REVIEW | Eversoft Organic Yuzu & Ginkgo Cleanser

Monday, 5 June 2017


All girls want a perfect skin without having a single complexion. A smooth, poreless, fair, healthy, glowing and pimple-free skin has always been girls' desire. Including myself.

I have friends, and they thought my skin's almost flawless. Nope, they are wrong. I've been struggling to fight my combination & acne-prone skin but Alhamdulillah it's getting much much more better than when I was in primary school. However, during that time of the month, or final exam or when I sleep late at night, I have to be ready with Oxy 10 cream and Bio Oil. But, still contrallable.

And every time the pimples show up on my face, I have this bad habit of popping the pimples that appeared on my face. I do that most of the time and it left scars that required months to completely vanish.

I wasn't sure what went wrong for the past 3 months, but I keep on getting bad breakouts here and there. Especially on the cheeks. It was really painful that I couldn't help myself from popping them. I felt better after that although some of them were cystic acne so, trying to pop them won't do anything. The moment I looked at myself in the mirror, oh god! I thought I saw a ghost. I looked terrible.

"I can't go out looking like this" 

I did go out a few times, only to the driving school and had couples of dinner with family at restaurant. I tried so hard to put a lot of concealer to cover the pimples scars and make it looks natural before going out. It still look hideous.

My secondary school girl friends asked me out last month, but I gave excuses instead. I was really sorry but I can't show my face full of breakout and scars to them!? They might get a nightmare because of me. But I promise I'll make it up to them somehow.

I tried to be religious with my skin routine, but that didn't help. Don't laugh, but I almost tried to use feminine wash on my face. I found a few videos and entries that said "feminine wash" helps to treat acne, and I went to Watson and Guardian to search for Summer's Eve feminine wash but it's nowhere to be found. So, I asked my mom to buy me a Lactacyd feminine wash but she forgot. Okay, fine.

And one day, as I scrolling down on Iman's blog, I found an entry of her doing a review on Eversoft's cleanser. Then, I started to google more Eversoft reviews. Well, most of them are good reviews. That's why I wanted to give this drugstore cleanser a try.

Two weeks ago, with the only money left in my purse, RM 20, I went to the Watson. I searched for Eversoft's section and stared down at the cleansers displayed on the shelves. Then, a salesgirl came to me and asked what skin problem that I was facing. She recommended me to buy Eversoft Organic Yuzu & Gingko Cleanser. I am glad it cost less than RM 20 or else I'm penniless.

I love the smell of the cleanser so much! My skin's getting way better and pimples are lessen each day. No breakout so far. Oh my.....this cleanser is wonderful 🎊🎊 I am in loveeeeee 😍

Eversoft Organic Facial Cleansers are formulated with 100% organic plant extracts that are:

  • Free from Parabens
  • Free from Alcohol
  • Free from Mineral Oil 
  • Free from Triclosan
  • Free from SLS
Eversoft Organic Facial Cleansers line have 6 types of cleanser for different complexions.

  • Organic Avocado & Rice Bran for extra nourishing
  • Organic Coix Seed & Hyaluronic Acid for hydrating and supple
  • Organic Camellia Flower & Mulberry for whiten and radiant
  • Organic Tomato & Cucumber for pore refining 
  • Organic Yuzu & Gingko for acne and oil control
  • Organic Apricot & Mulberry for blackhead clearing
Best kan? They have solutions for girls' skin problems. I am glad I found Eversoft and I'll use it for longgggg period insyaAllah kalau tiada masalah lain.

I trust Eversoft, how about you?


  1. Klau muka yg berminyak and jerawat kecik kecik tu sesuai pakai yg mana? And berkesan tak? Sbb kulit saye sensitive. Pakai mcm2 dah tpi tak berkesan jugakk. :")

    1. Saya dah lama stop using Eversoft sbb after few months jerawat kecik kecik banyak naik kat dahi. So far, cleansers yang ok saya pakai are cetaphil & cosmoderm vit e punya :) tak pun maybe you can try brand simple sbb dia formulated for sensitive skin type.