Tuesday, 19 January 2021

hopes & goals 2021

This is pretty much resolutions post for 2021 🤟🏻 

  1. I want to achieve the BIG WHY I started aedascarf (in a year or two aamiin)
  2. I want to understand few surahs, the meaning of every ayat
  3. Solat diawal waktu 🤍 jauh lebih awal dari sekarang sebab kadang terlewat jugak hmm
  4. I want to buy a printer! For business purpose hahahaha
  5. I want to love myself, know my worth and appreciate myself ❤️
  6. I want to excel in every semester 🥺 juseyo!!!!
  7. I want to convo diploma asap! Yes pls 👩🏻‍🎓
  8. I want to worry less, insecure less, overthink less and trust more ❤️
  9. I want to keep appreciating my partner, keep loving (more!) and be with each other until forever 🥺
  10. I want to buy some clothes hahahaha it has been awhile since the last time I bought for myself sebab aku kedekut sikit dengan diri sendiri
  11. Know my boundaries no matter how much I am trying to be "nice", think about partner's feeling first
  12. Wake up early & go to class early!!!!! 
  13. Cook &&& bake more 🧁
  14. I want to lose few kgs (back to 47kg)
  15. I want to reach at least RM3k++ in my maybank account 😬
  16. I want to have at least one post per month ✨ no more mia (missing in action)
  17. One of postponed 2020 goals; get driving license 🤭
  18. I want to treat my fam more ✨❤️
  19. I want to go for another hiking this year & more jogs 😬
  20. I want to create more memories and go for more dates!!! 💖😙

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

things that i'm proud of in 2020

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ 
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Assalamualaikum and hello 2021 🌿

I wish you all a happy new year! If you can go through 2020, then 2021 gonna be a piece of cake ❤ hehehe so let's recap things that i'm proud of in 2020 and things that i regret last year. 

Things that I'm proud of/happy with in 2020:

  1. I spent most of my time at home and got to spent lot of time with my fam due to pandemic
  2. I got to spent bunch of quality time with my plus one, Fila
  3. I went to Melaka in early march with Fila and got to explore many places that I've never been to 🥺❤️
  4. I got birthday call, vidcalls from him 🥺 he even sang birthday song to me and put on ribbon on his head as I wish 😍 (photo is confidential sebab nanti dia segan)
  5. Fila gave me such an amazing but expensive gift for my birthday ❤️🥺 it's a phone with amazing camera!!!!
  6. Went for dates with Fila at new places hehehe tried new foods! 🍝
  7. I went to KL Eco Park for the first time and it was so breathtaking 🌱
  8. Got to saw him in full set of baju askar and he is so handsome ugh he showed me while he was gettin' ready to start his lkt 😢
  9. I did one day part-time job at Kenari with my fren, Dayah ✨
  10. I got to spent some time with my friends before the pandemic 👀 especially with Mekti, we got to lepak almost every night dekat ruang tamu
  11. My lil sis and I went to Penang by ourselves and got my kad matrik cut at uitm bertam 🥳 officially a pharmacy post-graduate! pats
  12. Went to upnm in mid march just before pkp to meet him and celebrate our 1st anniversary gituwww gave him anniversary present & i even made a smol jar of love notes (16 march & 11 april ha memana boleh sebab takde actual date pun yang kitorang cam ok kita ni together hahahaha)
  13. I got new kittens; abby, abby debab, belang, oyen, uteh, citam and ontot 😚
  14. I tried lot of new recipes! A better cooker than last year 😂
  15. Early covid season was all about dalgona coffee and of course, following the trend, I made it as well ☕
  16. I played plato to kill some times with Fila and his sibs & Mekti Eyan too 🤩
  17. Made mochi with my mom but it turned out weird 🤣
  18. Rebrand my smol business from itsaidasfav to aedascarf but both have the same meaning and big why 💖
  19. I got to support some of my frens' smol businesses tehee ✨ hope i would be able to help them in any form! 
  20.  My brand got more recognition from people && my frens 😚
  21. Able to reach rm1.3k+ inside my saving account (road to rm3k and next rm10k)
  22. Got to improve my cooking & baking skills tho 🤘🏻
  23. More self love; started to accept my voice, my pimples and my body shape
  24. More selfies!!!! 😂 Lol
  25. Went to lumut with Fila and had so much fun hehehe watched Sebelum Iblis Menjemput 2 and screamed out loud hahahaha
  26. Had fun at the playground like a 5 years old kid 💖 twas a good day tho!!
  27. Got a bracelet masa dekat lumut Fila kasi awh and I wear it till today 🥺 I'm not that type of person yang pakai jam atau gelang tapi for you, aida pakai ecewah 😘
  28. Made my first business card but now changed it to a different pattern and I'm lovin it 😍
  29. Changed my scarf tagging to our initial name, a ✨ so prettah!!!
  30. Maintain my weight under 50kg phewwww 😅 need to lost few kgs back to 47kg hahaha
  31. My smol business got to expand a bit more & I was brave to take risk to restock more than I usually did
  32. Baked cookies with Fila for the first time evah 🤩 heeeee so happy
  33. Took his things at upnm after pkp in June ✨ that was the day he gave me present!!!!
  34. Improve myself in photography and editing ehehe sebab banyak ambik gambar untuk aedascarf 😂
  35. Met my primary school besties in July walaupun tak complete uhuk 7/10 jerps
  36. Made aedascarf's first igtv 📺
  37. Met sarah iman & nora!!!!
  38. Survived our big fights and here we are still together alhamdulillah ❤️
  39. Made our first mukbang hahahahah 🤭
  40. Played bowling together for the first time uwuuuu walaupun dedua noob tak issokay nanti kita main lagi
  41. Went back to coffee lab cafe in Teluk Intan ✨ that place is special to us 💖 that's where our first 'real' date happened
  42. Got to suprised him with few presents on his birthday! ❤️😍
  43. Able to treat my fams alhamdulillah walaupun tak banyak tapi dapat jugak sebab ada rezeki lebih dari aedascarf 🌿
  44. I'm a pubg player now!!!! 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻 Credit to Fila heheh
  45. Worked with faerslog for my postcard grad box 🎁
  46. Got a white watch from eyan 🤍 hehehe walaupun belum pakai and aida tak pakai jam tapi thanks eyan nanti aida pakai okeh
  47. Treat my fams; mama abah adik burger king and ate it together with Fila 🤍 i never felt so happy and complete macamtu 🥺 rasa meriah dan cukup 💖
  48. Got to buy another handbag for mama's birthday present 💝
  49. Managed to rearrange my room; got myself a study section & business section where I keep all my tudung
  50. Aquaria date! Blup blupp 🐬 hehehe 
  51. As I requested, penutup date tahun 2020 we went for our first picnic date @ taman saujana hijau!!!! 🤍🕊️ ft homemade kimbap & mac n cheese

Things that I regret/unhappy with in 2020:
  1. I should have become a better daughter to my parents but my rebellious innerself just won't allow me to
  2. I'm a sinner
  3. I feel empty; that religious space inside of me needs to be filled someday
  4. I should have become a better partner to my other half, Fila 🥺 I should have understand him better, treat him better and become way mature (did my best, but that just not enuf)
  5. I gave too much excuses to lot of things
  6. I didn't do well during my second semester; it was really hard tho to be at home
  7. I was thinkin' if I really do have probs with my cognitive because I am just too slow, even way slower than I used to be
  8. My attention span is so short! I kinda worried a bit 😟 even during physical class, I've problems to focus 🤕 should I do intervention on my own? Lol
  9. Discipline ❌ 
  10. I asked questions without thinking about the other person's feeling (bad aida!)
  11. Way too worried! Way too curious! 
  13. Had few phases of breakout 😷 
  14. Too insecure; can't help it!

Till then, xoxo