choked up

Saturday, 9 September 2017


I'd left home last midnight. I was emotional as ever, almost choked up holding back my tears the moment I give my parent some money I received from tutoring.

It feels unreal the long 5 months semester break has come to an end.

Messages keep on coming through pharmacy whatsapp groups since last week and you know what does that means. Yes, busy and tough life. I told Nora that I want to borrow her shoulder and vice versa haha just incase. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

I have my parent and sister with me right now. They're going to be here until Monday so, I'll absolutely staying with them till then. I'm glad we will start class on Tuesday because I am not ready. Not entirely. I'll try to be tough (not sado) and not to cry when they go back but hmph not sure if I can. I cry every semester when they send me to college. Dah masuk semester 3 pun nak nangis. Such a cry baby.

Beautiful mom 💕

She sat on me #ithoughtiwasdying

I wanted to do college haul entry at the first place, but while packing my stuffs, I forgot. 미안해요 친구들 🙏 Later, I'll make up for that.

Goodnight, I have to go for college registration tomorrow morning so, I set 3 alarms in a row. Look at my alarm tone, everyone hehehrhr

Bunyi mendodoi je HAHAHA kita tengok boleh bangun ke tidak

미안해요; mianhaeyo (sorry)
친구들; chingudeul (friends)