Thursday, 9 December 2021

1001 days

Happy 1001 days my dear Fila 🤍 since I love you so much, I agreed to celebrate our 1001 days together instead of 1000 days 😻 

So in next coming years, we'll celebrate 2002, 3003, 4004, 5005, 6006, 7007, 8008, 9009 and more. Kan? 🙊

I feel so happy. I was happy before, but with him, I feel complete 🤍 He gives me things that I couldn't get on my own and things that I believe not everyone could do; love, loyalty, attention, trust, patience, kindness, assurance, understanding, respect, lot of messages, lot of calls and vidcalls.

Tak semua mampu buat, dan paling penting bukan semua mampu tahan untuk handle aku. But he handles me so well and gives me abundance of love ❤️🥺

Semoga baik-baik saja untuk kita. May Allah ease our future plan 🤍 till forever