Thursday, 9 December 2021

1001 days

Happy 1001 days my dear Fila 🤍 since I love you so much, I agreed to celebrate our 1001 days together instead of 1000 days 😻 

So in next coming years, we'll celebrate 2002, 3003, 4004, 5005, 6006, 7007, 8008, 9009 and more. Kan? 🙊

I feel so happy. I was happy before, but with him, I feel complete 🤍 He gives me things that I couldn't get on my own and things that I believe not everyone could do; love, loyalty, attention, trust, patience, kindness, assurance, understanding, respect, lot of messages, lot of calls and vidcalls.

Tak semua mampu buat, dan paling penting bukan semua mampu tahan untuk handle aku. But he handles me so well and gives me abundance of love ❤️🥺

Semoga baik-baik saja untuk kita. May Allah ease our future plan 🤍 till forever

Saturday, 30 October 2021

playing tourist in kl | searching for bts pop-up store with love

Haluwww 🌻 here's another post of playing tourist walaupun dah pergi kl banyak kali tapi finally buat jelah post sebab asyik simpan sorang2 je kan nak buat apa.

So on weekend, Fila and I went to several places in KL in a day. We had a great time together and I felt so happy with him around. 

First in the morning, we went to Pasar Seni 🥰 We've been there few times yet we still hadn't get chance to do batik painting 🎨 ni semua salah korang lah hahahahaha viralkan lagi kan dah penuh 🙊 but we went for breakfast at kedai mamak dekat situ and masuk pasar seni literally jalan-jalan. 

Then we took mrt to one utama because we've never been there. Pergi situ sebab Fila kata dia nak cari pop up store bts!!! 👀 Hahahaha guys since when my cute boyfriend interested in bts 😂 first kitorang pergi myeongdong topokki & order spicy tteokbokki level pedas gila (yakin sungguh macam biaso) sekali hambekkk kebas, berpeluh semua ada 🙈

Dia belanja aiskrim rollney huhuhu macehh sayang ❤️🥺 sedapp sangat2 perisa honey tu dia macam aiskrim vanilla and ada topping cornflakes dengan honey gitu 🍯 dia punya roti tu lembut gilaaaa and sedap!!!! Lepas dah makan share aiskrim rollney dengan llao llao....

Maka bermula lah misi mencari pop up store shshshs it was fun exploring places with him 🤍 but not fun part would be "sakit kaki" hahahahaaa both of us dah kepenatan nyah. Mana taknya nak cari bts store je dah sampai 10k steps ko rasa???? 😩 Tapi Fila pantang menyerah lah gitu ecewah hehehe dia teruskan cari dan cari sebab yelah weh memang complicated nak cari 😐 dia level G tapi bukan dekat G eh cemana tu hahahaa pening 🥴 

And here we go the bts pop up store!!!

We were shook because nak masuk kena pakai benda ni macam pergi concert pulak 😂 he was so excited and it's so cuteeeeee 😍 

These are some of the pics inside the store. It was a good experience tbh. Tapi nak beli tu idok le kome. Mahal mattt hahahaha kalau wanna one tu boleh lah nak consider beli 🙈 

My love ❤️

Trust me, I was forced to take this picture 🤣

Friday, 4 June 2021

cheezilla suprise

 Salam hi 🌿 

Can I just share all the good moments I had here? As I read my old posts on the early days how I had a crush on this Fila guy and how much I shared about him here, I think I missed out lot of splendid moments in my life by being secretive (trying to be "matured" but nah idc anymore). Keeping secret is good but sharing is too right?

1st June was a very good day! 🥺❤️ For the first time in 2+ years, Fila made a food suprise by ordering me KFC via Grabfood. He's currently stucked in his uni due to covid-19 and I'm here stucked in his heart cewah 🤭 I've always been seeing others' partners doing food suprises in socmed, but never actually experience it. To be honest, I feel so loved, appreciated, happy and almost cried out of joy ❤️🥺 he never did that before, and idk why but thank you so much sayang for everything 🥺 

The cheezilla tastes extra goooooood because you gave it to me heheh 😋 thank you for all the efforts Fila, I am truly touched and happy (so so sooooooo happy!!) 😍 

Thank you for being the source of my happiness then, now till forever 💘

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

at ease


It's been awhile since the last time that we really talk about the future we wanted to create together. Because of that, the future seems blurry, so I wrote a letter about that and sent it to him. I think it made him realize how I really feel inside, and he told me things I wanted to hear. Things that comfort me. 

Thank you for not saying "bila dah cukup semuanya, saya datang dekat awak" ❤️ with that only, already makes me feel at ease.

Korang tunggu ada duit dulu baru sedekah atau korang sedekah dulu dan percaya yang rezeki tu akan datang? Which one are you? If you are chose the latter then you must believe on this one too,

Korang cukupkan semuanya kereta, rumah dulu baru kahwin atau kahwin dulu dan usaha untuk cukupkan semuanya?

This concept was given by Kak Kay. She insisted people to get married especially to those who are in relationship. Kenapa? Supaya percintaan tu bawa ke syurga. 

And that's what I want.

Thank you so much dear sayang for your understanding, for your patience. I love you more than anything else. You are the one that I want to spend my whole life with. May we achieve the future we dream today. Aamiin ya rabb 🤲🏻

Friday, 28 May 2021


 I would rather live my life seeing you everyday than not seeing you at all. 

Thursday, 27 May 2021

duka itu sementara

I read this somewhere,

Duka itu sementara,

Tapi sementara itu lah melukakan.

I slept and drift into a painful dream where you ignoring me.

Do you know what's hurt the most?

I woke up and you still ignoring me as you did in my dream.

I am certain that I'm fully awake.

But why, why does it feel like I'm still stuck in that painful dream?

the same


I didn't talk about you here as much as I did before. 

But I never forget. You filled my entire life. You keep on running in my mind. My heart filled with you. 

And that is what stay the same. 

no option

If giving up is ever an option. 

No matter how much I tried to create the future, how much I said to myself that the future I wanted will be created someday, I just can't see it. There's no clear future plan. For me to feel at ease.

I don't know what the future holds now, and no one will.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

let's meet again sweetheart!

1 March 2021 he will be going back to his uni for physical training 🥺 2 days left and how I wish covid will go away very soon so that I could meet him just like before the pandemic strikes. I was thinking when will we able to meet again? 

2 years and he's still my favourite person ❤️ he makes me feel beyond happy! He makes me feel relax whenever something bothering me. He makes me smile when I feel down. After the day, I always looking for the bedtime. Our midnight calls is everything to me. Thank you for always calling me before you go for sleep ❤️ I love you so much sayang, I really do.

Thank you sayang for the amazing 2 years together ✨ as always, I will always pray for you, for me, for us 🥺❤️ 

Till we meet again in April oki my handsome boy ❤️🥺 nak berbuka sama sama :(

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

hopes & goals 2021

This is pretty much resolutions post for 2021 🤟🏻 

  1. I want to achieve the BIG WHY I started aedascarf (in a year or two aamiin)
  2. I want to understand few surahs, the meaning of every ayat
  3. Solat diawal waktu 🤍 jauh lebih awal dari sekarang sebab kadang terlewat jugak hmm
  4. I want to buy a printer! For business purpose hahahaha
  5. I want to love myself, know my worth and appreciate myself ❤️
  6. I want to excel in every semester 🥺 juseyo!!!!
  7. I want to convo diploma asap! Yes pls 👩🏻‍🎓
  8. I want to worry less, insecure less, overthink less and trust more ❤️
  9. I want to keep appreciating my partner, keep loving (more!) and be with each other until forever 🥺
  10. I want to buy some clothes hahahaha it has been awhile since the last time I bought for myself sebab aku kedekut sikit dengan diri sendiri
  11. Know my boundaries no matter how much I am trying to be "nice", think about partner's feeling first
  12. Wake up early & go to class early!!!!! 
  13. Cook &&& bake more 🧁
  14. I want to lose few kgs (back to 47kg)
  15. I want to reach at least RM3k++ in my maybank account 😬
  16. I want to have at least one post per month ✨ no more mia (missing in action)
  17. One of postponed 2020 goals; get driving license 🤭
  18. I want to treat my fam more ✨❤️
  19. I want to go for another hiking this year & more jogs 😬
  20. I want to create more memories and go for more dates!!! 💖😙

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

things that i'm proud of in 2020

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ 
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Assalamualaikum and hello 2021 🌿

I wish you all a happy new year! If you can go through 2020, then 2021 gonna be a piece of cake ❤ hehehe so let's recap things that i'm proud of in 2020 and things that i regret last year. 

Things that I'm proud of/happy with in 2020:

  1. I spent most of my time at home and got to spent lot of time with my fam due to pandemic
  2. I got to spent bunch of quality time with my plus one, Fila
  3. I went to Melaka in early march with Fila and got to explore many places that I've never been to 🥺❤️
  4. I got birthday call, vidcalls from him 🥺 he even sang birthday song to me and put on ribbon on his head as I wish 😍 (photo is confidential sebab nanti dia segan)
  5. Fila gave me such an amazing but expensive gift for my birthday ❤️🥺 it's a phone with amazing camera!!!!
  6. Went for dates with Fila at new places hehehe tried new foods! 🍝
  7. I went to KL Eco Park for the first time and it was so breathtaking 🌱
  8. Got to saw him in full set of baju askar and he is so handsome ugh he showed me while he was gettin' ready to start his lkt 😢
  9. I did one day part-time job at Kenari with my fren, Dayah ✨
  10. I got to spent some time with my friends before the pandemic 👀 especially with Mekti, we got to lepak almost every night dekat ruang tamu
  11. My lil sis and I went to Penang by ourselves and got my kad matrik cut at uitm bertam 🥳 officially a pharmacy post-graduate! pats
  12. Went to upnm in mid march just before pkp to meet him and celebrate our 1st anniversary gituwww gave him anniversary present & i even made a smol jar of love notes (16 march & 11 april ha memana boleh sebab takde actual date pun yang kitorang cam ok kita ni together hahahaha)
  13. I got new kittens; abby, abby debab, belang, oyen, uteh, citam and ontot 😚
  14. I tried lot of new recipes! A better cooker than last year 😂
  15. Early covid season was all about dalgona coffee and of course, following the trend, I made it as well ☕
  16. I played plato to kill some times with Fila and his sibs & Mekti Eyan too 🤩
  17. Made mochi with my mom but it turned out weird 🤣
  18. Rebrand my smol business from itsaidasfav to aedascarf but both have the same meaning and big why 💖
  19. I got to support some of my frens' smol businesses tehee ✨ hope i would be able to help them in any form! 
  20.  My brand got more recognition from people && my frens 😚
  21. Able to reach rm1.3k+ inside my saving account (road to rm3k and next rm10k)
  22. Got to improve my cooking & baking skills tho 🤘🏻
  23. More self love; started to accept my voice, my pimples and my body shape
  24. More selfies!!!! 😂 Lol
  25. Went to lumut with Fila and had so much fun hehehe watched Sebelum Iblis Menjemput 2 and screamed out loud hahahaha
  26. Had fun at the playground like a 5 years old kid 💖 twas a good day tho!!
  27. Got a bracelet masa dekat lumut Fila kasi awh and I wear it till today 🥺 I'm not that type of person yang pakai jam atau gelang tapi for you, aida pakai ecewah 😘
  28. Made my first business card but now changed it to a different pattern and I'm lovin it 😍
  29. Changed my scarf tagging to our initial name, a ✨ so prettah!!!
  30. Maintain my weight under 50kg phewwww 😅 need to lost few kgs back to 47kg hahaha
  31. My smol business got to expand a bit more & I was brave to take risk to restock more than I usually did
  32. Baked cookies with Fila for the first time evah 🤩 heeeee so happy
  33. Took his things at upnm after pkp in June ✨ that was the day he gave me present!!!!
  34. Improve myself in photography and editing ehehe sebab banyak ambik gambar untuk aedascarf 😂
  35. Met my primary school besties in July walaupun tak complete uhuk 7/10 jerps
  36. Made aedascarf's first igtv 📺
  37. Met sarah iman & nora!!!!
  38. Survived our big fights and here we are still together alhamdulillah ❤️
  39. Made our first mukbang hahahahah 🤭
  40. Played bowling together for the first time uwuuuu walaupun dedua noob tak issokay nanti kita main lagi
  41. Went back to coffee lab cafe in Teluk Intan ✨ that place is special to us 💖 that's where our first 'real' date happened
  42. Got to suprised him with few presents on his birthday! ❤️😍
  43. Able to treat my fams alhamdulillah walaupun tak banyak tapi dapat jugak sebab ada rezeki lebih dari aedascarf 🌿
  44. I'm a pubg player now!!!! 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻 Credit to Fila heheh
  45. Worked with faerslog for my postcard grad box 🎁
  46. Got a white watch from eyan 🤍 hehehe walaupun belum pakai and aida tak pakai jam tapi thanks eyan nanti aida pakai okeh
  47. Treat my fams; mama abah adik burger king and ate it together with Fila 🤍 i never felt so happy and complete macamtu 🥺 rasa meriah dan cukup 💖
  48. Got to buy another handbag for mama's birthday present 💝
  49. Managed to rearrange my room; got myself a study section & business section where I keep all my tudung
  50. Aquaria date! Blup blupp 🐬 hehehe 
  51. As I requested, penutup date tahun 2020 we went for our first picnic date @ taman saujana hijau!!!! 🤍🕊️ ft homemade kimbap & mac n cheese

Things that I regret/unhappy with in 2020:
  1. I should have become a better daughter to my parents but my rebellious innerself just won't allow me to
  2. I'm a sinner
  3. I feel empty; that religious space inside of me needs to be filled someday
  4. I should have become a better partner to my other half, Fila 🥺 I should have understand him better, treat him better and become way mature (did my best, but that just not enuf)
  5. I gave too much excuses to lot of things
  6. I didn't do well during my second semester; it was really hard tho to be at home
  7. I was thinkin' if I really do have probs with my cognitive because I am just too slow, even way slower than I used to be
  8. My attention span is so short! I kinda worried a bit 😟 even during physical class, I've problems to focus 🤕 should I do intervention on my own? Lol
  9. Discipline ❌ 
  10. I asked questions without thinking about the other person's feeling (bad aida!)
  11. Way too worried! Way too curious! 
  13. Had few phases of breakout 😷 
  14. Too insecure; can't help it!

Till then, xoxo