Sunday, 31 December 2017

things that i'm proud of in 2017


There are so many things happened in one year and also created bunch of great memories that I'll cherish forever.


Things that I'm proud of/happy with in 2017 ;

  1. I kind of allow myself to do different things; ajk hiasan, hadiah, keusahawanan, pendaftaran and Ketua Pengarah
  2. I did well in handling money and sales & yes, I make so much money
  3. I less dependant on people err a bit lah 
  4. I went hiking 3 times this year 🌱
  5. I teached one person for UPSR πŸ˜‚
  6. I pushed one person away from my life because she didn't appreciate me as a friend when I was treating her so nicely & I did not regret it at all
  7. I managed to handle the program that I held in November all by myself; things was hard, I cried and had mental breakdown but Alhamdulillah I pushed myself to the limit & the program also went smoothly
  8. I didn't really watched any new drama in semester 3 at the college hm at least 
  9. The total hours of activities that I participated in was 77 hours ✨
  10. I control myself from buying things online for 8 months weh haha feeling so proud duh
  11. I made friends with juniors hehe 
  12. Did 4 presentations quite okay and 1 microbial art that I never have done before
  13. I was in charge of managing the sophys seki every week for UBFest
  14. I started selling new flavors of ice cream at the college & I get lot of praises 'bout them oh yeah 🍨
  15. O yea, I made new medicines this year ahaa but suppositories was a failure no matter how many times I did πŸ’Š
  16. I went to Kelantan for my second cousin's wed for the first time ever
  17. I watched theatre for the first time in my entire life although the theatre was conducted by the students but it was so good and so funny I couldn't stop laughing since the beginning of the story
  18. I still go to surau for isya' berjemaah Alhamdulillah
  19. I had the best 19th birthday celebration and suprises in my whole life 🎈🍰

Also, of course there are a few things I wish I could do better in 2017 πŸ’€

Things that I regret in 2017 ;

  1. I cried a lot this year hm for so many reasons
  2. I did not focused in class; I chatted with the person sitting next to me, I also get sleepy
  3. I didn't go to usrah at college this year πŸ“ I regret this the most, my heart felt empty
  4. I had a-kind-of-a-small-fight-but-not-really-a-fight-just-not-talking-for-4-days-for-no-reason with my roommate err idk what to say about this but we are good now
  5. I get low carry marks but it's okay I'll try harder later
  6. I failed my lab test; I blamed suppositories 😀
  7. I get angry a lot especially to the boys sorry, I couldn't control my emotions hm my bad
  8. I still can't speak confidently, I still scared and still me
  9. I am getting lazy to help my parents with house chores 
  10. I kinda lazy to go to the library so I just went there twice
  11. I didn't listen to SHINee's songs as much as I did in 2010 and I regret that a lot especially after Jonghyun's death
  12. I couldn't have a meet-up with my old best friends; everyone is so busy they could barely have time for a hangout πŸ‘­
  13. I still couldn't go to Big Bad Wolf and I read novel less
  14. And last, I complain a lot
Thanks 2017 for an amazing year and thank you for changing and shaping me to become much better person than last year, that's for sure hehe. May my 2018 become a great year and to many memories to create, to many people to meet and also to more goals to achieve 🌠

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

goodnight, bling bling prince


I was devastated as soon as I heard the news about his death. My heart stopped beating for awhile, I could hardly breathe, my heart ached and my mind went blank. I was sad but the feelings didn't showed at first. I was confused, hoping the post that went viral about him were a lie.

I do hope this bad news are just some kind of bad joke 😒

I hope his death isn't real.

I couldn't bring myself together. I cried my balls out for the whole week and couldn't stop listening to their old songs, always my favourite out of all.

I think I never mentioned about them here but they were all over my posts in my previous 10 blogs, before I created this one.

Back in 2010, my best friend, Sazianty showed something to the girls in our class. It was SHINee's music video πŸŽ₯ That was the first time I heard about Korean and their country. I never knew that country even exist HAHAHAHA but yes, I started to listen to Ring Ding Dong short after she showed it to us and the first thought that came into my mind was Oh god, they all look the same and yes, very handsome hehe πŸ’ž The first Korean guy that catch my attention was Jonghyun and he was my bias for awhile before Key took his place. I was so obsessed with them, I even asked my friend to share SHINee's Hello Baby videos via bluetooth. The amount of space all the videos took in my phone memory just made me more anxious because I couldn't took more selfies or installed some popular games. That was the first Korean variety show I've watched and yes, I had fun laughing and crying through the episodes. I remembered when I received laptop as UPSR present early in 2011, the first thing I googled was SHINee's profiles πŸ˜‚ I looked up for each member profiles and jotted them down in my notebook and also downloaded hundreds of photos and gifs that have them in it. I can recall those days when I cried silently at night as I listened to The Named I Loved and Last Gift because these two songs are very very very sad I couldn't hold back tears. And again, those songs made me cry.

It has been ages since the last time I was crazy about them.

Ever since, Sherlock, hmm I stopped listen to their songs. I mean, the new ones.

But I still love them, all of them.

No matter how big, successful and popular other groups are, no matter how much I stan over Wanna One; SHINee and Girls Generation will always be my favourite king and queen who let me into this beautiful world and journey of kpop that no one could understand.

I love Jonghyun, I will always do.

May you rest in peace, forget about the hardships you went through and only remember the good ones πŸ’–

I was planning to write a long post, but the words didn't come out. I was planning to write about you Jonghyun oppa, a day after your death when viral, but I couldn't control my feelings. Even when I was answering Public Health test on 19 Dec, I cried. In the class, when lecturer was busy talking infront in the lecture hall, I cried. That's how much you mean to me πŸ’—πŸ˜­


Saturday, 9 December 2017

cracked suppositories


Another hectic week done! ☑

I'm sorry for keep missing in action these past 2 months. I've been wanting to post something but I could barely find time to create a new post. I'll hardly post anything for the upcoming weeks until final exam finish at the end of January 2018 (it's new year gais πŸŽ‰)

Bertam Sport Carnival: Modern in Tradition, Feed the Needy: Reach Out to Help and few other posts are still in the draft, not even half complete. I might publish them all during semester break, or maybe if I go home during study week and I get tired reading lecture notes, I'll post it then. Hahaha πŸ˜‚

First of all, Alhamdulillah, the day where I've been waiting for since 5 weeks ago has finally come. I'm done with Unity Bertam Fest πŸŽͺ I wanted to thank everyone who has been helping me out since the first week of the event until the end especially my girls and boys, not forgetting my dearest 20 juniors.

I'll do separate post special for them later on. I'll try my best huhu.

I have 2 presentations, 2 tests and 1 quiz for next week πŸ“š Am still working on the slides for movie review for English class. For Public Health subject, I am done with my part for Hypertension banner that my group will present next Friday. May Allah ease everything 😊

I think I failed my lab test for Solid Dosage Form subject hmm dunno, 'cause the suppositories that I made during the test aren't nice and some of them are cracked πŸ’” I made 2 moulds of phenolbarbiturate suppositories for 2 hours and that still not enough πŸ’Š

I didn't cry, I really didn't πŸ’”

This is me waiting for the suppositories to harden πŸ˜‚

Did you watch MAMA 2017? I did hehehehe but I only watched the performances especially Wanna One πŸ’ž, Seventeen, Samuel. I'm very proud of Samuel he did really great in Vietnam but I do hope he'll win some awards soon. My precious Seventeen, they did great, as always! I love them all oh myyyyyyyyy 😍

Have you listen to Beautiful by Wanna One?!?!?!?!? 🎢

I am addicted to it now maigod that song just very calming and I couldn't stop listening to Daniel's parts. His voice is very too really amazingly undoubtly sexy as ever πŸ’— Sigh, why why why they come to Malaysia when I'll be sitting for final exam duh?!?!?! I know I'm broke but still, I want the chance to meet them as one group before they'll disband next year 😭

Alright, enough with this short update! Go and check out Beautiful MV ok hihi bye bye πŸ‘‹ 

Ps: what do you think of my new header? Comment below ☺

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Discovery of Modern Science of Al Quran & SOPHYS interview


I miss writing so much. I wanted to update about Discovery of Modern Science of Al Quran that was held 2 weeks ago, SOPHYS interviews and Bertam Sports Carnival programs on last week but there are a lot of things including assignments, paperworks and weekly booth sales that have been holding me back from doing so 😭 I have so much to tell and lot of pictures to share in here. 

Let's start from Discovery of Modern Science of Al Quran which is Nisa' and Ali Izzat's program on 27 October 2017 πŸ“† Nik and I (first time being paired together) was assigned as AJK Pendaftaran and what I did was taking all the participants' names that were sent to me through Whatsapp during the mid semester break. On 19 December, as usual lah kan if mid semester, I would woke up late around 12 noon because there's no one at home HAHAHAHA teruk gila!!!! Then when I reached out for my phone and connected it with wifi, my Whatsapp chat was flooding with messages from anonymous. I was like Eh apahal lak ni banyak orang whatsapp then when I opened one of the chat, I realized the viral words about the program has been spreaded. Aku macam Ish kenapa diorang tak ada bagitahu apa apa pun nak viralkan pasal ni? πŸ˜‘ Punya lah jenuh nak reply satu-satu chat dari siang sampai malam dan hari-hari seterusnya. The hardest day was the day of the program. I have field trip to TG Food Health Industry that morning until around 1 pm. Then I had my first meal and finished at 2 pm. I rested a little bit before solat Zohor and went to Dewan Kuliah. I have a replacement class for Pharmacotherapy subject at 3 pm that Friday and Alhamdulillah we finished early at 4 pm. Phewww πŸ˜… I went to Penolong Rektor's assistant room untuk ambil surat kebenaran kutipan sumbangan for my program. Habis tu balik bilik, solat Asar then turun kat food court untuk tolong diorang susun kerusi. Terharu gila sebab ramai yang tolong even dari kelab lain 😒 Dalam pukul 6.30 pm aku dah pergi tunggu van untuk pergi pasar malam. Tapi pakcik didn't showed up so, I called Pak Long. Masa tu dah pukul 7 pm dan still hujan lagi. Aku pergi pasar malam, ambil contact name semua peniaga yang aku nak berjual untuk program Bertam Sports Carnival dengan sepantas kilatπŸ†When I arrived at college, it's already 7.20 pm huwaaaa aku dah lah jaga pendaftaran. I am very thankful ada housemates macam Mekti dengan Eyan yang sudi ironkan jubah and tudung πŸ’– I was able to dress up beautifully thanked to them. 

The program went well, Alhamdulillah although there were a few mistakes but that's part of learning process 😊 Here, some pictures of us. I love each of them, I really do πŸ’—

I took pictures with my mentee too. I wasn't the one who asked for it though nor my mentee πŸ˜’

After the program, we discussed a little bit more in the meeting room about the first interview that would be held the next morning until 12 am. Pack gila schedule!!! Dah lah next day after interview tu ada test Pharmacotherapy πŸ“šπŸ˜· 

Alright, let's move on to the interview, shall we? 

The first interview was conducted by us, the exco(s) without our club advisor at 9 am in bilik gerakan. The total number of students that were interviewed is 45 but 3 of them couldn't come because of some personal business while one person withdraw from the interview; 3 sessions from 9 am until 4 pm oh god I was so tired duh πŸ˜ͺ I could say almost half of them said if they could, they wanted to be Exco Keusahawanan πŸ’° They must love seeing lots of money as much as I do πŸ˜›

I did enjoyed spending every second with my precious exco(s) doing interview with our dear juniors who will be taking our positions in the future insyaAllah. However, there are a few of them who give statements and opinions that I believe unpleased us all; they said they wanted to join SOPHYS because the other 2 clubs are too high and too big for them; some said they want to start learning from the bottom; some think we, SOPHYS have less works compared to the other two. Please do not belittle us. I could see fire coming out from excos' eyes and I could see mine too πŸ”₯Mungkin sebab diorang tak ada kat tempat kitorang lagi well, penat weh sumpah!!!!

We had our second interview on 3 November 2017 together with Madam Dini at bilik gerakan from 12 noon until 5 pm. Zetwe, Jiha and I joined the interview 3 hours late because we need to settle buying all the ingredients for jualan and also few stuffs to buy for Bertam Sports Carnival. I was really enjoying some of their free performances though HAHAHA cc Apiz and his additional actors. After 5 pm, I settled the jualan for Bertam Got Talent event that evening. Fuhhhh penat dia toksah cakap 😧

Those who said Exco Keusahawanan punya kerja senang dan tak banyak, you are so so so wrong 😀 Ingat senang ke keluar 2 3 kali every week, beli barang jualan, angkat barang berat, handle jualan setiap minggu and sometimes, more than twice a week dan juga buat belanjawan semua tu?! Terasa emo gila πŸ˜‘ I am very thankful for having sweet and kind Bakal Zaujah who always willing to drive me here and there and accompany me to buy ingredients for jualan every week & also to the boys who willing to spend some time every Thursday to make ice cream together πŸ’–

I am nothing without them. 

I'll save story about Bertam Sports Carnival: Modern in Tradition and some other events for another post πŸ˜‰ Till we meet again, and may I have time to write up 😊

Friday, 13 October 2017

going home


It's 13th October, readers and I am home πŸ˜„ Couldn't describe how happy I am to be with my dear family that I've been longing for 5 weeks.

Oh yes, this is my first time going home together with Diba and Yat, my dearest exco SOPHYS so, we were excited and so loud in the train πŸ˜‚

Muka tak pernah senonoh dengan mulut penuh

You can see Apiz at the back HAHA

Thursday last week, after CTU class ended at 12 noon, all SOPHYS excos entered DK1 to meet with the juniors. We introduced ourselves to them, officially. Malu gila sumpah. Dah lah aku malu nak cakap tau so, haih nak cakap satu problem, pakai mic lagi satu problem.

Last Friday, I went to AIDS and HIV talk at DK2 around 10 am. This talk mesti ada every semester HAHAHA tapi okay lah dapat knowledge and kupon aktiviti πŸ˜‹ My mentee sat behind me and I could hear  the boys were mentioning me. After the talk, Becca and I accompanied Madam Dini to her Probiotic talk in Petronas Fertilisers at Gurun, Kedah. Such a great experience! I learnt how to make kombucha tea and sauerkraut, Alhamdulillah. I forgot to bring my IC and student card duh, jadi warga asing sekejap πŸ˜”

Probiotic talk by Madam Wan Nordini Hasnor Binti Wan Ismail

On Monday, I had my second Microbiology lab session done. Just doing some work with the rotten bread, milk, banana and lemon. I had fun though, because I always love practical session than theory. Because theory always make me yawn πŸ˜ͺ That night, Eyan and her team finally launced their first program; Al-Zahrawi Hour, Speak Fluently and Pengenalan Sahsiah Rupa Diri (SRD) that will go on throughout the semester. Everyone screamed and cheered Aurora d'Laila when Eyan holded the microphone. Can you see how popular Aurora is in Bertam? I thought we were asked to wear baju kurung for the program, but actually nope, everyone wear something comfortable like pants and shirts. I was there with my green baju kurung and yolk-coloured square scarf. Tarik perhatian betul.

During the day on Tuesday, there's nothing great in specific other than saying hi to my mentee and juniors. That night, Mekti and I was struggle completing our gel prescriptions for Semi Solid Dosage Forms lab the next day. It was much more harder than powder. We were staying up until 1 am with BPC, stationaries and notes around us when suddenly a long alarm was heard. I thought that was just sound of the lif, maybe someone stucked in there, I thought to myself. But nah, it wasn't. That was the sound of fire drill 😣 At 1 am in the morning when I was trying to finish my prescriptions and when the others were about to sleep. Last semester punya fire drill was at 10 pm hm okay lah still not bedtime yet eventhough the next day tu ada test 😌 Tapi ni pukul 1 pagi okay, duh, is it a joke? πŸ˜‘ It's okay lah as long as fire drill isn't done at 4 am when I was deeply asleep.

Fire drill πŸš’

Wednesday update, haha banyaknya πŸ˜‚ Lab started at 8 am until 11 am, 3 hours as always. I am always excited when it comes any Liquid, Semi Solid or Solid Dosage Forms labs. Rasa macam tetiba tukar profession to chef HAHAHAHA aku dari dulu selalu berangan nak jadi chef walaupun tak pandai manapun masak pastu kekadang sediakan semua bahan dalam mangkuk kecil ala-ala dalam cooking show tu lepas tu berangan lah sorang-sorang kononnya ada audiences tengok πŸ˜‚ For the second prescription yang kena guna water bath, I was the first one yang gel tu menjadi although I started late compared to the others. Second prescription tu was Starch Glycerite that is used to treat eczema. Well, it's all nasib je kan. If jadi, jadi lah, but if not, repeat yang baru. Huhu πŸ˜” The third prescription which was given on the spot was quite difficult sebab bila campurkan mixed benzocaine and carpobol 940 powder to the glycerin, texture dia tak cantik sangat. Itu satu hal. Lagi satu, mitte 20g tau so, kitorang semua buat lah 30g excess 10g tapi still bila dah siap tu, tak cukup tahu tak πŸ˜‘ Dapat 11g je aiyo so kena buat lah sekali lah untuk cukupkan 20g of the gel. During ELC class, we watched Incarnate for movie review hehehehe nasib baik lah aku dah pernah tengok dengan Sarah so, tak ada lah seram pun. Kalau tak, confirm aku dah jerit kuat gila HAHAHAHA Mekti siap warning aku suruh behave kot before start movie πŸ˜‚

Today, I sat next to Diba and behind Yat in the train. Nora, my roommate was in couch A which is so far from mine.

I video call-ed with Eyan in the train hehehe we talked for about hmmm 15 minutes?! We talked about her mentee and mine, and other stuffs

Additional update:

Two weeks ago, Nora, Mekti, Asip, Haziq and I sent Sarah to the airport. The boys sat infront while the girls sat at the back. Sarah punya flight supposed to take off at 10.20 pm but the flight was delayed to 11.45 pm. Takkan lah kitorang nak tinggalkan dia alone sebab airport tu memang sunyi malam tu. Kitorang pun stay sampai pukul 11.20 pm which is past our curfew. Hmm sampai kat kolej pukul 12.30 pm and at first PB tak bagi masuk. Tapi after bagitahu dia apa yang jadi, he allowed us to go in tapi tak boleh buat lagi. Weh sumpah aku takut gila!!! Dah lah tak pernah keluar sekali dengan lelaki lepastu balik lambat pulak tu tetiba rasa macam wild doh 😭 Although sebenarnya bukan pergi lepak ke apa, just hantar Sarah balik huhu

Additional photo 😝

Perangai lah semua

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Trashure Prime: Recycle the Present, Save the Future


Pheww last week program, checked ✔

Lab sessions have begun starting from this 4th week. Will definitely become more busy from now on. I think I lose a bit of weight because all my friends said I look slimmer than last semester. New achievement, guys! Never heard anyone telling me that before :")

Microbiology lab
Ada rupa macam budak Medic yang belajar kat oversea tak πŸ˜›
Jihaa πŸ’–

A day before program Trashure Prime, which a collaboration between us, SOPHYS and EHSAN, Diba, Jiha, Zekwe and I went to Mydin and Tesco to buy few stuffs for decoration. Dari around pukul 2 petang sampai lah pukul 6.30 petang. Kitorang naik kereta sewa so, kitorang punya drivers for the day were Jiha and  Diba πŸš— At the same time, aku pergi beli ingredients for ice cream HAHAHAHA Aida dan aiskrim berpisah tiada.

After maghrib, around 8 pm, all the girls gathered at Jiha's house to finish the colouring for the photobooth. My colouring was okay (?!) I guess. At least, not the worst lah. I used to win a colouring contest kot. Back when I was in tadika πŸ˜‚

Baik korang cakap aku punya cantik 😬

Kau patut tengok Yat punya bumi!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA

Kesian bumi Yat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Habis dah siap buat colouring, kitorang pergi Dewan Terbuka untuk hias dewan. Kitorang tiup belon, ikat belon, gantung belon. Rindu pulak dekat Geng Sukarelawan :")

Kitorang stay sana sampai pukul 12 malam tahu tak πŸ˜ͺ

The next day, photobooth tercabut sebab angin kuat sangat the night before. Semua kalut tampal balik hiasan. Nasib baik lah sempat buat semua. Bila VIP dah sampai, the event started. Seronok jugak lah sebab ada zumba, ada pengagihan recycle things and also some games. The program wasn't that tiring compared to Karnival 1 Malaysia 2K17 sebab Trashure Prime ni duduk dalam Dewan Terbuka je so, tak kena panas. Alhamdulillah, tak sunburn πŸ˜… After the program ends, KP dengan PKP belanja domino's pizza yayyyyyyy seronok makan ramai-ramai hehe. Lagi eratkan bonding between we, excos.

Azib photobomb

Second program, done!

After selesai program and makan pizza, aku naik bilik terus buat aiskrim sampai pukul 6.30 petang. Then, pergi buat delivery ice cream pulak after that. Faham tak, rasa penat dia macam mana? Phewww 

Ada banyak nak share gambar but not related to this post and it's mostly just random stuffs so, I'll post it on another entry, InsyaAllah πŸ’–