Wednesday, 20 January 2016

REVIEW | shawls by


It's been awhile since my last post on new year, right? And I'm here to post another review on shawls by hihih. Siapa yang suka pakai shawl kat sini, jangan malu dan jangan segan untuk singgah kat instagram. You will be totally in love with 'em. Because they give you a high quality of material yang flowy and easy to shape. 

They are officially open for business on 5th January 2016 with their first shawl edition, Fabuleux Shimmer Shawls using crepe as material for easy shaping. The pros of their shawl edition are tak jarang, tak nipis, tak panas, senang gosok dan harga yang berpatutan for students to buy. 

Other than that, has launced their second shawl edition, Fabuleux Chiffon Shawls on the same day they released the first edition. Best tentang shawl ni ialah shawl ni sangat mudah digayakan, really flowy, tak panas dan senang gosok. Ala ala shawl keknis lah. Tapi sedikit jarang compared to the first edition. Hey! Dah kata chiffon kan? Mana ada chiffon yang tak jarang heh. Kalau nak, pergi buat kain chiffon sendiri lah. Shawl cakenis pun jarang sebab they use chiffon also. 

shimmer shawls edition


co-founders of, tra and mira!

If any of you are interested to buy shawls by, kindly order via whatsapp to +60165925619 or +60197357275. Do not miss the chance to put such fabulous shawls on your head and have a fabulous day! Let's get fabz everyoneeee 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

new year 2016


I'm wishing you a happy new year and hoping the best for you in 2016. Alhamdulillah, I'm still given a chance to breathe and pray to Allah in this very new year. So, what's your resolutions? And how do you want to achieve it? Not just sitting and hoping your resolutions to come true, of course. 

My resolutions are ;
- become a better muslimah 
- become a better daughter/sister/friends/human being
- lose weight and be fit (tak nak aku asyik kena panggil gemukss)
- get into uni
- save more money
- improve my communication skills
- get more friends
- open up more to people

Haha get marry is not one of my resolutions this year because I'm had just turned 18 years old this year well chill lah. Tapi kalau dah ditakdirkan, cannot say anything. I didn't even get into any relationship for 18 years and I'm still cool and happy, WHAT?! Siapa cakap single tak seronok? I'm more into love after married sebab lagi sweet gitu! I would love to have my own love story insyaAllah jika panjang umur dan berkesempatan untuk berkahwin. 


λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄ haha so let's stop here because I'm so so sleepy right now and gotta go to work tomorrow. Yea I'm a working girl y'know eceh. Before I end this post, what's your 2016 resolutions?