Saturday, 27 February 2021

let's meet again sweetheart!

1 March 2021 he will be going back to his uni for physical training 🥺 2 days left and how I wish covid will go away very soon so that I could meet him just like before the pandemic strikes. I was thinking when will we able to meet again? 

2 years and he's still my favourite person ❤️ he makes me feel beyond happy! He makes me feel relax whenever something bothering me. He makes me smile when I feel down. After the day, I always looking for the bedtime. Our midnight calls is everything to me. Thank you for always calling me before you go for sleep ❤️ I love you so much sayang, I really do.

Thank you sayang for the amazing 2 years together ✨ as always, I will always pray for you, for me, for us 🥺❤️ 

Till we meet again in April oki my handsome boy ❤️🥺 nak berbuka sama sama :(