat view kabus ala-ala Cameron gituu 😝 tu pun sebab hujan renyai sekejap tapi lepastu terang dah, dapat dah the clear view around Bukit Mertajam pulak kira macam 2 in 1 hm Alhamdulillah rezeki aku kot. Recommended untuk pergi sana kalau korang jenis suka outdoor activityπŸ˜‰

Beautiful scenery 😍😍
Worth my 1 hour 20 minutes <3

Housemate, Classmate, Some-time deskmate, Zumbamate and Hikingmate; Izzati