Friday, 4 June 2021

cheezilla suprise

 Salam hi 🌿 

Can I just share all the good moments I had here? As I read my old posts on the early days how I had a crush on this Fila guy and how much I shared about him here, I think I missed out lot of splendid moments in my life by being secretive (trying to be "matured" but nah idc anymore). Keeping secret is good but sharing is too right?

1st June was a very good day! 🥺❤️ For the first time in 2+ years, Fila made a food suprise by ordering me KFC via Grabfood. He's currently stucked in his uni due to covid-19 and I'm here stucked in his heart cewah 🤭 I've always been seeing others' partners doing food suprises in socmed, but never actually experience it. To be honest, I feel so loved, appreciated, happy and almost cried out of joy ❤️🥺 he never did that before, and idk why but thank you so much sayang for everything 🥺 

The cheezilla tastes extra goooooood because you gave it to me heheh 😋 thank you for all the efforts Fila, I am truly touched and happy (so so sooooooo happy!!) 😍 

Thank you for being the source of my happiness then, now till forever 💘

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

at ease


It's been awhile since the last time that we really talk about the future we wanted to create together. Because of that, the future seems blurry, so I wrote a letter about that and sent it to him. I think it made him realize how I really feel inside, and he told me things I wanted to hear. Things that comfort me. 

Thank you for not saying "bila dah cukup semuanya, saya datang dekat awak" ❤️ with that only, already makes me feel at ease.

Korang tunggu ada duit dulu baru sedekah atau korang sedekah dulu dan percaya yang rezeki tu akan datang? Which one are you? If you are chose the latter then you must believe on this one too,

Korang cukupkan semuanya kereta, rumah dulu baru kahwin atau kahwin dulu dan usaha untuk cukupkan semuanya?

This concept was given by Kak Kay. She insisted people to get married especially to those who are in relationship. Kenapa? Supaya percintaan tu bawa ke syurga. 

And that's what I want.

Thank you so much dear sayang for your understanding, for your patience. I love you more than anything else. You are the one that I want to spend my whole life with. May we achieve the future we dream today. Aamiin ya rabb 🤲🏻