Monday, 31 December 2018

things that i'm proud of in 2018


2018 is a rollercoaster ride for me🎒, there are too much of ups and also downs. Despite, I survived another year Alhamdulillah πŸŽ†

Things that I'm proud of/happy with in 2018:

  1. I went to Wanna One World Tour in Kuala Lumpur!!!!! And it was the best moment and decision I've ever made πŸ’™ I got to see my idols and spent the entire 2 hours and a half with them :")
  2. I bought all Wanna One albums within 6 months luls hehehehehe 
  3. I'm the first person who arrived at the top of Bukit Pelarit, Perlis (the hardest track so far) πŸ§—‍♀️
  4. I managed to walk in heels for pre-graduation night after days of practice πŸ˜…
  5. Finished my last semester in bertam with so much struggles and tears phewww 
  6. There are so many people who celebrated my 20th birthday (tak sangka 😭) received lot of presents, duas and wishes, huhu thank you everyone 😘
  7. Jadi penolong ketua program untuk Pink Ribbon: A Promise of Hope πŸ’–
  8. I went to Penang Island with my ENT (entrepreneur subject) teammates straight after class untuk interview manager Kyochon πŸ— first time naik ferry and dapat makan ayam!!!
  9. First time aku nangis bila dengar lagu patriotik ya Allah sangat menyentuh perasaan weh ni semua sebab program Hegemony of the Superior kat Balik Pulau πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ
  10. Pegang cicak for the first time in my life omg!!!!! - HOTS program
  11. Koir atas pentas masa kat btn ya Allah malu gils tapi happy sebab dapat naik pentas hahaha - HOTS program
  12. I did well for projek ENT300 and both lecturers were impressed with our presentation Alhamdulillah 🌿
  13. I still go to surau kolej this semester 4 with nora & ati <3 - resolution accomplised!
  14. I watched movie with housemates masa kat kolej πŸ“Ί 
  15. Bersara dari jawatan Exco Keusahawanan dan Kerjaya with lot of memories I've created. Thank you Exco kelab lain, Nuel and Sophys fam sebab banyak gila tolong dari dulu πŸ™‡πŸ»‍♀️
  16. I went for one day trip to Penang Island with ati & mekti masa 1 week gap final omg best giler!!!! Naik public transport je and banyak gila benda kitorang buat lagi lagi pi ronda naik basikal taktau dah sampai mana πŸ˜‚
  17. I started my hospital training and I'm glad I get to learn so many things & have clearer visions on pharmacists' and pharmacist assistants' job scopes πŸ’Š
  18. I get to watch k-drama (s) again sebab masa praktikal tak payah study yezza πŸ•ΊπŸ» jimba teroks hahahaha
  19. I drank milk (chocolate flavor) - yey resolution accomplised! 😎
  20. I went to police station without my parents & settled everything on my own ya Allah segala kesusahan hanya Engkau yang tahu :")
  21. I made igshop accounts Alhamdulillah dan walaupun at first so many unexpected things happened (scams etc) sampai menangis nangis tapi now Alhamdulillah everything just fine 😊 yey dah 5 bulan πŸŽ‚
  22. Aku buat banyak gila syrups, creams and lotions masa attached kat galenikal πŸ€ͺ
  23. I started saving for real masa bulan 11 hehehe (tabung yang tak boleh bukak tu haha tabung yang yos bagi untuk short period punya simpanan jelah hahahaha)
  24. I went to surau at Taman Cecily with diba for our first time sepanjang 5 months duduk kat sini Alhamdulillah πŸ’œ
  25. I went swimming buat pertama kali this year dengan yat & nisa :") ingat dah tak reti tapi terel lagi cuma boleh berenang kat area air paras dada jelah hahahahahaha :b
  26. I exercised regularly yey takdelah everyday but 2 to 3 times a week moga kurus 😝 - another resolution accomplished!
  27. Tengok Munafik 2 and jerit macam nak terkeluar anak tekak hahaha (obviously not something I'm proud of tapi happy la kuikui)
  28. Bagi mama abah rasa bingsu tapi diorang kata tak sedap mana pun πŸ˜‘
  29. I spent money and time less on skincare and makeup
  30. I took courage to confess to someone just because I don't want to regret anything macam masa high school (?)
  31. Alhamdulillah Ar-Rahman dan Al-Waqiah baca hari hari tapi selalu skip Allahu πŸ˜₯ - resolution accomplished!
  32. Dapat duit jualan this semester around RM600 to RM700 well can't remember the exact amount (tak banyak sebab tak banyak program bukak untuk jualan)
  33. Puasa kat kolej for the second time and hari hari solat terawih Alhamdulillah 😚
  34. Ada kucing kucing untuk dibela luar rumah hahaha sebab kucing jiran asyik datang kat rumah sewa praktikal πŸ˜‚ #keinginanmasakecikaccomplished
  35. Dapat jumpa Yan, Dayah, Mira, Fatin and Nurin this year Alhamdulillah #vipgang
  36. Dapat jumpa manusia yang baik masa praktikal especially kak gee, kak bie, sir rangga, kak yuz, kak mina etc
  37. I changed my blog template design & I'm really proud of it :")
  38. Dapat key-in a patient's data kat bahagian labeller and print sendiri & dapat dispensed ubat kat 2 patients omg nebes gils!!!! - 31 December 2018; i end my year well Alhamdulillah

Things that I should have done better/regret in 2018:

  1. I couldn't go to Wanna One 1st Fanmeeting in Malaysia sebab ada paper pharmacology that day pastu jarak dari Penang to KL ambil masa 5 jam perjalanan (nangis atas katil sambil baca notes)
  2. Sophys fought a lot this year :((((
  3. I got emotional masa meeting Sophys kat bk dengan madam sampai nangis aih memalukan
  4. Aku banyak gossip pasal orang πŸ–€
  5. I spent too much money on something that I want instead of what I need
  6. I don't think I gave my all for this semester 4 final exams hm but the result is okay Alhamdulillah
  7. I only went to usrah once πŸ˜– teruknya aku apa yang busy sangat tah
  8. Tak dapat deanlist sem ni <\3
  9. Masih tidur lambat, dan pemalas
  10. I still couldn't go to Big Bad Wolf - same with last year 
  11. I couldn't go to any Wanna One cupsleeve event omg tolong la ada lagi event masa aku balik cuti sem 😭😭
  12. Aku memalukan diri sendiri dengan mintak no phone orang dan whatsapp dan confess (i should have realize yang crush is just a crush sebab aku suka kejap je ha biasa la Aida kan bukan suka orang betul betul pun, the last time aku suka lama gila kat orang was in high school for 4 years wow lama)
  13. I shouldn't have tell yat about something yang aku rasa nak kena rahsiakan sebab she can't keep a secret & she will ended up make fun of it yang buat aku rasa sedih/annoying/stress
  14. Aku pergi ikut cakap yat suruh balas whatsapp crush dia yang kononnya suka kat aku and I ended up tersuka sikit pastu yat sedih dan marah & sekarang aku tak suka dah orang tu
  15. Aku pergi percaya orang yang aku tak pernah berurusan pun and akhirnya kena scam πŸ™ƒ
  16. Housemates praktikal ter-divide jadi 2 gang huhu tapi luckily we are good friends tho 🀘🏻
  17. Aku kena marah masa attach kat Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution unit untuk kesalahan yang orang lain buat :))
  18. Aku tak tunggu Nuel masa dia cramp kat Bukit Pelarit padahal nak naik tu dia asyik tanya aku kat mana sebab takut aku kena tinggal ☹ sampai sekarang aku menyesal
  19. Wanna One disbands, thank you for the precious 1.5 years 🌞

Many things happened in 2018; ups and downs of life. All the good and bad memories, nae maeum soge jeojang (saved into my heart πŸ’–)

Friday, 21 December 2018

K-CON | Wanna One World Tour in Kuala Lumpur 2018

Anyeong, hi i'm back πŸ’›

Now, it's exactly 5 months since my first and last meeting with the boys during Wanna One World Tour in Kuala Lumpur on 21st July 2018. I just think I need to publish this post on blog or somewhere else before I forget all those beautiful moments.

210718 <3

Okay first, all thanks to my primary school (& will always be) best friend, Sazianty who managed to get two CAT4 tickets for both of us after much struggles. Without her help, I'll be crying my heart out watching others' fancams just like their 1st fanmeeting in Malaysia early this year. Menangis tak berlagu aku dalam bilik sambil selak notes pharmacology. If you follow me last year, you must know that I'm a huge fangirl of Produce 101 Season 2 since the first airing till the end, and the fact that I fell in love with those 11 boys even before they become superstar is a wow πŸ’œ i love you, boys.

A months before the concert, I was busy studying for my final exams and at the same time, duk sibuk scrolled down carousell cari free standing punya tickets (gilerrrr!) sambil kira-kira dalam kepala berapa banyak duit aku nak kena keluar. Seminggu dua jugaklah aku mencari tickets tapi mahal melampau ha takpelah aku redha dengan seats sekarang. Section mana pun aku tak tahu sebab aku serahkan everything to my bestie because I believed she knows better. Ada satu malam ni, esoknya tu ada final paper yang boleh tahan hardcore gak la then aku stayed up sampai 3 pagi gitu (ceh study sambil teringat-ingat Wanna One) dah tu boleh pulak mimpi pergi concert dapat seat depan & nampak Jaehwan clear yang HD tahap dewa. Bangun pagi tu aku cam Aduh kenapa ada paper whyyyy tapi gagahkan diri jawab paper 3 jam, ke 2 jam ek entah tak ingat hahahahaha. Dah tu dalam duk sibuk cakap tak mampu nak beli Nable Bong, dengan duit raya tu jugak aku pergi beli semua albums #ripmoney #thankyoubagiduitraya

Dah tu semua housemate aku drama suruh aku pakai purdah la apa bagai sebab takut langgar/lelaki sentuh. Dia ingat ni concert mat salleh yang lompat lompat, high tu ke 🀦🏻‍♀️

The night before concert (D-1) fuh penuh pancaroba. I've told my mom before that I'll be going to the concert thru whatsapp, tapi aku cakap gini jelah "Mama, yong nak jumpa artis kpop" see?!??! Dia cam nak cover tapi nak bagitahu jugak 😷 okay malamnya tu adik aku pergi cakap kat Mama yang aku habiskan beratus-ratus nak pergi concert, dang! Marah, risau. Biasa lah ibu-ibu kan sebab faham lah orang akan fikir concert tu yang campur lelaki perempuan yang peluk peluk, lompat sana sini semua tu. Gigih jugak aku pujuk sampai tidur peluk mak aku, berpuluh-puluh janji manis (yang ditepati k) aku bagi termasuklah urut kaki setiap malam, kemas rumah setiap hari etc. Risau jugak yelah kena ada restu ibu nak pergi mana pun, maka aku pun dengan sedaya upaya memujuk sampai tengah malam.

It's the d-day. Wow, I just couldn't believe this day is coming. Feel super excited for today! I've no idea neither what to wear nor what to bring to the Axiata Arena. I should have done a revision tho (by watching youtube vids), tapi tkpelah benda dah lepas. Kalau ikutkan, awal pagi aku nak gerak sana tapi kawan aku kata tak payah lah nanti tunggu lama so aku ikut jelah. Makanya, sampai sana dalam pukul 4 macam tu sebab yelah naik public transport kan hihu. Naik grab car lah, mrt bas lah, lrt lah pastu jalan kaki lagi haahaha. Then beratur untuk collect tickets (dapat jimat masa sikit sebab masa queue panjang tu tetiba bukak satu kaunter baru). Terus lari lah aku macam kilat πŸ˜‚ Dah tu gerak pergi  solat Asar before melilau cari freebies. Sempat jugak grab freebies walaupun tak banyak - sedih. Fuh new experience berebut, tolak tolak dengan fans lain. Paling syoknya, mak kawan yan yang paling sporting do & minat Daniel sama cam aku wihu (aunty, kita geng!) Masuk setiap satu booth yang ada kat situ and yassss finally dapat beli lightstick jugak hehe πŸ˜‹

Got myself a Jinyoung fan, Woojin photocards and few slogans and big poster!
Anyeong uri leader, Jisung ;) see you in a bit

Around 6.30 petang dah boleh masuk. Wow, excited nak mati hahahahahaha paling tak sangka sebab seats kitorang dua betul betul menghadap center of the stage. Like seriously, thanks gila do yan saranghae! πŸ™†‍♀️❤ Both of us were like Omg nice gila seats ni dah la takdelah jauh sangat pun just nice kat tengah yezzz 😎 dah tu dekat pukul 7 kitorang dah get ready kat surau sebab yan kata better pergi awal. MasyaAllah, ramai yakmat engkooo beratur panjang seb baik kitorang pi awal takdelah lama sangat tunggu. After solat maghrib pergi kat seats balik, duduk tunggu sambil ambil gambar bebanyak sebab pukul 8 dah start. Tepat pukul 8 masih tak start, everyone was screaming so loud, calling them to came out. Aku cam wow first time ada kat tempat yang jerit kuat ala-ala pergi stadium tengok bola gitu. Rasa cam yey akhirnya ada kawan sebab selama ni asyik jerit sensorang je dalam bilik.

See how center I am to the stage omg!!
Before the concert starts
Say hello to Daniel, everyone πŸ’ž

W1 first lightstick πŸ’–

8.10 pm gitu start, weh my fav song - Burn It Up as intro what the!!!!!! Bass dia kuat gila dooooo cam jantung aku berdegup laju gila sebab kuat sangat. Aku cam wey aku dah nak mati ke ya Allah.

Blue ocean πŸ’™

I saw Wanna One with my own two eyes. I was crying so hard && i hate it sebab aish ganggu pandangan akuuuu but i couldn't helped it duh. Tak payah berangan la dapat jumpa artis korea tu - is what my father said once upon a time masa aku tunjuk Wanna One kat tv. Teringat kata-kata tu semua. Aku cam Abah yong jumpa diorang, yong tengok dengan mata yong sendiri!!!! Moment paling emotional la bagi aku :")

During Lean on Me - Forever and a Day performance *teary eyes*
Number one.

Nayana - the song that made who they're now

The hottest performance - Day by Day of course πŸ”₯✨
So close yet so far to reach

Satu per satu lagu diorang nyanyi, and I can easily spotted my Kang Daniel from afar. Serious weh, aku nak tengok the whole group tapi mata aku asyik pandang dia aje yeokshiiiii my love ♡ hahahaha i love when they danced to Beautiful. Of course other 20 tracks also were beautifully performed by 11 of them. Dia punya lighting cam wow so amazing tahap langit ketujuh camtu sampai my jaws dropped, I enjoyed every moment.

Rasa terharu sebab Wanna One suruh Wannables to be careful, jangan tolak tolak takut nanti cedera awwwww thank you for your concerns, boys 😘

The cutest and hilarious moments mestilah masa diorang cakap Bahasa Melayu ya Allah comel gila weh!! Sorang-sorang cakap "Awak boleh bertahan!" in different ways. Paling tak boleh bla masa my bias, Daniel sebut "Awak boleh bertahan, Aiyakkkk" hahaha aku cam pebenda do dia ni πŸ˜‚ nasib baik cumil ;b

Credit to aunty hehehe for capturing this moment for me


My friend bias, Woojin
Hensem gilosssssssss
O ya, aku tak boleh lupa masa diorang buat aegyo aih weh sis tak kuat!!!!!!!! Sungwoon acah gila kata tak reti buat aegyo sekali aku terkejut gila masa dia buat sebab serious do dia buat paling comel 😭 masih segar dalam ingatan apa yang dia buat masatu #sungwoonlompatlompat

The concert instantaneously turned into party dooo bila DJ Hankki (uri leader Jisung) masuk omg dengan lampu-lampu gempak pastu upbeat music lagi. Fuhhhhh daebak jinjjaro πŸ‘πŸ» Zook terokkkkk πŸ˜‚

Towards the end of the concert, they took the chance to thank the fans and promised to come back soon before performed their last song, I Promise You. Masani aku dah nangis teruk. I believed other Wannables were liddat as well. I kept saying please sing another song, please please please. Tapi mana maunya, dah habis dah.

During Always stage :((

Stand strong together #wannaone✖wannables

Come again later either as Wanna One or someone better ok πŸ™†
κ°€μŠ΄ μ €λ¦¬κ²Œ 당신을 λ„ˆλ¬΄λ‚˜ μ‚¬λž‘ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€, Daniel

Daniel was doing some acrobatics ya ampun dia hyperactive gila throughout the concert

After the concert, we stayed for awhile sambil pandang the whole arena. Sayang nak tinggalkan tempat tuh. The loudest screams I've ever heard in my entire life, the best feeling I've ever felt, the greatest moments I've ever experienced in one night. What is that. Huhu.

Thank you yan later aku teman kau pulak ok! (read: bila aku banyak duit)

Malam tuh, aku mimpi ada kat concert lagi 😒 sedihnya it all ended after 2 hours and a half!!!!! The next day, tertidur kejap masa petang and mimpi lagi :(( i couldn't move on obviously. Two weeks jugak macam gitu ada post-concert syndrome ☹ repeat all their songs, nangis bila dengar ha macam orang gila. Tapi day by day, okay dah la sikit-sikit gais.

I'm glad I went there. I'm glad my first concert experience is my one and only, Wanna One. Thank you for those amazing 2 hours 40++ mins performances, with all those screams, laughs and tears. Will definitely support you guys till the end.

Thank you, boys! 😘

Naughty daniel!!

Because of your promise to come back to Malaysia, I worked so hard to earn money and even got scammed from that :") bila rasa nak lari dari semua masalah scamming nih, aku keep on working hard and stand strong until now sebab korang janji nak datang lagi. Although, there's no way you can keep your promise on coming back to Malaysia as the disbanding day is near, I'll be here waiting πŸ™ƒ

Before going to the con I thought:

  1. There's no place to solat
  2. Everyone solat jamak/tak solat
  3. Lompat-lompat, high macam concert mat salleh tu
  4. Sentuh lelaki perempuan
  5. Histeria teruk

After going to the con I thought:

  1. Astaga, jahatnya aku ingat orang tak solat!! Even tak pakai tudung pun baik je beratur untuk solat maghrib
  2. Tkde maknanya lompat, ko nak kena hempuk ke dengan orang belakang?
  3. Population lelaki tak ramai & kat section aku takde sorang lelaki pun weh hahaha
  4. Manade masa nak gatal-gatal weh like srsly your biases are just infront of you kot how can you do that?!?
  5. Hek eleh kalau pi stadium tengok bola pun orang jerit macam nak mati jugak (!?) Sama je kalau pergi concert atau tak, aku jerit tetap kuat πŸ˜‚
  6. Dapat kenal dengan wannables lain which is super nice do dapat kenal kenal! (walaupun kejap)

What I should've brought/did:

  1. A phone with camera HD quality (iphone is preferred ceh :p)
  2. Benda alah yang macam telescope kat phone tu untuk zoom kasi dekat
  3. Banner sendiri yang ada lampu-lampu baru nampak semangat gituww
  4. Telekung sendiri sebab susah nak kongsi kat surau (nasib baik pinjam telekung yan kat rumah)
  5. Amik banyak banyak gambar & also make a vlog ke huhu rugi!!
  6. Bawak raincoat just incase ni pun tips dari yan okkk dia terel bab-bab ni
  7. Bawak extra bags for freebies (ok ni aku terel sebab siap siap bawak dari rumah)

What I should've known:

  1. No camera is allowed
  2. No food/drinks tapi kitorang nyorokkan dalam telekung πŸ˜‹
  3. Security ketat terok susah gila nak record doooo sumpah asyik kena laser je cis

Ps: after 2 days concert akhirnya mak aku dah fully okay sambil tanya, best ke concert tu hehehe of course la best mama!!! how can i say no?

Sunday, 16 December 2018

diary of internship | Psychiatric and Methadone Pharmacy


Aku attached kat sini for a week dengan yatt and memula cuak jugak pastu gelabah biawak sebab takut ada scene kena cekik dengan orang gila macam dalam tv (banyak sangat tengok drama lah ni). Disebabkan kak yun cuti seminggu, kitorang kena lah belajar 2 hari awal macam mana nak handle psy pharmacy. Space dia ya Allah sempit gila memang ruang untuk jalan muat muat sorang je. A bit different from opd, psy bekalkan ubat kat patients dalam masa 28 hari je unless nak kena extend 2-3 hari kalau ada public holiday. Jadi kiranya every month patients kena datang balik kat hospital untuk dapatkan bekalan ubat yang baru. Yelah, ubat psychiatric ni bukan boleh main beli kat kedai atau dapat kat mana-mana without prescription dari doctor. Ada ubat yang dalam quota list yang perlu catat details patient on the bin card & DD (Dangerous Drugs) yang hanya pegawai farmasi (pharmacists) saja boleh ambil. Senang cerita, bukan ubat biasa-biasa yang macam panadol tulah.

Duduk kat sini best!! Ada madam ong yang gila sporting pastu baik ya ampun taktau la nak cakap macam mana suka sangat πŸ’œ dia selalu layan je soalan soalan merepek + super curious kitorang ni. Pernah sekali tu aku nak tanya, "Madam, kat ward kan......" terus madam potong "Apa yang awak fikir tu takde pun kat sini" hahahahaha weh terel do madam πŸ˜‚ and masa tu jugak tetiba dia cakap "Jom saya bawak awak tengok ward" :"))))) terharunya omg 😭

Ward Psikiatri - kitorang tengok dari luar jelah macam tak masuk pun dalam pagar besi tu sebab bukan sesuka hati boleh masuk. Kalau something unpredictable jadi kang, kan susah. Perhati dari luar tengok macam mana nurse layan patients. Seram gak sebab patients tu pandang senyum senyum. Aih meremang bulu roma. Nak kata ramai ke tak, tak pasti lah. Mungkin tak ramai, sebab kecik.

Sepanjang attach kat psy ni, pernah sekali je moment yang paling menyeramkan la bagi kitorang. Masatu madam belum masuk lagi after lunch break, tapi dah ada sorang patient ni tunggu sambil hulur prescription. Aku ambil la macam biasa then shop (ambil) ubat πŸ’Š yang doktor prescribed for this one patient. Sambil tu aku tengok dia punya diagnosis - schizophrenia. Perkara biasa, dah nama pun attach kat psy, mestilah banyak patients schizo. Lepas shop ubat tu aku letak atas kaunter, then duduk balik sementara tunggu madam. Tetiba dia pergi kat kaunter and tanya lama lagi ke. Kitorang explained la pegawai belum masuk lagi, suruh tunggu sekejap tapi dia marah-marah. Tetiba dia jalan laju on his way out. Yat terus cakap "Weh kunci pintu, kunci pintu" ha gila engko tak cuak kang tetiba dia masuk camne. Sempat nampak patient tu masuk kat ward je tak tahu buat apa. A few mins after that nampak madam datang, with a security guard & seorang nurse lelaki together with patient tadi. Madam dah geleng kepala, macam tahu je apa yang kitorang fikir. Terus bagitahu kitorang takut huhuhu madam pun bagitahu la patient tu memang dah selalu macam tu.

Dalam tulah tempat kami bekerja, sempit dik oi nasib baik sis kurus (ceh acah giler)

Well, other than schizophrenia, antara mental illness yang lain aku perasan kat prescription pesakit adalah depression dan bipolar disorder. Ada jugak ubat untuk alzheimer cuma sepanjang seminggu ni tak pernnah lagi jumpa prescription dengan diagnosis alzheimer. Oh ya, even doctor pun ada yang depressed, which is kind of sad to me. Ramai tak faham kenapa jadinya depression, and some of them make fun of it. Cakap kurang iman lah, saja mengasingkan diri etc. (click here) I think some people just don't understand what it feels like because they never go thru it. As someone yang went thru it before (aku harap it wasn't depression or something near that) but early this year, I felt unmotivated (sooooo much) yang aku rasa tak nak buat apa apa. Tak nak study, makan, buat notes, pergi kelas. I even had a thought of quitting my studies. I cried every night and all I did was laying on bed doing nothing. I went thru it for 2 to 3 weeks camtu and that short amount of period felt like years to me. I wanted to be happy but I just can't. Dia cam bukan aku yang nak rasa unmotivated and sedih tu πŸƒ Ok kalau tak faham tkpe. Memang susah untuk orang faham. Sebab tu lah setiap kali aku tengok ada patients yang diagnosed with depression, aku rasa kesian yang sangat sangat. People just don't understand their pain and hardship because mental illness isn't something visible to the eyes. I really hope one day society faham yang mental illness tu sama sakitnya dengan physical illness. Cuma nampak dengan mata kasar atau tak πŸ‘€

Bipolar disorder tu pulak ada 2 mood yang berbeza. Sedih, happy. Ada satu masa patient rasa sedih sangat sangat and suddenly dia happy sangat sangat. Sesetengah patients mood tu berubah dalam masa few seconds, and ada jugak yang ambil masa lama. Nak faham lebih mungkin boleh tengok kat sini (click here) - click dalam bracket tu tau.

Madam kata boleh jadi patients with depression ada bipolar disorder & boleh jadi jugak patients with bipolar disorder ada depression. Ha gitu!!!!

Selain tu psychiatric pharmacy ada dalam satu tempat dengan methadone pharmacy. Tak attach kat situ pun sebab kerja pharmacist assistant tak cover that area. Cuma dari psy pharmacy tu memang direct nampak methadone pharmacy sebab depan pintu hahahaha. Setiap hari aku akan duduk macam tengok wayang setiap kali ada orang datang. For those who don't know, methadone pharmacy ni menyediakan Methadone Replacement Therapy (MRT) yang berfungsi untuk tolong patients untuk berhenti dari ketagih dadah jenis opiod contohnya heroin and morphine. Methadone ni sejenis dadah untuk bantu patients dari craving kat dadah & withdrawal symptoms tulah dalam controlled dose. Methadone yang pharmacist bagi adalah dalam bentuk liquid warna merah macam sirap and is taken orally (by mouth).

This is methadone syrup.

Kadang tu ada patients methadone yang datang bawak anak kecik, hmmm kesian lagi (duduk hospital ni asyik kesiankan orang je). Ada yang adik-beradik dan sebagainya. Kekadang tak faham kenapa diorang ambil dadah, but there are times when boleh faham keadaan diorang. Faham tak bermakna aku meng-iyakan atau menghalalkan tau. Encik Hanafi (pharmacist) pernah bagitahu yang ada ada 2 orang adik beradik ni registered for MRT dan diorang terjebak dengan dadah disebabkan pakcik diorang. Bayangkan la kalau dalam satu family ada 2 orang yang ambil dadah, boleh bayangkan tak apa perasaan parents? Siapa nak bantu family kalau macam tu padahal masih muda lagi dua-dua patients tu. Sentiasa doa supaya patients methadone ni terus kuat untuk habiskan program. Ada yang berjaya tamatkan program dan hidup macam manusia biasa yang berguna untuk negara & ada jugak yang gagal. Gagal bermaksud those patients kembali dengan hidup gelap mereka, dan ada jugak mati disebabkan overdose (patients datang hospital ambil methadone dan pada masa yang sama ambil dadah kat luar).

By the way, thanks Sir Hanafi sebab belanja kitorang pizza masa last day :")


Rasa macam dah panjang lebar dah cerita hahahahaha okay lah till we meet in the next post, insyaAllah 🌻

Sunday, 2 December 2018

how i handle my scam case


I know everyone loves online shopping because it’s easy (and I do too!). All you have to do are browse the website, choose the item you want to buy, transfer the money and wait for the item to arrive in front of your door. But sometimes, we get unlucky y’know. I can say it’s hard to guarantee you won’t get scammed especially living in technological era but, insyaAllah I’ll be giving some warning sign of money scam, few simple tips how to avoid scams and actions you can take if you’ve been the victim of a scam.

Ps:/  I’m just here to share my own experience dealing with online shop scam.

How to avoid scams:

  1. Okay first, please please and please look at the online shop’s feedback. If good feedbacks are given, then you can just proceed. If there’s bad feedback or none, it is better to not make any transaction.
  2. Ask people or your friends samada mereka pernah beli dari online shop tersebut atau tidak.
  3. Go to this website: (CCID) and enter bank account or phone number provided by the seller. This is one of the way la untuk check if a bank account or phone number is reported to be involved in fraud. If the bank account has been used in fraud cases, ‘Amaran’ will appear together with the number of reports that have been lodged. Jangan lupa check ok!
  4. Buy from trusted seller. Tak ada jual barang yang korang nak and if you still want to buy from online shop yang korang rasa ragu-ragu tu, try not to buy anything that exceed RM100 lah. The lesser, the better.
  5. Bila beli barang, do not delete the proof of the transaction. Simpan sampai lah dah dapat barang.

Warning sign of scam:

  1. The seller keep on delaying to post your item with a lot of excuses such as they are busy or they are currently not in Malaysia.
  2. The seller doesn’t reply to your message. As for me, suddenly one tick only on whatsapp. I thought she was busy so, I let it slide. Then after 2 days, she still didn’t give any reply.
  3. The number is unavailable.

What should you do after you realize you’ve been scammed?

Do not get panic. Try to relax, breathe in and breathe out. Things will be fine. Don’t worry, buddy. πŸ’–πŸ˜˜ Let me share you few things I did after I know I’d became a scam victim. Read below.

Actions after becoming a victim:

  1. Do not keep it to yourself. I know some of you are strong enough to handle this alone, but please share your burden with someone you trust. As for me, since I didn’t want my parents to worry, I told my sister and roommates instead. It helped a little bit la Alhamdulillah.  Tell the person you can trust and a good listener. Sebab if not, things might get worse. Macam aku, I think I told to one wrong person sebab she kept on making fun of it walaupun this is NOT EVEN funny. Rasa annoying and that person makes me feel like an idiot which I hate the most.
  2. Most importantly, go to nearby police station and lodge a report as soon as you realize the seller is a scammer. Tell them everything from A to Z. 
  3. If can, meet with inspector Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersil. Get his/her number phone so you can contact them. Show them the proof of bank transaction that was made into the scammer's bank account.
  4. Try to ask for an update with police every week.
  5. Lodge a report to Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP). Install the application in your phone and file a report against the seller. Send the police report statement together with the bank transaction proof and anything related to the seller. If your loss is under RM100 I think maybe they can help. But because my loss was RM1189 and it's a big amount of money, so they can't help :((
  6. Kumpulkan semua victims yang pernah berurusan dengan seller tersebut and create a whatsapp group. Seriously guys this helps a lot. I get so many infos from other victims which help me to at least solve my case. 
  7. Gather all information from other victims. In my case, the same seller use different bank accounts. Licik nak mampus sorry hahahaha
  8. Things might get hard, but do not give up, friends!!! πŸ™†

Jom aku cerita sikit. Dalam case aku ni, it's complicated sebab scammer tu licik jahat nak matiiiiiiiiiii aku harap orang tu taubat kalau tak nak jugak, boleh mati kot (huhu). The seller use other people bank accounts and pretends to be the bank owners' reseller. Bila duit tu masuk dalam owner punya bank, scammer tu bagitahu dia punya customers ask for refund/tersalah bagi. And without thinking much, owner pun masukkan dalam bank account yang scammer tu bagi. Kalau kita jadi owner tu pun mestilah tak syak pape kan, lagi-lagi kalau kita ada banyak dropshipper atau reseller. Jadi bila police tracked down bank account yang scammer tu bagi, bank owner yang tak bersalah yang kena tangkap. Disebabkan phone number yang aku contact dengan scammer tu unavailable, tak boleh nak tahu location semua tu. 

Nak dipendekkan cerita, just recently, my friend tried to buy from this one carousell account and the seller gave  the same bank account yang scammed aku tu. Dari situ we tried to trick the scammer and managed to get the scammmer's  number phone. I was told by the police yang number tu registered under an Indonesian from Makasar. Untuk track location, inspector said pihak telekom hanya akan benarkan kalau case melibatan ratus ribuan ringgit :( and ended up the police asked the bank owner yang tak bersalah untuk settle the money with me. Nampaknya the inspector wanted to close this case and I whatsapped inspector but unfortunately, he didn't reply. 

Thank you to all those people who have been helping me out. Thank you for sharing with me what-to-do and giving those kind words when I need it the most! ✨ Thanks Adibah and Nisa sebab teman pergi balai polis for 2 hours during our working hours πŸ˜‹ Thank you so much polis Teluk Intan especially inspector for always there trying to solve this case. Ribuan terima kasih yang tak terhingga untuk semua. I love you guys! ♡^▽^♡

This pretends to sell things on carousell and she used others' bank accounts as target. The seller tricked people under merchandiseunnie account on carousell before this and scammed more than 20 people with total loss more than RM10k. 

And be careful if sellers on carousell you meet give you these bank accounts to transfer money:
1) CIMB: Low Jou Ly (7023128012) 
2) Hong Leong: Woon Jo En (34750111654) 
3) Public Bank: Lee Zem Yu (6414563922)
4) CIMB: Toh Yee Lim (7042249995)
5) CIMB: Chua Guet Peng (7000870664)
6) Public Bank: Chai Woei Liang (6328370805)

To all my readers, always be careful and try to not get into scammer's hand k πŸ˜‰ scammers are so licik nowadays and they deserved nothing but prison punishment. May this help you a bit! ☺

Monday, 19 November 2018

K-POP | Wanna One's last comeback: Spring Breeze

It’s their last comeback, everyone.

I feel so emotional since yesterday. I cried already when I read the translation of Spring Breeze song because guys, it’s very meaningful to me, Wanna One and Wannables. Through the lyrics, they thank the fans who keep supporting them and tell how much they cherished every little moment. I couldn’t hold my tears.

Everything about the MV is beautiful. Each of the scene has its own meaning. And if you have seen their concept photos, you should have realized they are doing the same pose as their first album. It’s like we are going back to where we started ⌛


Meeting you, we become a miracle
All seems like just a dream (even when I close my eyes)
It looks so clear
“I couldn’t do better, I keep having regrets”
That’s not what I’m thinking
I always want to be with you
When you see the light after passing a long tunnel
 The warm memories that we can feel together

Always be my side making me shine (making me)
Those smile those tears oh
The voice that called me will always linger in my ears, right
Even I will miss when our eyes meet
The first exciting feeling of this love clearly remains

 We will meet again when the spring breeze has passed by
I will smile brightly when the spring breeze has passed by
We will meet again when the spring breeze has passed by
I will hug you once again when the spring breeze has passed by
 When it has passed by

I’m sorry I’m sorry that it seems I’m only always receiving
Thank you (Thank you) for being beautiful
You who fully filled my empty heart
Your hand reaching out to the tired me
You are the only one who makes me breath
Now it’s birthday everyday
I’m freshly new born

Always be my side making me shine (making me)
Those smile those tears
Your image that has become familiar to me,
Maybe it will change, right
The memories we’ve faced, just the way they are
The first exciting feeling of this love clearly remains

We will meet again when the spring breeze has passed by
 I will smile brightly when the spring breeze has passed by
When it has passed by

I’m not afraid, we know each other’s heart well
Don’t be worried because I adore you more than anyone else
We will meet again when the spring breeze has passed by
I will smile brightly when the spring breeze has passed by (when everything has passed by)
We will meet again when the spring breeze has passed by (when the spring breeze has passed by)

I will smile once again (I will hug you) when the spring breeze has passed by
When it has passed by

Have you watch their music video? Click here if you haven't. 

Let me know what you think of their last comeback 😊

Saturday, 20 October 2018



Sadly, I had been conned πŸ™ƒ I was stupid to trust people that I never met so easily. But I never thought these kind of people still exist, macam it's 2018 takkan lah kau masih guna jalan haram untuk dapat duit? 

There are many things you can do to earn money.

I was fooled by this one Chinese girl known as Woon Jo En yang aku jumpa in Carousell dengan account @merchandiseunnie. Because she sells lot of things aku berminat lah nak jadi dropship and contacted her thru Whatsapp.

Srsly duh she sounds so nice and friendly. I just collected orders from customers and all I need to do is submit orders kat dia and make payments. Dia tak pernah rush aku pun untuk bayar. I made transactions twice because aku dapat orders banyak. First transaction aku bayar RM600 into her bank account 34750111654 (Heong Leong Bank) on 21 September and second transaction was made on 25 September sebanyak RM169 into the same account. Lepas dua kali transaction tu I asked her for tracking numbers but she said her partner was busy and had no time to send it out so, after she got back from Korea, she will post it out to Poslaju by herself.

Disebabkan ramai sellers sekarang yang beli sendiri barang from Korea jadi aku tak lah terfikir kena tipu. Dia cakap she'll come back on 8th October jadi aku tunggu. Again, I made the third transaction on 9th October sebanyak RM420 sebab aku collect orders ikut minggu and made payment setiap hujung minggu. She told me she will checked her emails and will send the tracking numbers the next day. Tapi takde pun.

15 October aku whatsapped her but only one tick. Busy mungkin, apa yang aku fikir. 16 October, aku call sebab customers dah tanya so many times. No response. The number is unavailable. Dan hari Selasa 17 October I called again and still no answer. Dah tak sedap hati, aku checked her account in Carousell and I found out she is a scammer and almost 20 people was fooled by her.


Aku tak tahu nak rasa apa. Tertanya-tanya samada ini mimpi atau realiti. Aku nangis, aku takut. Apa yang aku perlu buat? No one helped me.

I kept it to myself until the next day I told my friend.

And yesterday, aku keluar pergi police station masa rehat sebab masa bila lagi aku boleh pergi? Lagipun tak ada kerja, jadi chill lah. I spent 2 hours there, buat dua statements. First, yang kat kaunter depan tu. Tu sikit je around 100 words lebih kurang. Then penerima report called this one Inspektor dan aku pun jawab call tu. Dia suruh aku tunggu dia.

Then I followed him to office dia, and told him from A to Z. Boleh tahan panjang juga cerita aku. Lebih kurang 3 full pages juga. I didn''t cry at all. because there's no tears left kut. Dah penat dengan semua nih.

Inspektor kata aku mungkin tak dapat balik my money which is in total kerugian RM1189 πŸ™ƒ but sokay, I submitted report to KPDNKK and let's see what will happen next.

Aku tak tahu masa bila nak pergi bank settlekan this case. Dengan praktikalnya, masa bila aku ada masa nak keluar.

Serabut kepala. Banyaknya dugaan. Moga segalanya dipermudahkan.

Next time, please be more careful and do not trust people easily, dearself.

why so long


It has been 2 months already but I still haven't get the items that I ordered for my customer and for myself yet. Dua bulan yang penuh penyeksaan due to Poslaju Malaysia poor service. My Innisfree × Wanna One Kang Daniel lipbalm masih di DLO dan after so many emails, calls, ig spams and reports akhirnya pihak Poslaju benarkan untuk tuntut dengan hanya tunjuk gambar slip resit Poslaju. Alhamdulillah, kalau nak kena bawa slip asal, dah sampai kiamat pun tak akan dapat balik barang tu.

Another case for my customer, she bought BTS Army Bomb lightstick and supplier dah pun send barang tersebut walaupun lambat sikit & banyak lah "that customer" bising sampai libatkan maknya sekali. Pening kepala aku dibuatnya. Sebab I'm not the person incharge of posting out the item tapi terpaksa jadi mangsa tengah. Lepas dah posted out tu, dah 1 minggu stuck kat Poslaju Shah Alam. I also not sure apa lah masalah Poslaju ni sampai lama sangat nak proses. Benda senang je. Terpaksa lah habiskan masa and duit pergi call customer service centre. Dah submit sampai 3 reports engko tapi masih macam tu jugak. Aigoo. Then sebab dah 3 minggu, customer minta refund (terbang lah duit ku sebanyak RM200 πŸ’Έ). Walaupun aku tak perlu pun refund sebab itu salah Poslaju. Dah tu, aku minta Poslaju hantar balik barang tu kat aku. Entah tahun bila pula nak sampainya barang tu.

Moga cepatlah sampai sebab aku nak jual balik lightstick tu walaupun aku minat BTS tapi aku perlukan Nable Bong before Army Bomb. Plus, aku perlukan balik duit untuk hal yang lebih penting.

Sekian, moga Poslaju lebih jujur and give a better service next time.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

diary of internship | week 6; TPN unit


Hey, it's me again. Trying to update about my internship life every week. Okay, since I've done second week in TPN department, I just have to endure one more week.

This week was better than last week sebab Dibs and Nisa just transferred here with me yuhu ada geng! πŸ‘­ i think there's nothing much we did on Tuesday except for going to CSSU to inden big gauze and trays. I fell asleep kut sebab eye drops, ear drops still banyak gils jadi no preparation. Tapi pharmacist and prp ada la kena buat TPN bags. Since ada buat TPN bags kena lah swab barang-barang (i guess i'm stuck with swabbing duh) I'm not sure if we are allowed to enter the TPN room and do it but I really wanted to enter once. I'll just ask them next week InsyaAllah. 

May the time comes for us to enter the room

Rabu, there are lots of TPN bags preparation jadi banyak gila nak kena swab ya Allah bantuin aku. Dari apa yang aku tengok, diorang akan duduk dalam TPN room tu dalam 3/4 jam sumpah aku cam bapak lama weh!!!!! Dari sebelum aku rehat pukul 1 sampai lah dah balik rehat solat semua pun diorang tak siap siap lagi. Mesti penat do srs. Selain swab apa semua, aku, Dibs dengan Nisa duduk kotak-kotak store kat depan CDR room yang menghadap clean room dari luar. Perhati jelah Sir Karseng dengan Sir Sol reconstitute cytodrugs πŸ˜‚ well, from what I see, TPN kena jugak wash hands using 7 steps tu tapi masa nak swab barang, we don't have to wear glove and meja kat prep room tu pun tak payah swab unlike CDR punya. Tapi faham la sebab CDR is different, much more restricted, more harmful if leakage happen. CDR pun ada control on the pressure and temperature for the room which TPN do not have.
There's sink over there, OT gowns on the racks as well as shoe, masks and hair cover.

Khamis, well banyak nak mampus kena buat harini lol kena inden barang pepagi, then around 11 am swab barang (boleh tahan banyak gak la) and also top-up things yang dah sikit/habis langsung dalam prep room include Dextrose 50% etc. Potong label then masukkan TPN bag dalam plastik warna biru. Dah tuh kitorang buat Sodium Bicarbonate ear drops hihu merasa gak lah isi mixture inside of laminar airflow ☺ aku geram kenapa label tu tak nak lekat!!!! Bila pagi dah inden barang, petang mestilah pergi ambil barang yang kita dah inden tu tapi malas bawak trolley sebab cenonet je pun lahai aku kan Strong Woman Do Bong Aida πŸ‘» oh yes, kitorang pergi jumpa Tuan Alidin dengan Kak Wana sebab nak hantar borang cuti hoho cuti muet πŸ˜›

Ha jumaat macam biasa la memang lenggang je hospital. Pagi tu lek je nothing happened. Petang tuh big boss garunk CDR yang minat kpkp tu datang kat TPN sebab tah dari semalam asyik check barang untuk CDR luls next week dia masuk balik kejap kat situ. Aduh, aku dah la tak attach kat CDR dah :(( tapi banyak kali gak la dia masuk TPN pastu aku cam babai je la kan kat dia luls dah tu tetiba dia wink kat aku.  i was like omg engko dah kenapa!!!! ya Allah, tolong aku apakah ini. And bila dah bosan duduk kat TPN around 4 pm camtu aku pergi tolong kat OPD jap sebab yelah aku kan rajin hahahahaha πŸ˜‚ oh pergi CSSU jugak luls sebab nak ambil barang inden

Attention seeker

Masuk SPUB kejap jenguk Sarah dengan Nazirah kekeke

I think I should at least write every day in my memo sebab kalau nak tunggu weekend baru nak tulis semua akan ada banyak details yang tertinggal. Dah tua, sorry la asyik lupa je lol 

For those who do not know what Total Parenteral Nutrition is, well it's actually a method of feeding that do not involve gastrointestinal tract. Macam you receive nutrition through veins. And usually it is given to sick or premature babies, and patients who cannot eat by mouth. Apa yang aku tengok, selalunya pharmacists akan prepare TPN bags ni for patients kat NICU (Neonates Intensive Care Unit) and ICU (Intensice Care Unit).

Till then, bye peeps.