Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Karnival 1 Malaysia 2K17


Hi everyone πŸ˜€ I feel relieved a bit after done answering Quiz 1 PHD213 Microbiology paper this evening, and I only have one class tomorrow because lab sessions haven't start yet and Dr Lean wouldn't be coming to class. In other words, I am free for a day. I did ice cream delivery at 9.30 pm after isya' few hours ago from room to room each floor, woww Exco Keusahawanan sangat πŸ’

Before that, I am informing you that my mentee has contacted me already 2 days ago after maghrib. That evening, I accompanied Ati, Nora and Mekti to blok pentadbiran because they want to take out some cash. Lepastu  pergi lah kat padang ada orang main frisbee. Nampak macam best, so aku dengan Mekti pun try lah main baling-baling. Aku dah terel weh hahaha πŸ˜› Sekali baru perasan rupanya sepatutnya-mentee-aku-yang-patut-contact-lebih-awal was there too. Tengah duduk-duduk tengok budak pro main kan, tetiba ada satu frisbee ni datang kat arah aku. Weh sumpah takut gilaaa aku menyorok belakang Mekti. Dia boleh gelakkan aku (walaupun kau jauh tapi aku nampak eh πŸ˜’) For some reasons, I wish this blog haven't discovered by anyone especially those who went to the same uni with me because I just want to tell everything here. Just like a diary. Although I know a senior and two of my housemates already know about the existence of my blogspot. Not sure if other uni-mates know about it. I'll just pretend they didn't know HAHAHAHA

Great view, great experience with great people πŸ’–

After lot of meetings since the first day here regarding of Nuel and Shida's program, Alhamdulillah last Saturday, the event went well πŸŽ‡  My tasks were:

1) to find volunteers from seniors and juniors
2) manage the volunteers
3) buy decorations for dewan terbuka
4) decorate the hall

Other than that, I helped the others with wrapping the hampers, handling the games, giving out the food to volunteers and also cutting 900 coupons. Serious banyak gila weh padahal students kkat Bertam ni total ada dalam 800 orang je πŸ˜‚ Nak ambil nama untuk sukarelawan tu kacang je ceh poyo. Tapi bila tetiba KP cakap nak cut dari 26 orang jadi 8 orang lelaki dan 8 orang perempuan, memang jenuh lah nak copy paste ayat minta maaf kat those yang nama tak terpilih. Lepas tu rasa serba salah (sorry aku lembut hati orangnya πŸ˜›)

Few days before the event, I went to shop for the decorations. I went to 3 different places on 3 different days. Sekarang naik prebet atau pergi mana-mana pun sumpah mahal. Banyak habis duit kat situ jelah. Rasa nak nangis sebab tengah nak simpan duit 😭 Tak ada lah beli banyak barang; 1 pack balloons, 4 pieces of standard size Jalur Gemilang, 6 pieces of Jalur Gemilang yang bertali, 1 pieces of tali and 1 pack of penyepit yang orang letak gambar polaroid tu.

Petang sebelum program pada hari Sabtu, around 5.00 petang kitorang semua dah turun pergi dewan terbuka untuk bersihkan, kemas dan hias tempat tu. Kitorang susun kerusi and meja, angkat whiteboard dari blok akademik (lelaki jelah, aku tolong tengok je) Seronok sebab lagi macam mengeratkan silaturrahim hehehe

The night before the program, aku, Nisa' dan Shida turun kat food court to meet with the sukarelawan and do a quick briefing. My mentee was there, tapi masa tu dia still tak contact aku and aku pun tak berapa pasti if he IS my mentee. After briefing tu, aku minta tolong diorang tiup belon hehehe dah kata sukarelawan kan, kena lah tolong. Jahat do aku membuli kanak-kanak innocent πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Dah tiup tu, kena ikat kat reben dan mana yang dah siap tu, aku suruh  few budak lelaki pasang kat dewan terbuka, incase diorang takut kan, Shida and Nisa' also were there at the dewan terbuka. Aku sorang jelah yang incharge untuk jaga budak-budak sukarelawan lain yang still bertungkus lumus siapkan ikat belon kat reben and untying the ribbons yang dah bersimpul. Sambil-sambil tu, aku berborak lah dengan diorang; both girls and boys. They are soooo nice and well-mannered duh. Senang je ajak berborak. Masa tu aku borak dengan semua budak perempuan including Edora, Amirah, Ezlyn etc and Zharif, Safdar, Furqon and Haziq. The other boys tak sempat cakap sebab diorang dah pergi dewan terbuka dulu. But I know all of them are nice as well. I still don't get why many seniors (batch aku lah) say the juniors are rude. Aku rasa okay je πŸ˜•

The day of the program tu, Alhamdulillah pagi tu cerah dan tak hujan seperti days before. Risau gila serious, sebab kitorang ada banyak buat outdoor games. Pukul 7 pagi dah kelam kabut pergi angkat hamper, panggil budak sukarelawan suruh cepat, susun kerusi for lecturers kat dewan terbuka, bagi penerangan kat sukarelawan macam mana nak buat court galah panjang and inform kat 3 orang wakil setiap booth to prepare and hias booth masing-masing. Bila program dah dilancarkan oleh Dr Mohd Izani Othman, games pun start! Like seriously, mula-mula flow program memang kabut. Dengan peserta anyam ketupat yang tak ada and rain suddenly came. Nasib baik sekejap je dalam 10 minutes macam tu.

After hujan, everything went great. Permainan galah panjang, lompat tali and paling best ialah tarik tali. Suara aku hilang banyak kat situ je kau tahu. Dengan lecaknya padang tu masyaAllah, tak boleh nak cakap. Bau padang tu serious busuk macam bau kerbau. Bukan aku cakap tau, tapi orang lain yang cakap.

Dba πŸ’“

Majlis penutup was lit πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Sophys 17/18

Saturday, 23 September 2017

getting busier


Time flies much faster than I imagined and now, I'm almost at the end of second week of semester 3.

Last week was crazy. I was so busy since the first day here, in college. I have club meetings to attend almost every night and few tasks to do for the next event. Need to catch up with every subjects and to resist myself from sleeping in the lecture hall. This second week is even crazier.

Last Thursday, after the English class ended, small drops of rain was coming down from the sky. And the strong wind made it even worst. In the middle of our way back to the college, rain started to pour heavily and we were stucked at HEP. After few minutes, we ran through the rain to the college. If you was there and saw us, you would probably ashamed of us HAHAHA whatever I don't care because that's one of the precious moment I had in Bertam. After safely arrived at hostel, I thought everything would be fine, until I opened my room's door. The windows were widely opened, the floor was covered with rainwater, and our bedsheets, pillows and blankets were so wet that I thought my bed was a swimming pool.

It was a disaster.

I think my roommate and I went through a lot of hardship, including surviving after watching lots of horror movies together.

Sebelum aku cerita pasal hari Sabtu, congratulation team SOPHYS yag masuk perbarisan this semester!! Dapat no 3 tau weh masyaAllah diorang sumpah semangat gila. Kitorang pun tak macam tu dulu. Aku pergi tengok diorang practice masa hari Rabu dengan Khamis. Aku perasan lah ada sorang ni asyik macam pandang. Tapi bila aku pandang balik, dia toleh tempat lain. Ke aku yang perasan?!?! BAHAHAHA tapi handsome lah hmm disebabkan kitorang akan buat program Mentor Mentee nanti, pernah lah terfikir dan berharap mana tahu kot-kot dapat dia as mentee ke kan. Walaupun probability sangat tipis sebab (1) Senior ramai lebih kurang junior (2) Junior lelaki memang sikit sama macam batch kitorang.

On Saturday, I volunteered for UiTM Family Day at our university with few of my housemates. That was the first time aku volunteer unntuk apa-apa majlis dan acara. It was a very fun and exciting experience despite the bad sunburn that I've got hmm the sunlight that day was sooooo strong!! I sweared I put a lot of sunscreen on (SPF 50 and SPF 100 kot) but maybe it wasn't enough. I woke up early and dressed up in sport attires then walked to the HEP block at 7.30 am with colourful balloons in both hands.

Banyak juga lah kerja sukarelawan masa hari program. First of all, awal-awal pagi kena divide kan kids into groups mengikut umur. Dah habis tu, kita start dengan games untuk budak-budak comel ni. Alahai gerammmmm je tengok. Yang banyak cakap ada, yang pendiam ada, yang hyper ada, yang menangis nak emak pun ada jugak HAHAHAHA teringat pulak time aku menangis tak henti setiap kali masuk semester baru πŸ˜‚ Adoiii anak siapa lah agaknya!? (sambil tanya diri sendiri) Games tu ada 3 jenis including pancing ikan dan baling bola ping pong dalam air. Aku jaga budak kumpulan 5 dan kami tak pernah menang. Tapi masa last game tu aku punyalah semangat bising-bising kat diorang semua suruh buat cepat-cepat sebab nanti dapat hadiah. Fuhhh terus semangat depa semua!! Kitorang menang gaiss (budak-budak tu je sebenarnya). Aku excited mengalahkan mak-mak diorang. Lompat sambil tepuk tangan, mulut asyik jerit sampai nak terkeluar anak tekak.

Team 5 πŸ’•

When the VIPs arrived, we stopped all the games and gathered infront of the stage. Ada majlis pelancaran and also zumba. Aku patut lead zumba aku rasa BAHAHAHA sejenis riak. Tapi faham-faham jelah kalau aku lead zumba jangan harap lah lagu lain selain kpop songs. Hmmm tolong redha πŸ˜” Ada lagu baby shark too!!

Habis je pelancaran, semua games bersambung seperti biasa termasuklah game untuk lecturers dan staff. Aku tak handle sangat games untuk orang dewasa lol tak seronok keh keh. Dengan budak-budak best boleh bising-bising dan tak rasa awkward.

Bumblebee datang Bertam!
Masa ni anak madam Dini tahan aku aduhai aku macam "hey kid I need to do something" tapi cakap elok-elok lah tapi Amzar still tarik aku πŸ˜… Last-last aku lariiiii sorry kid

Okay, tak nak cakap panjang-panjang pasal UiTM Family Day sebab sumpah besar dan fun gila!! Banyak gila duit HEP aigoo khemah je dah 7 buah dah lah besar ya Ampun 😭

A day after program Family Day, early on Sunday morning we had Pengenalan Kelab di Bertam from all clubs including SOPHYS to all juniors.

Rasa macam tak ada lah kenal mana pun, sebab presiden dan naib presiden je yang bercakap. Tapi aku bersyukur lah, sebab I still don't have any courage to speak up infront of people. Weh rasa macam nak tercabut jantung!!!! We took pictures and boomerangs together.

From left; Nisa', Aida (me), Shida, Yat, Buza, Nuel and Sayuti

Exco Sukan Zetwee πŸ’–

Yattraksasa πŸ’œ I'll share how we met later, probably on our last semester *bloody cries*

Sarawakian team, meet my club's president, Nuel. Lot of people say we look alike hmm kembar lah kot

Pharmacy juniors

Program Pengenalan Kelab di Bertam #uitmcpp #sophys #ehsan #meltech #jpk #bsc #bertamunited

The next day, on Monday, as we planned, kitorang pergi jumpa juniors kat DK after class diorang habis. Kena tunggu satu jam jugalah hahaha tapi masa yang terluang tu aku tolong Yat tulis nama lecturers untuk kad jemputan program Nuel dengan Shida. Masa masuk dalam DK tu memang rasa macam takut and awkward mula-mula sebab tak kenal pun diorang semua. Yang familiar pun budak-budak perbarisan je. Pastu suruh diorang cabut nama dari balang and tengok siapa senior yang diorang dapat sebagai Mentor. Aha Yat siap tanya lagi guna microphone siapa dapat nama dia, Buza, Zetwe dengan Nik. Alang-alang tu aku suruh lah dia tanya siapa dapat aku. Hmmmm kau rasa siapa?! Aku tak ada lah macam sure sangat siapa yang angkat tangan, tapi aku rasa budak yang aku mention di atas. Tak tahu nak rasa excited ke nervous 😭😭 Dalam kertas tu hanya diberi nama penuh sahaja so, juniors kena cari lah cara macam mana nak contact Mentor masing-masing.

Allahu, sumpah aku cakap penat gila this semester. Too many programs to handle and too many meetings to attend. Kalau almost every night, kau rasa nak study masa bila? Nak dekat program lagi lah, tapi aku doa sangat supaya apa yang aku baca senang masuk, Aminn.

Will update about latest program and event insyaAllah πŸ˜€

Thursday, 14 September 2017

those hashtags


My 3rd semester year 2 life as a student has begun. Class has just started yesterday and I've quite a lot of things to settle with, including notes, entrance survey, handling excos' programs and also mine which is on 25th November this year insyaAllah.

However, Alhamdulillah so far so good, despite of my communication skills problem when meeting uni-mates after so long not seeing each other. I feel so awkward even with my own classmates and I am not really friendly type of person, I find it hard to approach others and ask what they did during 5 months break so, I ended up looking at my phone and reading some webtoons.

Oh ya, forgot to tell you I get juniors this semester. And they ARE so many!!

I rarely go to cafe at night since year 1 but yesterday, when I did, woah it was SO crowded and fulled with people. The number of guys are doubled than last semester. I somehow feel insecure when seeing crowd especially the opposite gender.

I haven't officially get to know them yet, but later a meeting between the club and the junior will be held so, at that time, they will probably trying so hard to memorise my name (& the other excos too) because I used to do that when I was a junior HAHAHA ke aku sorang yang noob macam gitu πŸ˜‚

It's already 1 am now and it's time to go to bed after finished doing my Solid Dosage Forms notes for introduction but now, I am here doing some quick post. I haven't share my semester 2 result because my pointer is not very good. I want to do better this semester and excel in all subjects, insyaAllah. I try not to delay any work or task given to me and I hope this high spirit will last until forever. Less going out, less dramas, less horror movies with roommate, less lazy but not less blogging because I cannot. I need space to blab and write my thoughts.

Still tak masuk tajuk lagi.

Okay, this evening I have English class and I afraid if I get Dr. Rushitah because she's quite strict in marking marks and looks a bit fierce. I love her, please do not misunderstood my point okay. It's just that my classmates and I need someone who can cheer us up and help us in English in a fun way like our previous lecturers. Again, Alhamdulillah our English lecturer this whole semester is Madam Muria. I was quite scared at first because as you know, I am not very fluent in speaking English.

In her first class, she asked us to think hashtags that describe us then all of us need to go infront to write it on the board and explain. I was like Ya Allah!!!! Masuk-masuk dah bagi task then suruh speak English depan kelas πŸ˜“ Mahu tak mengigil tangan aku dalam kelas tu aigoo dah lah lupa nak bawa jacket fakulti. Nasib engkau lah Aida, cakap kat diri sendiri.

Sarah suggested for us to exchange perspective of each other. She then said I am shy with people I am not familiar with but actually very talkative and a bit crazy with the people I am close with. I couldn't agree more with her, it is 100% true no doubt.

Starting from Auni, everyone kept going infront.

One by one, they wrote down their hashtags.

#bigguy #iamshy #gg #funnynotfunny #solucky #adventurous

My hands started to cold and my heart beats so fast. I was very very very nervous looking at the others. I was laughing at others' jokes I almost forgot I'll be standing at their place soon

Then suddenly it was my turn.

Gosh. All eyes were looking at my direction. The lecturer called "Next", I know I need to stand up and go infront. Aida, relax and breathe. You can do it! I told myself. I stood up and slowly walked to the board, reaching for marker pen and started write down the hashtag.


I didn't write in capital letters okay.

"Assalamualaikum. My name is Nurul Aida binti Kapli. I chose this hashtag because I think it describes me the best. I am very talkative with people I am close with such as my parent, sibling, best friends and housemates. However, I am shy when meeting new people. I rarely talk to them because I cannot find any topic to chat with them"


Kindergarten level, I guess. But, whatever, I go to uni to learn and improve myself. That's it. Just want to share and keep this moment for long period so, I post it here, the place that I feel like home.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Binggrae banana milk and Dutch Lady chocolate milk


I found the last pack of popular Binggrae banana milk on the shelf at Sunshine mall when I was buying few stuffs with my mom. I was so excited y'knoww you should see me there. However, I think few times before put it in the cart and pay for it because I am not a big fan of milk. Almost a hater.

After sipping a few times, I realized the milk taste too sweet. Not from the banana, but the sweetness that comes from the sugar. I just don't get it why people are exaggerate about the banana milk. Okay lah, the banana milk bottles at Korea are cute though, but the taste isn't that good. Mungkin pada aku jelah kot, lain orang lain pendapat.

Pergi Guardian terjumpa Dutch Lady chocolate flavored milk at the counter. Terus capai dan bayar. Kekonon nak rasa HAHAHAHA nampak tak kegigihan kat situ nak belajar minum susu aigoo πŸ˜‚ Suprisingly, aku boleh minum tanpa rasa nak muntah atau tutup hidung.

Nampaknya dah boleh lah aku minum susu lepas ni 😝 Walaupun tak dapat membantu untuk tinggi dah adoi short people's problem betul tapi takpelah minum untuk tulang kuat jelah πŸ˜‚

Ha pagi tadi aku dah kemas bilik kat hostel. For this 3rd semester, aku susun lain sikit barang dalam almari. I am satisfied with it walaupun ambil masa lama nak susun satu satu tudung dengan shawl sampai Abah dengan Cik Aziz hampir tertidur menunggu. Bersyukur Mama ada nak teman kemas hehehehe sambil ambil gambar tudung aku siap masuk dalam group family katanya banyak macam nak berniaga. Okay lah, I admit memang banyak nak mampos tapi normal what?! Perempuan perlu ada banyak tudung. Even dalam seminggu asyik pakai tudung hitam atau yang sama je =____="

Pasal alarm tone baru aku tu, haih hampeh tak membantu langsung πŸ˜… BAHAHAHA lagi rasa nak tidur ada lah lagi-lagi part awal masa Minhyun nyanyi. Keh keh patut tukar alarm tone lain ni πŸ˜•

One last thing before I end this post, masa cuti semester itu hari aku nak beli new sport shoes tapi tak jadi sebab tak ada duit kan. But yeah, rezeki aku lah kot rasanya sebab aku terlupa nak bawa kasut sukan kat hostel. Lupa langsung. Teringat pun sebab nampak housemates punya kasut kat luar masa kemas bilik. Jadi nak tak nak, I have to buy a new pair of sport shoes yeayy gembira lah walaupun kena keluar duit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Saturday, 9 September 2017

choked up


I'd left home last midnight. I was emotional as ever, almost choked up holding back my tears the moment I give my parent some money I received from tutoring.

It feels unreal the long 5 months semester break has come to an end.

Messages keep on coming through pharmacy whatsapp groups since last week and you know what does that means. Yes, busy and tough life. I told Nora that I want to borrow her shoulder and vice versa haha just incase. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

I have my parent and sister with me right now. They're going to be here until Monday so, I'll absolutely staying with them till then. I'm glad we will start class on Tuesday because I am not ready. Not entirely. I'll try to be tough (not sado) and not to cry when they go back but hmph not sure if I can. I cry every semester when they send me to college. Dah masuk semester 3 pun nak nangis. Such a cry baby.

Beautiful mom πŸ’•

She sat on me #ithoughtiwasdying

I wanted to do college haul entry at the first place, but while packing my stuffs, I forgot. λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄μš” μΉœκ΅¬λ“€ πŸ™ Later, I'll make up for that.

Goodnight, I have to go for college registration tomorrow morning so, I set 3 alarms in a row. Look at my alarm tone, everyone hehehrhr

Bunyi mendodoi je HAHAHA kita tengok boleh bangun ke tidak

λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄μš”; mianhaeyo (sorry)
μΉœκ΅¬λ“€; chingudeul (friends)