Wednesday, 30 August 2017

deskmates abad 21


I whatsapp-ed Izzah last Tuesday asking how's she doing, where's she going to continue her studies and what course she will be taking. I haven't contacted her for quite awhile, so I sort of miss her a little bit these days. She will be leaving to India next week to continue her studies in Medicine so, she insisted on meeting me with our 2 friends, Farzana and Yusra last Saturday.

I was very happy to see them all. Everyone looks the same as ever. Nothing changes. Izzah still with her cute, clumsy and funny personalities. Farzana still the best listener I've ever known. And Yusra still fierce in funny way and most importantly, her curse words never stop coming from her mouth.
They picked me up and welcomed me with open arms and their loud voices as soon as I got into the car. Izzah couldn't stop talking and being funny and clumsy along the way to IOI City Mall when she couldn't put on the seatbelt. I had to help her with that, like always. Haha.

We asked some basic questions; how each of us doing, have boyfriend or not, when new semester start etc.

I had fun talking with them, reminiscing our old days when we were sitting together in 21st century desk arrangement.

Four of us had our lunch at Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe and ordered our own choice of menu. I chose Hanbing Yum Box - Ojingeo (Spicy Octopus) and Caffe Latte. Yusra who sit infront of me ordered Brisket Ramyeon and Blue Lemonade. Izzah chose Kimchi Fried Rice - Cheese Base, while Farzana chose Hot Stone Bibimbap and shared Chocolate Latte with Izzah.

Although I have been to Hanbing several times, but that was the first time I've tried their meals instead of the tteokbokki. The meals suprisingly taste really good πŸ˜‹ The Yum Box comes with rice, egg rolls and spicy octopus. But the amount of the rice is too little compared to the price. Brisket Ramyeon also delicious! Kuah dia not too thick and spicy. Tapi dia sediakan dengan chili flakes and kimchi. Jadi if you like it to be spicy then add more chili flakes lah. Bibimbap also great!! Sedapp πŸ’– A bit better than Myeongdong Topokki punya bibimbap rasanya. It's okay, nanti boleh try lagi HAHAHAHA πŸ˜‚ Oh yeah, of course we couldn't just eat there without order bingsu, which is their specialty. We only ordered one bingsu and shared it because it's so big. Ingat lagi tak how I was shiverring from cold to finish the bingsu alone. Read it here. Aku dah pernah try yang Mango, Oreo dan Injeolmi so, I was really hoping them to order other than that. Luckily, they ordered Blueberry Cheesecake Bingsu. Weh sumpah sedap gila!!!!! Cheesecake dia tak muak langsung tau. Tahu tak, aku baru je tahu yang drizzle dia tu boleh minta tambah. Omg, kalau tahu dah lama aku buat tiap kali makan bingsu πŸ˜‘

Baru nak borak lama and go to shop few things with Izzah before she fly to India tapi kakak Yusra suruh dia balik awal sebab she wanted to use the car. Okay lah. Jadi before balik, kitorang ambil some pictures outside the mall.

Back in 2014, when I weighed 47kg *sigh*


Rindunya korang 😭 InsyaAllah, later when we are free, we can meet up again. Study hard, Yusra busuk and Penjana Elektrik!!! Have a safe flight, Izzah πŸ’– #hutangtakjumpadiorangbeforedahlangsai

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

the harm of using counterfeit beauty products


I'm pretty sure counterfeit beauty products is not really a big issue in Malaysia but to me, this is a serious matter.

I had no idea how to take care of my face when I was in primary school. I was still very young though. All I knew was go to school, make friends, do sports and win in long distance runs. I was exposed to sunlight so much because of training I got sunburnt. I didn't used any cleanser, toner etc my mom sometimes got angry when she saw pimples all over my forehead. Then, after puberty, I started to show some interests in skincare. And a few years ago, I started getting into makeups. Now, my makeup box are so full with them, skincare and makeup products.

I can relate myself with other girls, especially teenage girls who go through puberty when it comes to taking care of our looks. Girls are girls. Of course, we want to look pretty, slim and we would do anything for it. Go on diet, cut rice in every meal, try all workouts on youtube, drink slimming tea, buy sheet masks and spend hundreds, and even thousands for makeup or facials.

It isn't wrong to buy beauty products to fix our complexions.

It is totally normal. Everyone does that.

But, buying fake beauty products is absolutely wrong, friends.

Counterfeit goods are growing bigger each year and there are always new ways those goods are reaching the market. From Louis Vuitton bags, Nike sneakers to name brand cosmetics are copied and sold internationally. Let's just talk about cosmetics for now, okay.

Even years ago, fake cosmetics can be found everywhere, at the flea market, vendors and shops at the malls. They even sell them at my university by opening booths. Not throughout the semester lah. There are times when they come to sell their goods. I see a lots of my friends going there, paying for the counterfeit cosmetics they purchased. Normally, girls buy it. Boys, you are safe πŸ˜‚

From what I know, most of them are actually aware of the knock-offs, but some aren't. Those people who are aware of these things pun, still beli sebab they think the ingredients in the fake products are almost the same as the original ones. Usually those who couldn't afford high-end products buy the fake ones instead. They just want the brands. More importantly, to students, they are bloody cheap. People can save up a few extra bucks there. As for the sellers, they find these as an opportunity to open up a business and make money. Ada buyers, ada profits, bisnes jalan. They don't even know what's in the products, mayn and what's the effects to the users.

You, who are reading right now are probably know some of the skincare and makeup brands that are suspiciously sold at low prices. Here, I give some examples; Kylie Cosmetics, MAC, Naked, Too Faced, NYX, Nature Republic, BBIA, Etude House and Peripera. Mesti selalu kan nampak these brands. There are lot more, you can google it on your own. Please do so.

Those out there must be asking Kenapa tak boleh pakai counterfeit cosmetics pulak? What's wrong with buying counterfeit cosmetics products? So far, okay je I pakai blah blah blah. Sigh. Okay, if you ask me, are they safe to use, my answer will be NO. The main reason is because we (buyers) do not know what ingredients or chemicals they put in the products that look so much like the original. Kita fikir dan nampak macam sama. But definitely not the same. Takkan lah they use the same expensive, good ingredients dan jual dengan harga murah. Tak makes sense kot. Mana nak dapat pulang modal.

In my opinion lah kan, it is still okay lah to buy counterfeit shoes, bags or clothes (tapi kesian lah original founder) rather than beauty products. Sebab, skincare or makeup products we apply directly onto our skin and are absorbed in a minute. Faham if you want a cheaper cosmetics, but would you risk your face, your own life just to save few bucks? Mungkin ada products yang beri kesan on the skin which kita boleh nampak, tapi ada juga fake cosmetics yang beri kesan pada organ dalaman. Kita tak nampak. Tahu-tahu dah tahap teruk. Nauzubillah. Kalau original beauty products when can check the ingredients and safety levels through online tau. But the fake ones, kita tak tahu pun apa dalam tu. Sedangkan original products pun ada ingredients yang boleh cause acne and irritation, inikan pula barang yang awak tak tahu dari mana datangnya, macam mana prosesnya dan bahan apa yang mereka gunakan!?

Here are some of ingredients that are extremely dangerous for human health that you don't even know it:

The FBI reports that its agents have found aluminum, human carcinogens, dangerous levels of bacteria, and even horse urine in the products they've seized. "Some of these products have caused conditions like acne, psoriasis, rashes, and eye infections," the report states. "It actually poses a national health problem," Parker adds. Brands like MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills have also conducted their own investigations, and found even more deadly ingredients, including lead, arsenic, and mercury. -

Do you know carcinogens can caused cancer? How about horse urine? Oh god, are you willing to put that on your face? I can't believe it myself.

Mercury, lead, arsenic, cyanide and even human urine and rat droppings are often found in counterfeit cosmetics made in China. The level of toxins in some of these products have led to severe allergic reactions including skin rashes and burns, disfigurement and long-term health problems such as high blood pressure and infertility. -

Mercury is another highly toxic substance and prolonged exposure can result in damage to the heart, kidneys, lungs, and brain. It also severely compromises immunity, increasing your risk of succumbing to infections. -

Even local beauty products pun banyak yang guna merkuri etc. Sebagi contoh, produk Tati Skincare (bukan counterfeit) Not all, but please make sure to check the ingredients dan kelulusan kkm before beli.

The unsanitary conditions pose a national health risk to consumers. Courtesy of Estee Lauder Co. - refinery29

A chinese factory that was making fake MAC products. Courtesy of Estee Lauder Co. - refinery29
Not all counterfeit products are hazardous, but most of them are. Lagi satu yang bahaya sebab tak jaga sanitary. Then, the products are exposed to dirts, dusts and also bacterias. Kan bahaya tu?

If you want to see pictures the effects of using those products to our face, check it yourself.

I know it's so tricky to spot the difference between the real and fake beauty products. Try to look at the packaging, label, material, even the shades are slightly different. Paling senang, tengok harga. The knockoffs are sold with way cheaper than original. Ada yang boleh dapat dengan harga RM10.

Pictures below are taken from Google

From my experience, aku pernah beli Tati Skincare last year. I'd used it for a month macam tu then stop sebab rasa tak sesuai dengan muka. Glad I stopped earlier, sebab sekarang dapat tahu that it contains mercury. I also had used sabun 3 layers from facebook before as my cousins said it good and brighten up my skin tone. Aku pun give it a try then seronok lah sebab kulit makin cerah. Masa dulu tak fikir apa pun. Lama-lama baru terfikir what are the ingredients dalam cleanser tu, do they contain harm ingredients or not, dapat kelulusan KKM ke tidak. Padahal dah pakai quite lama lah jugak. After stop memang naik jerawat. Kulit rasa makin nipis dan kering. Rasa pedih selalu especially bila kena matahari.

I'd mentioned before yang ada booth dibuka kat universiti (ada masa) dan jual counterfeit cosmetics. Pernah beli sabun kopi sebab ada offer RM5 kalau beli 2, lagipun masa tu kawan ajak beli. Terpengaruh, but luckily I didn't use it sebab rasa macam Eh okay ke pakai ni, takut tambah jerawat je nanti so it ended up mereput dalam almari kat bilik HAHAHA

Kawan satu universiti juga pernah promote lip tint Peripera through Whatsapp group. Aku dah lah gila lip tint lagi-lagi brand Peripera tau sebab memang long lasting. Bila tanya harga, dia cakap RM10 per satu. I was like Whyyyyyy so cheap!? Mesti fake ni. Aku beli yang original satu lip tint almost RM40 kot πŸ™„ Errrr senang kan nak bezakan between real and fake cosmetics. 

Kalau nak senang, beli lah dari physical stores brand tersebut, trusted websites atau truster igshops; Hermo, Althea, Sephora, Guardian and Watson.

If you want good cosmetics but can't afford high-end products, find alternatives other than buying counterfeit products as example, buy drugstore beauty products. Tak hina pun okay tak ada brand mahal-mahal. I, myself, use a lot of drugstore brands. I am obsessed with them. They are as good as high-end brands but with cheaper prices; Catrice Cosmetics, Maybelline, Essence, SimplySiti etc.

Dah kau tepek blusher, eyeshadow semua bukan orang lain tahu pun kau pakai brand apa kan.

Jadi jangan lah bahaya kan diri sendiri dengan beli fake cosmetics hanya sebab nak orang lain tahu kau pakai brand mahal. Tak berbaloi pun kalau muka jadi teruk. Lagi tak berbaloi kalau kena cancer semua tau. It's hard to stop those bad people from producing counterfeit cosmetics, but we can stop buying them. Buka mata dan fikir sendiri kesannya. If you still want to use it, depend lah. If anything bad happen, you are responsible for your own skin and health. Don't put the blame on the brands and sellers. 

I think I did this better than the assignments that were given to me haha. Fuh, this post is so long it took me 2 days to finish. I better stop blogging for awhile.

Just kidding 😝 #justmy2cents

Sunday, 20 August 2017

READING | August 2017


I still have a few books from Big Bad Wolf last year but I insisted on buying a new book last month because Helloooo it's the latest Diary of A Wimpy Kid so, obviously I need to get it. But I haven't read it yet. I'm saving it for the new semester. Sebab aku rasa mungkin I would need something to read, other than lecture notes. Jadi kita simpan dulu okay πŸ˜‰

I downloaded webtoon app 6 months ago and for someone who loves comics, of course I love webtoon too. I used to read Doraemon comics when I was in primary school. I would buy them everytime I follow Mama to pasar. And since I don't have much interesting books to read, I started to read webtoons.

For August reading, there are a lot of great webtoons to read. Lagipun webtoon kan ada sequel and macam drama so, apa yang aku baca 5 months ago, aku still baca sekarang. Takpe lah, I'll just share mana lah tahu kalau korang bosan atau perlukan something to read to fill your leisure time kan.

1. Siren's Lament

The story is about Lyra, the florist that had been cursed by Ian, the siren who live in the sea and eventually become half human and half siren. The sirens transfer the curse to human by kissing them in order to become human. It's only work if the human is having a broken heart. However, there's something wrong with the curse that makes them only half siren and half human instead of totally human and siren. So, Lyra invite Ian to live at her house as he doesn't have any family and try to figure out the solution to their problem. Shon who is Lyra's best friend's brother and also her boyfriend just found out Lyra is a siren when he saw Lyra's tail as she jumps into the sea to go after Frey's boat. Frey is a siren's hunter because he wants to revenge for her brother. 

Ok sampai situ sahaja sebab the story is still ongoing. It's a turtore to wait every week for the new episode. The best thing is, Siren's Lament always have great music in the webtoon. Jadi, sambil-sambil baca tu dengar sekali lagu.

Status: Ongoing
Star: 4.5/5 ★★★★

This webtoon is about a 17 years old girl named Yoo Shin-ae who wants no part of romance in her life. All she needs are food and her two best friends, Maya and Rika. She had been rejected love confessions from boys including Deiter, a German foreign exchange student. At a restaurant, she is panick when she sees the boy that she rejected is there with his friends and tries to cover her face. It's becomes tense when one of the Deiter's friend is badmouthing her. She accidentally spilled a cup of drink on a handsome redhead, Yeong-gi whom she meets again at a party. She and Yeong-gi did a prank to Maya and Rika who ignored her calls. When Yeong-gi was getting a taxi for Yoo, he suddenly fainted and was brought to a hospital by Yoo. That's where she encounter with Kousuke, ten thousand dollars suit's guy that were ruined by Yoo and also Seoshi. Despite his suit had been ruined, he wants to repay her for sending his brother, Yeong-gi to hospital without letting anyone knows. Kousuke gave his card to Yoo and told her to contact him if she already know what to ask from him. But one day, Maya put a prank on Yoo by calling Kousuke and set her into a blind date with 2 guys, Kousuke and his brother, Yeong-gi.

From the first episode lagi aku dah suka with this series. Masuk episode 3 dah gelak guling-guling tengok gelagat Yoo dengan 'topeng muka' dia untuk pergi party. This webtoon pun ada collab dengan Kenny, jadi lagi syok lah baca sambil dengar music. Masih episode 20 so, need to wait patiently lah ye πŸ˜€

When everyone else wearing party mask
There is Yoo with her full face mask HAHAHA

Status: Ongoing
Star: 4.7/5 ★★★★

3. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

It's about a daily life of a Malaysian girl, Fishball living with her 199 cm boyfriend. Fishball updates her webtoon 3 times a week. Jadi tak ada lah bosan sangat sebab selalu update kan.

Status: Ongoing
Star: 4.0/5 ★★★★

4. unTouchable

This is the first webtoon I read after I downloaded the application. Trust me, this is the best webtoon so far. The music, the storyline and the character is da bomb! πŸ’£

It's about Sia Lee, a model and also a vampire who absorbs energy from human by touching them instead of drinking their blood. After accidentally touch Jiho at their first encounter, she becomes desperate to touch Jiho as his energy tastes better than other humans. Sia tries to become close to Jiho, but Jiho rejected because he has a germaphobe. He hates meeting with people as he tries to avoid any physical contact. A box of children books for Jiho are sent infront of Sia's door. Then, she decided to go to his house, which is next door to give the package to him. Jiho tells Sia to keep it because he don't want to meet her. However, as a writer, he really needs the book to start writing. Then, he tries to ask for the books back. The desperate-for-touching Sia tells him to date her in order to get the books back.

Panjang tau cerita dia. Tak larat nak summarize kan. But this one, YOU HAVE TO READ! There are part yang macam seksi sebab Sia Lee tu kan model so, ada dia pakai bikini. Tapi the storyline is indeed a worth to read. Ni the first webtoon yang betul-betul sedih sampai aku menangis tak henti. Bengkak mata tahu tak.

Status: Completed
Star: 5/5 ★★★★★

That's it. Do read if you have time, because all of them are amazing pieces of art 😍

Friday, 18 August 2017

my first attempt at making banana milk


I was watching how to make watermelon punch on Youtube this evening because I planned to sell it next semester before I found videos of banana milk recipes. I'd always wanted to try the Korean banana milk but I haven't get the chance to. Everyone keep on saying how delicious it is and start bragging about it. I jealous ok. Please lah πŸ™„

Memandangkan pisang kat rumah ni ada banyak, aku pun try lah buat banana milk walaupun I never know what does it tastes like. Apa yang aku tengok dalam resepi, itu yang aku campak masuk dalam blender.

Banana milk recipe:
1 cup of milk
1 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
3 small ripe bananas
A pinch of salt

I used Dutch Lady Fresh milk because I used to drink it when I was younger. Walaupun satu cawan je dalam setahun πŸ’ I really really hate milk, I can never drink it properly. Mesti nak kena tutup hidung. Lepas minum, rasa macam nak muntah. I don't understand how people love to drink milk. Dah tu minum setiap hari. The easiest example will be my roommate. Nora, she always have cartons of full cream milk in her Kotak Kebahagiaan, where she stores all her food.

My banana milk is so thick. Mungkin sebab tak letak plain water dan letak banyak sangat pisang. Warna dia pun pelik. Gosh, maybe I don't have any talent in cooking kot. BAHAHAHAHA I was hoping for it to be yellowish sebab guna pisang kan. Kalau tak pun, warna macam susu biasa. Tak tahu macam mana nak describe rasa dia. Sebab aku tak boleh nak telan susu tu. Rasa kelakar dan bengong sebab memang dah tahu tak suka susu tapi still nak cuba πŸ˜‚ Minum seteguk dua lepas tu simpan dalam fridge. Aku harap ada orang lain tolong minumkan. Tapi better lah kot dari minum plain susu sebab lagi rasa loya.

Nampak tak warna dia pelikkkkkkkkkk

So, the result of my attempt at making my own banana milk: FAILED

Disebabkan itu, next time I want to get myself the real banana milk dan bezakan sendiri macam mana susu pisang.

Am I the only person who don't drink milk? That's probably the biggest reason why I ain't getting taller since primary school =___________="

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

REVIEW | Catrice The Modern Matt Collection eyeshadow palette


I was planning to buy Maybelline The Nudes palette from Hermo because they are giving 50% discount from the normal price. However, since I was quite disappointed with the Blushed Nudes palette, aku rasa macam takpelah try yang lain dulu. Then, last month, I went to Metro Kajang with Adik to take some fresh air. Ceh konon πŸ™„ I wasn't planning to buy anything pun. Tapi, at the ground floor, I could hear the Guardian store calling for me from afar. How could I resist? I had already at the counter paying for the eyeshadow palette when I realized that I was supposed to keep that money for something else. Ok bye, duit πŸ‘‹ Haha.

Ada 4 palette to choose; The Precious Copper Collection, The Essential Nude Collection, The Modern Matt Collection and The Nude Blossom Collection. Latest one, The Ultimate Chrome Collection.

I was in dilemma either to choose The Nude Blossom Collection or The Modern Matt Collection. Sebab both colours are so pretty 😍 But I ended up buying the second one sebab Adik kata I'll look better in matte. Okay, whatever.

The reason I bought this palette: Tak sengaja, sedar-sedar dah ada kat depan kaunter HAHA maybe because of the beautiful pink purplish shades and most important, the cheap price! Aku rasa boleh kena sawan bila tengok harga produk Catrice sebab sumpah murah.

Where to buy: Guardian

Price: RM24.21

Size: 10g

Packaging: Transparent plastic packaging that the shades can be seen.

Shades: It comes with 9 shades.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is okay. Not too pigmented, sebab murah kan. You can't expect the drugstore products to be as good as high-end products. Tsk. It's great when applying using fingers but when using brush applicator, the colours are hard to see and it becomes chalky.

Ingredients Analysis: There are no harmful ingredients in this palette. There are only 1 safety rate no 4 but mostly are 1~2 only.

My Thoughts: I use this palette more than I use my The Blushed Nudes palette. Sorry, Maybelline! ✋ I just love the colours so much. And they are all matt, guys. My favourite shade will be the 3rd from the left. I wished they came with mirror so that it will be much easier to apply eyeshadow in the car or everywhere I go without the need to bring a small mirror. Okay lah, mungkin sebab zaman teknologi kot semua orang ada smartphone masing-masing boleh guna. But still, I need a real mirror. I also disappointed they didn't came with any applicator. Lagi sekali, maybe they already know the pigmentation is not really good kot so, people better use their fingers.

Recommended: Yes, if you need a cheap eyeshadows but still have good pigmentation.

Repurchase: Yes, tapi nak collection yang lain. I need The Nude Blossom Collection and The Ultimate Chrome Collection.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored review. I bought this product using my own money (read: pocket money from Mama)

Monday, 14 August 2017

Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe experiences


Yes yes yes, the day that I've been waiting has finally come. I went to IOI City Mall with my family this evening and as always, when I go there, I need/must/have to go to any Korean restaurant. Wajibul. I've write so many times already (kot?) on how much I love Korean food especially the spicy rice cake. 

I went to find some Korean food alone, sebab tengah gaduh dengan Adik. I had been looking at Hanbing's menu online for days so, I need to satisfy my craving and yeah, I went to Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe that is located on the ground floor. That was not my first time because I had been there before with Makteh and her kids. But since I was there all by myself, I just ordered 1 Injeolmi Snow Ice because the portion is really big though. I wasn't sure if I could finished it. I ordered the Injeolmi bingsu sebab nak rasa tteok (rice cakes) yang topping dia tu sebenarnya. 

Injeolmi Snow Ice RM22
I give a really big thumbs up for the taste! πŸ‘ I am in love with the sweet rice cakes wah sedap sangat weh. I'm screaming silently. I thought they just give only 2 pieces of sweet rice cakes but nah, they are quite generous. In between the snow ice, lepas godek godek, hehe μ°Ύμ•˜λ‹€!! I found lot of small tteok in there. So chewy yums. For me, the prices are a bit expensive. Tapi worth it sangat. Ais dia sangat smooth, halus je.

Konon tak dapat habiskan that big bowl of bingsu πŸ™„ Ergh, please lah Aida, I have a big space for them, told my tummy. Tapi memang sejuk gila, sumpah. Masa dah nak dekat habis tu, I was shivering so bad. My hands were shaking. My whole body rasa macam on vibrate mode. Aku rasa kalau hembus nafas mesti keluar asap dari mulut HAHAHAHAHA acah macam kat Korea je aku ni. Feeling sekali sekala.

Tapi kan, I really think everyone needs to come with partner or friends. If not, rasa lonely dan nampak tersangatlah kesian. Macam aku. Oh my, tengok orang lain datang dengan kawan-kawan, dengan suami, dengan boyfriend, aku?! Muahaha makan sorag-sorang kat situ sambil pandang screen phone.

I would share also what I ate a year ago, at the same place with Makteh.

It was about a year ago, on December. I ordered a lot because there were 6 of us altogether. 

For the bingsu, we ordered Mango Snow Ice and Oreo Snow Ice. MasyaAllah, sedap dia macam tak boleh nak luahkan. Mango tu manis macam mangga harum manis gitu. Dah lah tak kedekut langsung memang bagi big pieces of mango. Banyak pulak tu. Tolong lah. I was totally satisfied with the bingsu (s). As for their Classic Topokki and Cheese Topokki, hm I was really disappointed. I love their visuals and they even came with seaweed rolls. But, the sauce tasted really weird. Rasa macam cili kering Malaysia yang diblend dan dia buat jadi topokki sauce. Kau rasa macam mana aku boleh tahu? HAHAHAHAHA sebab pernah try buat kat rumah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Teruk doo rasa kuah topokki kalau buat macam tu oh my god I cannot lah. Tak boleh nak telan. 

Tapi sekarang I'm not sure how their topokki sauce taste like. InsyaAllah, next visit, boleh lah try order 1 set of topokki. Harap they really improve the taste lah by then. Kalau tak, memang tidak ler nak try lagi huhu. 

My face becomes bigger each day

μ°Ύμ•˜λ‹€: cha-jatt-da (I found it)

Sunday, 13 August 2017

feeling emotional with my JPJ test


Tonight, I feel so emotional. Maybe because I'm on my period. I am done crying few minutes ago, silently.

I had posted few entries before, about how my driving lesson goes. But I didn't updated anything after then. That's the main reason I am writing this right now. Hm, almost a month ago, I'd finished my driving lessons and took JPJ test at the end of July. I was really nervous and excited at the same time. My heart was beating so hard I was afraid the person sitting next to me could heard it. I was hoping to get a PASS for the test and going home bragging to my parent and Adik.

The RPK turned out to be the easiest one. I thought it was difficult?! But Alhamdulillah, passed for that one. Everyone did lah πŸ™„ HAHAHAHAHA

Then after waiting for around 30 minutes, it was my turn untuk ambil ujian di litar. Okay, as usual, we started with mendaki bukit first. I wasn't really nervous (a bit lah kot sebab kena drive Axia) but I had a good feeling 'bout it though. And yes, the tyre was right in the yellow line πŸ’―✔ I felt really great and almost jumped out of joy, right until when the car terundur ke belakang. Then, there comes a man who nicely asked me to get out of the car. I was clueless. Not sure why he told me to get off the car. I thought Oh maybe memang dia suruh turun dulu lah kot, nanti parking guna kereta lain. I had that in my mind until I saw a big, red FAIL on my paper slip. I felt so stupid. Long sigh. I'd never saw anything like that in my 19 years of living. Not even in school.

For sure, I couldn't hold my tears while sitting on the bench, looking at the others doing the parking etc. The tears didn't seem to stop soon so, I just sat there with my head looking down at the ground. It haven't been 10 minutes yet from the moment my turn was called. I was glad I wasn't come to the test alone. The girl who took lesson with the same agent as I was, Aisyah were there, offering me a tin of drink she bought right after she saw me crying. I was really thankful to her for comforting me walaupun aku masih tak berhenti menangis. May Allah bless you always, Aisyah. And well, she passed anyway. If not, maybe she would be crying with me. Ceh tipu je. She seems to be a strong girl tak lembik macam aku. Haha. Laughing at myself. Such a loser.

Aku ingat dah fail terus balik. Tapi tunggu jelah sebab Aisyah tak habis lagi. Rupanya, still kena ambil ujian on the road. Kau rasa lepas menangis air mata darah tu aku boleh concentrate ke nak drive?!?!?!?! They were so cruel to make me drive in such situation πŸ˜‘

I took a deep, long breath. Phuewwww, sigh. Again. I was waiting in the car alone, didn't know where JPJ officer was and when he or she would comes. After waiting for almost 10 minutes, he appeared. Bagi salam, to be polite. I had already have my seatbelt on so, I just continued with checking the side mirrors and all. After that, the road test begun. I tried to be as much concentrate as I could. First route, checked done! But I stucked at the second route yang ada traffic light. Hmm, sigh. The engine mati. I tried to relax and hidupkan balik enjin tapi masa nak jalan balik, enjin terpadam lagi. The traffic light showed red. Cool down Aida, I told myself. The traffic light showed green, oh my, I want to pass this thing, again, yes the engine went off. Tried to start it again and jalan but failed. Red light again. I guess, the officer went mad, he said Kenapa lah kelam kabut sangat. Tekan minyak, lepas clutch lepas tu jalan lah. Ni dah 2 kali lampu merah. His tone sounds really angry. I was scared. He told me to get off the driver seat, and he drove back. Sampai dekat institut, he said he was trying to help me masa enjin terpadam masa dekat lampu merah for the first time. But since, dah 2 kali lampu merah, he couldn't help but cop the big FAIL for the road test. I cried in the car, next to him. I couldn't stop saying sorry for doing it badly. Dan rasa serba salah menyusahkan dia when he had lot of things to take care of. That's probably the most humiliating and embarassing moment in my life.

I was really really sorry to him. And to myself.

Aisyah came near me and asked how I was doing. My eyes became teary and my voice cracked. I couldn't talk at that time so, I showed ✋ suruh dia tunggu kejap. I need to calm down lil bit before start talking about it. All I want at that time was going home. But since it was Friday, we had to wait until Friday prayer sampai pukul 3 petang macam tu.

At home, I locked myself up in the room. Everyone would know there was something wrong with me when I stay in my room. Because, aku memang bukan jenis duduk dalam bilik. The living room is my space area. I watch tv there, eat there, drink there and also sleep there with both of my legs wide open.

I cried, again and again and again and again. I didn't really talk to anyone when I was home for the whole day. I didn't eat for the whole day. I only drank mineral water and a tin of drink Aisyah bought me that morning. I was super hungry but don't have any appetite to eat.

I cried so much, my chest hurted a lot. I felt pain to breathe. I felt really terrible. My mom said I shouldn't cried because she failed for the first time too. But that's not really the case. I mean, I did really good on my last day of driving lesson. I didn't make any mistakes. At all tau. Jadi faham tak bila suddenly buat teruk gilaaaaaaaaa nak mati?! Huh the feelings remind me of the day when SPM results were out. I cried my eyes out too and didn't talk to anyone for three days. Three days okay.

Nora, my roommate knew I was taking the JPJ test. She wished me a good luck. She failed too and she still scared to retake the test. I was really hoping she won't whatsapp-ed me and asked anything related to JPJ test. But she did πŸ˜” I tried to be positive and told her I was okay and would retake the test later. But deep inside, I am not.

My mom asked the agent to tempah ujian JPJ lagi sekali on this 18th before the new semester starts. I am still scared. Aku ada berlatih drive bukit a few times with my mom, but believe me, I feel like dying everytime I do the mendaki bukit. Rasa takut sangat sangat. Then, on last Thursday, I practiced with my dad. Aku tak suka sebab Abah suka bebel πŸ˜’

Dah lah duduk sebelah, lepas tu pergi tarikkan brek tangan masa kat bukit. Should I said thanks? Nah, never. Aku yang belajar, aku kena lah buat benda tu sendiri. Lepas tu pergi kacau aku punya gear. Ya Allah, tolong lah. I was stressed out. Masa nak bergerak teruskan naik bukit tu dia marah sebab asyik tekan pedal minyak. Bila dia marah, sumpah seram. Dah lah suara Abah kasar bila cakap dengan orang. Terus dia suruh aku turun dia kata Tak boleh lah biar yong bawa macam ni. Bahaya. Dah turun turun. Aku dah emotional sangat. Then, he told me to practice lagi. Like what, seriously?!???? Memang tak lah. Aku terus cakap nak balik dengan air mata bercucuran macam mati laki. My god. tak sampai 10 minit pun weh. Tak kisah lah, all I did after that was crying alone. And I didn't talk to him for a day.

After that incident, I am totally lost all of my confidence.


I supposed to retake my test next week kan. But I told my mom tonight to call the agent and cancel it. Then, I cried.

I told my mom I would just wait for my future husband to drive for me. Okay, Mama agreed.

I still remember how excited I was everytime I come home from the driving lessons. I want to drive a car like other people do. Everyone looks so cool when they are driving. I want to be able to go anywhere without depend on others. Mama selalu cakap once Adik cukup 17 tahun, dia nak Adik terus ambil lesen. Because Adik is the only one she can depends on to ride motor and drive car. Honestly, that pretty much hurt my pride. Because I am the eldest. I hate depend too much to my dad. I asked her to drive me to Kajang or somewhere else when I have things to buy. But, he barely does. And when I want to asked Adik to buy something at the convenience stores near the house, sometimes she will but sometimes, she won't. The worst part is when we had a fight, dia akan cakap Engkau, masa nak minta tolong dekat aku baru nak buat baik. I hate that the most. Dia tak ingat agaknya how much money I spent on he, and how much money from working that I hardly earned and spent on myself but I gave to her every month. Wah, it's annoyed me a lot. She should be more grateful. Tahu lah dia much more bigger and taller than me and sekarang she knows how to earn money from doing dropship, tapi she should still show some respect. I am her big sister anyway.

Better rotan my future kids if they don't show any respect to their elder siblings #betternotbecomelikeyourmaksukids #mypridehurt #nodrivinglessonanymore #needsomemotivations #thepostlabelislegaldriver #butiamnot #ifailedmyjpjtestguys

Saturday, 5 August 2017

REVIEW | Mylara Skincare


Okay now, I'll be reviewing the beauty products set from Mylara Skincare. Harap maklum, all the items were purchased with my own money. Okay tipu πŸ˜›, guna duit belanja yang mak kasi sebenarnya. Hoho.

I've been using it for almost 1 month. Kira macam dah cukup lah masa untuk tengok perubahan pada muka. Before this, I used Eversoft Organic Yuzu & Ginkgo Cleanser for also almost a month. Boleh click to read my review. Tapi stop pakai sebab banyak jerawat kecil-kecil tumbuh especially bahagian dahi. The first 2 weeks pakai Eversoft cleanser tu, Alhamdulillah okay je tapi after that, the problem started to rise.

The product set I bought from Mylara Skincare is 4-in-1 Skin Perfecting Facial Set (Advance Skincare Set).

Box Packaging: White box with all the ingredients and direction written at the back. 

Hygenic: Yes, sebab datang dengan 2 penutup setiap item.

Price: RM95 inc postage (kalau beli dekat main igshop) tapi aku beli dengan harga RM90 inc postage sebab beli kat @mylara_harga_student)

Suitable for all skin types

1. 4-in-1 Collagen Cleanser

Description: A versatile and effective quadruple cleanser that eliminates all traces of make-ups, dirt, oil and impurities. Gently removes eye make-up and mildly exfoliates for a softer, smoother and brighter complexion.

Size: 60ml

Price: Kalau beli asing RM24

Ingredients: Click here.

Colour/Consistency/Texture: Soft pink colour with gel texture

Scent: Floral scent 

How to use:
Cleanse twice daily using this two-step process; 
  • Apply 1-2 pumps of cleanser onto wet hands, work into soft lather massage face and neck gently.
  • Rinse with warm water and gently allow your skin to dry before applying Mylara Pore Refining Facial Toner.
My thoughts: 
Aku selalu pump twice sebab kalau satu macam rasa tak cukup. Tapi kalau nak jimat pump sekali jelah. Although texture dia gel (lebih kurang macam Cetaphil cleanser) but this one got bubble. Suka dia punya scent and after basuh muka rasa segar dan hydrated (tak rasa kering dan ketat macam certain cleanser)

2. Pore Refining Toner 

Description: Facial toner supports skin’s natural processes of cleansing and revitalizing by minimizing visible pores, balancing moistures, and oil content, leaving skin looking and feeling healthy, toned and radiant.

Size: 60ml

Price: Kalau beli asing RM24

Ingredients: Click here.

Ingredients Analysis: Alcohol denat might cause irritation to people with sensitive skin (Irritation rate: 5)

Colour/Consistency/Texture: Pink colour, watery

Scent: Floral scent sama macam cleanser

How to use:
Use after each cleansing on dry face;
  • Wet cotton pads with generous amount of toner and gently glide over face and neck using light upward movement. For optimum protection, finish with Mylara Matte Miracle CC Cream or Mylara Revitalizing Night Cream.

My thoughts:
Bila pakai terus rasa mild tight kat muka. This toner is even better than my Simple toner. Dia best sebab it comes in spray bottle. Kalau rajin boleh pakai cotton pads tapi kalau malas boleh spray je terus kat muka. Convenient sangat dan senang nak bawa pergi mana-mana sebab botol dia tak terlalu besar. Tapi takde lah terlalu kecil, just nice.

3. Matte Miracle CC Cream SPF 30

Kalau day dream and night cream ada penutup macam ni

Kiri; before & Kanan; after

All- in-one multi-tasking cream that miraculously protects your skin from harmful sun rays with SPF 30. Clinically proven to improve skin texture and hydrate with an elegant matte finish. As “CC” stands for color corrective, it includes, skin-brightening primer, lightweight foundation, moisturizer, with anti-aging ingredients and collagen boosters.

Size: 7g

Price: RM28 kalau beli asing

Ingredients: Click here

Ingredients Analysis: So far, takde yang merbahaya pada kulit. 

Colour/Consistency/Texture: Pinkish, creamy texture

Scent: Neither floral nor fruity scent. Bau dia sedap macam rasa nak makan πŸ˜‚

How to use:
After applying Mylara Facial Toner, CC Cream is best used 15 minutes before sun explosure and reapplying in every 2 hours is recommended if exposure to sun persists.

My thoughts: 
My skin looks brighter as soon as I apply the cream. Nampak cerah in the most natural way. And paling penting sebab nampak kulit sihat pinkish instead of cerah pale. However, this is not the best day cream I've ever tried. CC Cream ni tak long lasting. Bila berpeluh, cream tu dah hilang sikit demi sikit. Nanti jadi bertompok. Terpaksa tepek bedak nak bagi dia tahan lama sikit. Rasa leceh sebab nak kena apply banyak kali. Dah lah aku jenis pemalas tahap gaban. And if lap peluh guna kain or tissue, nanti ada kesan cream tu sekali =____=" Lagi satu, one of the reason aku tak suka cream ni sebab dia oily. Jadi, bagi aku tak sesuai untuk orang yang ada kulit berminyak macam aku. Bila lama-lama rasa kotor, berminyak dan berat sangat muka so, rasa tak selesa. 

4. Revitalizing Night Cream

Description: An ultra luxurious whitening night cream that deeply nourishes and moistens skin for up to 8 hours. Helps to diminish dark spots and visibly whitens skin as early as 14 days with clinically proven ingredients. 

Size: 7g

Price: RM28 kalau beli asing

Click here.

Ingredients Analysis:
Cetyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ascorbyl Palmitate might cause clogged pores and irritation. Tapi rate cuma 2 saja.

Colour/Consistency/Texture: Pinkish, thick cream

Scent: Floral

How to use:
Before going to bed, after cleansing and toning session;
  • Using your fingertips, apply a thin layer onto face and neck.
  • For deep absorption, gently massage in about 1-2 minutes.

My thoughts:
Bila bau terus jatuh cinta sebab wangi sangat!!! The night cream is quite thick (sikitlah) dan rasa macam sticky at first. But after applying all over the face, tunggu seminit terus serap. Tak ada rasa melekit dah. Rasa ringan je muka. 

5. Glowing Gel

Colour/Consistency/Texture: Transparent, light gel texture macam aloe vera 

Scent: No scent

My thoughts:
Suka sebab FREE! Dan once sapu terus serap zassssssss 

Kalau korang pergi Mylara Skincare punya website, ada banyak sangat item. Hydro Whitening Rose Peeling Gel, Water Drop Aqua Essence, Acne Gel etc. The gold series lagi lah menawan hati. Fikir duit jeeee. 

Alhamdulillah, ni first time pakai local skincare set yang tak cause breakout kat muka. Rasa bersyukur yang amat. 

Recommended: Yes, absolutely

Repurchase: Would love to <3