5 flavors of Samyang Korean Ramen challenge

Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Bukan lah challenge pun sebenarnya. Keh keh saja bagi tajuk gempak πŸ‘…

As I remember, the last time I ate ramyeon was when I was in college 5 months ago. Honestly, I am not really a big fan of Samyang ramyeon. I do enjoy Korean food (alot! you can tell by my previous posts) and I can eat spicy food too. But, ramyeon isn't really considered a 'Korean' food because it's just instant noodle and it's not good for health either.

But 2 days ago, I went to buy 5 different flavors of Samyang ramyeon with my sister. She eats them way too much before, I get bored by only looking at those instant noodles packets. Samyang brand has 6 flavors altogether but I didn't include the cheese flavor in the receipt as my sister had it and said it isn't tastes good. Well, I should just buy one though πŸ˜‘

We ate 2 types of ramyeon the day that I bought them at the store and another 3 yesterday.

2 days ago,


1. Samyang 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen

This is one of the latest flavors yang ada kat Malaysia. Aku kuat makan pedas and this instant noodle isn't too spicy for me. Tak tahu lah orang lain kan. But I sweat so much on my face kalau makan pedas jadinya fuhhhhh dah macam orang lari 10km marathon tahap berpeluh dia. Kalau orang yang tak makan pedas mungkin boleh tercabut kot lidah HAHAHA overr tapi try lah buat. Noodle yang digunakan for this flavor sama je dengan yang biasa punya; tebal dan chewy and also comes with seaweed flakes and sesame seeds.

Repurchased: Yes, next time.

2. Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Curry

When I first smelled the sauce sachet, it does has a little bit of curry smell. The noodle is thick and chewy as the normal one. Nak kata tak pedas pun tak, nak kata pedas pun tak. Tapi paling penting, sedappp! πŸ‘ It comes with dried potato chips and carrots. Walaupun dried potato chips tu keras sikit, I still could handle it tapi bila gigit dried carrots tu, Euwww how can these dried carrots taste like this?! Rasa dia pelik so, luek balik carrots tu. Tapi apart from the weird tasted dried carrots, I really enjoy this curry flavored ramyeon.

Repurchased: Yes yes

3. Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Stew Type

Other than the fried instant noodles, Samyang also has the new stew type. Kira berkuah lah, tak ada lah asyik kering kontang je tekak engkorang makan ramen kan. Masa aku masak ni, aku terletak banyak air. Alahai nampak sangat takde bakat memasak ni HAHAHA πŸ˜… Nasib awak lah Kang Daniel. Makan ajelah jelly awak tu all day long. Pfttttt nampak tak mengada kat situ? Dengan orang lain cakap kau-aku tapi tetiba tukar awak pulak bila dengan Kang Daniel πŸ˜› Menyampah ehehe

Bila dah terlebih air tu, tak rasa sangat lah kepedasan dia. Nak kata sedap pun tak. Suka lagi aku Maggi ayam sup brand Malaysia. Tapi kalau setakat nak try tu boleh lah. Ha mee dia pun lain tau. Dia tebal tapi bentuk dia lain. Tak macam yang biasa. Tapi suka makan dia punya noodle jelah. Bentuk noodle tu macam spaghetti fettuchini tapi lain sikit.

Repurchased: Nope

4. Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Cool (Ice Type)

First, the huge difference between the normal one dengan this ice type is the noodle. Kalau ice type ni dia punya noodle nipis dan tak tebal. Lebih kurang macam Maggi yang kita selalu makan tu. Selain tu, apa yang bezakan Ramen Cool ni dengan yang lain adalah selepas masak noodle tu, kita kena basuh dengan air ais supaya sejuk. Then, lepas dah gaul dengan sauce tu aku letak bekas yang diisi dengan ice dan letak mangkuk mee atas tu untuk extra sejuk. Tapi honestly, rasa dia sama je. Cuma yang buat aku kurang suka sebab ramyeon tu sejuk. Rasa pelik sebab selama ni kalau makan maggi pun mesti nak kena panas kan. Tapi kalau Korean dah biasa kot sebab salah satu makanan diorang, Naengmyeon pun letak ice.

Repurchased: Probably no

5. Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen (Original)

Aku tak payah cakap pun rasanya almost everyone dah makan dan tahu macam mana rasa dia. Kalau siapa yang tak ada lipstick kat rumah ha try lah makan ni. Confirm lepas habis tu terus dapat natural red lips muahaha πŸ’‹ Seksi gituuu HAHAHA omg geli geli je

Repurchased: Yes

Rasanya cukup lah aku makan ramyeon untuk tahun ni. Dah penat dah tengok hoho daripada aku habiskan duit kat ramyeon yang takat instant noodle biasa cuma pedas, baik aku spend money on real Korean food. Lagi sedap dan berbaloi πŸ’—


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    1. That one Aida tak rasa lagi tapi adik kata cheese tu tak berapa sedap sangat :)

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