Saturday, 26 December 2015

2016 mission


It's only five days left before new year and who's excited please put your hands up! Higher please. I am too. A new spirit and new wishes in a new year. Hah before that, what are you guys doin' right now? Watching tv while eating your fav potato chips on comfy sofa? Or just laying down on your bed? Or are you still on a vacation? Thats must be nice. Hm I would love to do that right now but I can't. I'll explain later. 

Okay let's talk about my wishes for 2016. I want to get my driving license before I get into any uni or college or matrik. Being able to drive will be so much fun because with that license, I can go shopping and sight seeing. Yezza lets go to FashionValet store in Bangsar Village *vroom vroom*

I also wished to get a job but Alhamdulillah I have it already. It's only 4 days I'd started working. I work at a shop that sell accesories for smartphones and tablets at Metro Kajang. I can said my workplace is the best choice I'd made. Petunjuk Allah dan pilihan mama takkan pernah silap and I'm loving my job so much. Yes, so far lah. Abang (boss) and Angah really nice to me and treat me like his adik. Mai and Putri are also nice to me hm best lah dapat kawan baru yang sebaya. For those 4 days, I have met people with a lot behaviours and different citizenships. Ada jugak jumpa orang bisu, I felt sorry for 'em that I almost cry. My workplace close at 10:00pm so, I am a bit exhausted. Depends on what day lah. Sebab tu lah tak dapat nak relax sangat kat rumah. I can finally know how my mom feel all this time. However it is such a beautiful experience for me!

Aku pun berharap to get 9A+ when the result come out on March. Insyaallah, Amin. Doakan lah kejayaan aku ek. And I wish to get into any uni or college or matrik in 2016. Belajar cepat cepat and habis pun cepat. But...I still didn't decide what course I will take. Yup, that is my major problem this month huhu. 

I also want to save money to start my own business. Of course lah fashion weh. Pompuan kan haha. Insyaallah I'll start with tudung first sebab tudung lah paling senang. Tapi modal tinggi sebab bukan nak beli borong tapi my own design, my own label. Nama for my business already have been decided and harap harap lah tak ada sesiapa ambil. Penat aku perah otak cari nama bisnes. So, wait for my business okay hihi and don't forget to give your support and buy my tudung. Eceh. 

jumaat pakai baju kurung

hari keempat with tudongcha

Saturday, 19 December 2015

last minute plan


After almost a year (yeap 11 months) not seeing each other, my friends and I went to Midvalley yesterday. It was a really good day yet tiring. And I had so much fun chatting, eating and shopping with them! Tapi tak ada lah semua pergi. Cuma aku, Dayah, Fatin, Mira dengan Tra je. 

Sampai sana, kitaorang terus pergi makan kat Absolute Thai. Dua tiga kali jugalah fikir nak pergi makan kat mana semalam. Haha. Kitaorang berlima tak order banyak pun. Cukup lah untuk makan tengah hari. Sizzling seafood dia sedap sangaaat! Tomyam seafood kat situ pun boleh tahan. Tapi kalau up sikit pedas dia lagi syok. After makan, kitaorang pergi MPH which was the agenda we went to Midvalley yesterday. I actually want to buy the new series of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid but it's sale with a hardcover which is much more expensive than the normal one. So, I bought Where She Went since I had just finished reading If I Stay a few days ago. 

Dan untuk pertama kalinya, aku try ice cream Sangkaya dan Jipangi. Tolong jangan tanya kenapa nama dia macam tu. Tapi serious lah nama Jipangi macam chipanzi ops! Haha. Harga dia boleh tahan lah disebabkan rasanya yang sedap. Kau relakan jelah duit kau haha. Sangkaya dengan Jipangi ni sebenarnya dah lama dah aku perhati cuma tak tahu nak cari kat mana. Jipangi ice cream can be found a lot in Korea. Dia punya cone tu daripada jagung. Rasa cone dia tu sama je macam keropok jagung harga 20 sen yang kau beli kau kedai jajan time dulu dulu. Yang plastik warna kuning tu. Ingat? Sambil jalan jalan cari makan kat sana, kitaorang cari kerja juga. Kena lah cari duit sikit kalau nak shopping lebih kan. Dan nak save up untuk masa depan eceh.


korean ice cream whee

tudung from tudongcha and blouse from sincerelybyus

aida, tra and mira

#5friendsatmidvalley ?!

make UP

founder of

I really can't wait for another hangout with the whole gang of VIP (ni bukan nama fanclub big bang ok) And mostly kalau keluar, mesti pergi ambil gambar dengan photobooth. Sekali keluar haha ambik kau! Mata semua besar semacam je. Oh ya! Don't forget to follow on instagram. They are going to sell scarves with cheap price yet in good quality!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

#slimfit mission


If you have read my old post, you must know that I've some sort of weight problem (my BMI said that I am overweight) I wanted to blame SPM for this but yeah, it's my fault afterall. Plus, I didn't do any exercise for a month and a half because of the exam and lazy habit. Makan nasi balik pulak tu hm bayangkan lah how much weight I have gained!?

Maybe you won't believe but I can gain 3kg in one month. Haha gemuk as I can be. However, I have turn into a new leaf guys! I woke up early this morning and went for a 30 mins jogging. Tapi pancitlah haha stamina dah jatuh ke lantai. Sebelum ni, aku ada download app 10k kat play store. Aku dah start lama jugak lah tapi stop before spm. Dah bersawang, labah-labah pun dah bercucu cicit dah kat situ. Heh. Tapi this morning I'm going to start my fitness routine all over again. Like the old 날 lah kan hihihi. 

For me, 10k app is really useful for the beginner. And convenient at the same time. 5 mins for warm up. 20-60 mins of running and walking alternatingly. And 5 mins for cooldown. Baguskan sebab dia macam guide and train kita betul betul. 

I can listen to my fav artist too, yeap Justin Bieber 

In order to achieve my ideal weight 47kg, I need to train hard and eat less. Nafsu makan aku ni Astaghfirullah! Kena control sikit tak boleh ikut bisikan syaitan. Jangan pandang aku sebelah mata ek aduyai kalau aku kurus siaplah siapa yang pandang rendah kat aku. So, this is gonna be my diet plan as 2016 mission until I achieve my goal.

- jog at least 30 mins
- a piece of bread and milo
- brunch with an egg
- 100x sit up
- 50x fire hydrants each leg

- half cup of brown rice/pasta 
- lauk pauk sekati lah tapi avoid fried food or food with a lot of fats
- 100x push up
- 50x legs swing each leg
- 50x donkey kick each leg

- an apple/fruit/2 pieces of biscuits
- 100x triceps dip
- 1 mins of plank for 10x

- pilates/zumba/hiit/jog/walk at least 30 mins
- 200 to 300 jump rope

- half cup of rice (no rice is better)
- lauk pauk
- 100x squat
- 100x double leg lift

I'll try to stick to this plan until I see 47kg on the scale! Yes, I can I can. Fighting!

날 : nal (day/s)

Monday, 14 December 2015

Big Bad Wolf sale 2015


Alhamdulillah. At last, I could finally go to Big Bad Wolf this year (with Fatin hehe thanks bawa aku) Big Bad Wolf is actually a book sale that offer books with greatest and craziest discount from 75% to 95% heh where else can you get that much discount huh? This place is a heaven for bookworms (me!) and you will just don't want to leave that place haha. Open for 24 hours weh. Harga average RM8 and RM10 tapi ada jugak yang mahal sikit. Paling mahal pun dalam RM40++ okay. I repeat PALING MAHAL tau! 

Aku dapat grab banyak jugak lah dibandingkan dengan tahun lepas. Tahun lepas aku beli 2 buah novel je sebab 2 tu je yang berkenan dihati nak buat macam mana. Let's take a look of what I have bought just now.

notebook with wise words

the dork diaries

twilight fever never ends

this is not mine ok haha its for my little cousin!

dah lama keluar movie dah ha kalau kau malas boleh tengok movie je

rm70 for 8 books is craziest thing ever

Memang rugi siapa yang tak pergi because you can save up a lot babe! Tak rugi beli buku banyak sebab it helps to improve your grammar and vocabs. It's actually will be over at midnight today but maybe it's your rezeki kot because they extend it until 내일, 15 December at 2am. Go grabs as much books as you can!!!

내일 : nae-il (tomorrow)

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Kak Sarah's wedding


It's already a week and two days after my cousin's wedding, Maisarah with her husband Aulis. Right after exam had over, I was quite busy helping out my mak teh with doorgifts at her house. Yes, I stayed there for a few days hah nampak tak my effort disitu?! For the doorgift, we gave snickers, cloud9, mentos, jelly or sumi (budak budak dulu panggil sumi je famous kot benda ni) and a few sweets. All the family gathered at the living room including my cousins to put the sweets in the doorgift bottles. Seronok sangaaat dapat buat sama sama. Semua nak lawan siapa cepat dia menang haha memang lawak lah malam tu. I could feel the love there! Hihi love in the air, people. 

The night before the wedding, an accident happened to me. Masa nak iron tudung, seterika tu was a bit problem and for a sudden, my tudung had a hole!!!!! Astaghfirullah, berkecai hatiku melihat tudung baru dah berlubang. And I cried! Yes, I CRIED. Tak ada rezeki nak pakai tudung tu, I guess? The last time I cry was during majlis mohon restu before sitting for SPM. Tudongcha kot huhu RM30 is quite alot of money. Kalau kau kaya lain lah cerita kan, duit beratus pun kau tak kisah. I know because I was surrounded by people from rich families (yes, those people are my schoolmates in JESS) At first, I tried to fix it but the time was already passed midnight so, I just let it be sebab esok tu nak kena bangun awal.

On wedding day, I woke up early and performed Subuh prayer. Everyone was busy dress up and make up to look good haha of course lah we are the tuan rumah kan. But as I expected, I just couldn't wear any make up even though I tried haha cuba pakai tapi cuci balik. My skin is quite sensitive to chemical in the cosmetic which can cause breakout. Alhamdulillah, the majlis went smoothly and a lot of people came to see our beautiful newlywed couple. 

grandparent from my mom side: atok and nekwan

dari kiri: mak teh, mak udak, mama dan pengantin

Pictures above said everything haha my fav picture is the picture with whole family in it. I love my cousins <3

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

spm is overr


Hehe hi hi semua apa khabar!! Alhamdulillah, exam has over yesterday and it's time to relax (yes, 제발) The questions that came out in exam are so unexpected. Even the spot or popular topics didn't really came out!? Ok apa apa jelah, perkara yang lepas usah dikenang, kan

This is my girl classmates for mostly 2 years that were there for me when I'm happy or down and willingly to laugh at my lawak hambarr

My first deskmate in SMK Jalan Empat, 1 Wawasan

first deskmate, wan nur mawaddah 
제발 : jae-bal (please)

Sunday, 29 November 2015

malam terakhir


Kurang dari 24 jam before aku officially finish high school wehuu is it a yay or nay? Pasal biology, aku tak nak pasrah dan reda tanpa sebarang usaha sebab rezeki tak jatuh dari langit bukan? Allah juga takkan bagi sesuatu kepada hambaNya sekiranya hambaNya tidak berusaha. Mungkin ada yang dah pasrah dan reda dengan biology tapi that's not mine. Orang cakap kalau kita berusaha, peluang untuk berjaya adalah 50%. Kalau tak pun, paling kurang 20% berjaya dalam tangan. Tapi kalau kita putus asa dan tak make an effort, peluang untuk berjaya 0%. Dan ayat cikgu Nazilah masih terngiang-ngiang dalam kepala aku. Cikgu Nazilah cakap kalau kita berputus asa bermaksud kita berputus asa dengan rahmat Allah. Sebabkan tu, setiap kali aku rasa nak putus asa, aku ingat balik semua ayat cikgu. Mama pun kata kalau dah usaha tapi tak berjaya takpe. Daripada tak buat apa apa. Lastly, to all science stream student, 화이팅 for our very last paperrrrr hihi cheers for our freedom! 

화이팅 : hwaiting (do your best/let's do it/goodluck)

Monday, 23 November 2015

REVIEW | everyday planner by Giganto Creative Studio


I can't believe it's only 1 month left before year of 2016 heh time do flies soooo fast like a bullet train! 

Do you know how important a planner in your life especially new year? Planning your schedule and activites well might contribute to your success tau. Unfortunately, some planners out there are not attractive enough for you to buy and if there are good planners, it cost an arm and leg huhu tak semua mampu dan mahu keluarkan duit semata-mata for a planner betul kan. So, if you are searching for a good-attractive-affordable planners, Giganto Creative Studio are selling everyday planner with 4 great themes with amazing prices. 

Everyday planner have 4 themes; academic, business, fitness junkie and monthly. Really systematic and pratical for daily use. And also it comes with colours and patterns that won't make it looks dull-and-boring typical planner. 

Here's the patterns and colours that you can choose for your 2016 planner : 

Here is the themes that you can choose :

RM 29.00
RM 20.00
RM 28.00
RM 24.00

So, what are you waiting for? Better make it yours right now or you might regret later. Planning in a better way for your own success with Everyday Planner by Giganto Creative Studio!! 

For more information and to place your order:

Contact: 0172397670 

Facebook: search Maisarah Mohd Razi or Giganto Creative Studio

Friday, 13 November 2015

donning Tudongcha


Halu hehe 오늘은 I would love to share my experience wearing square hijab from tudongcha. Kalau keluar berjalan, tudung bawal akan selalu menjadi pilihan aku haha yes, the main reason because it's really easy to wear. So, tak perlu lah nak spend masa lama lama. Jimat masa, jimat tenaga!

Pengalaman aku pakai koleksi tudung dari tudongcha memang best sebab tudung yang dijual sangat mudah dibentuk! Jadi tak perlu lah pakai starch atau kertas kat tudung (hahaha ni zaman zaman sekolah rendah selalu lah buat benda macam ni) Dan yang paling penting korang tak perlu risau pasal gelembung kat tudung. Shawl pun diaorang ada jual! Cantik tertarik ko memang deboom lah weh takde ke orang nak belanja?? ㅠㅠ 

Material yang digunakan pun tak terlalu tebal dan tak terlalu nipis. Sedap dipakai lah senang cerita. The best thing 'bout tudongcha adalah koleksi tudung ni tak jarang. Langsung. Dan tak perlu risau kalau nak kena pakai inner ke apa. Sebagai manusia, kadangkala kita terlepas pandang pada benda yang kecil. Macam pakai tudung. Kita rasa macam biasa je bila pakai kan tapi orang lain nampak tudung tu jarang dan boleh nampak leher kita dan sebagainya. Because of that, you don't have to worry if you wear tudung from tudongcha. Aurat terjaga, maruah terpelihara ok? Hihu

Bukan orang muda je yang minat tudongcha, orang berumur pun sama juga. Sebagai bukti, mama aku sendiri dah jadi peminat tudongcha. Bukan main banyak lagi dia borong haritu. Aku pun ikut sekali pergi hahaha tak sedar diri tengah SPM (nak je hentuk kepala minah ni kat dinding aihh) Mama terus beli 7 helai. Aku untung juga sebab dapat tumpang sekaki pakai tudongcha hihi. Harga tudung pula sangat berpatutan. Lain pattern lain harganya. Tapi tak melebihi RM40 sehelai. Kalau korang rajin nak tengok sendiri tudung dari tudongcha, korang walk in kat Skirt By Sisters di Bangi Sentral tapi kalau malas boleh tengok kat instagram dan order via whatsapp.

Kalau korang nak tahu lebih lagi pasal tudung dari tudongcha, boleh klik kat sini : Tudongcha dan explore sendiri okkkk

You will be in love with tudongcha for sure! Ps; I am the new tudongcha loverssss! Jom pakat ajak satu kampung beli tudongcha jom

오늘 : o-neul (today)

은 : eun (sejenis topic particle)

Friday, 28 August 2015

5 Inisiatif 2015


In the amidst of trial spm, I am here for a short post. My classmates and I were having a photoshoot for senior page in Bitara, our school magazine last friday when the sun is right above us. Yes, the weather was so hot but the pictures turn out so well. Glad to have a good photographer in our class haha. So, lets see the pictures!

Here go my fav picture + my editing skill: