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Wednesday, 30 August 2017


I whatsapp-ed Izzah last Tuesday asking how's she doing, where's she going to continue her studies and what course she will be taking. I haven't contacted her for quite awhile, so I sort of miss her a little bit these days. She will be leaving to India next week to continue her studies in Medicine so, she insisted on meeting me with our 2 friends, Farzana and Yusra last Saturday.

I was very happy to see them all. Everyone looks the same as ever. Nothing changes. Izzah still with her cute, clumsy and funny personalities. Farzana still the best listener I've ever known. And Yusra still fierce in funny way and most importantly, her curse words never stop coming from her mouth.
They picked me up and welcomed me with open arms and their loud voices as soon as I got into the car. Izzah couldn't stop talking and being funny and clumsy along the way to IOI City Mall when she couldn't put on the seatbelt. I had to help her with that, like always. Haha.

We asked some basic questions; how each of us doing, have boyfriend or not, when new semester start etc.

I had fun talking with them, reminiscing our old days when we were sitting together in 21st century desk arrangement.

Four of us had our lunch at Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe and ordered our own choice of menu. I chose Hanbing Yum Box - Ojingeo (Spicy Octopus) and Caffe Latte. Yusra who sit infront of me ordered Brisket Ramyeon and Blue Lemonade. Izzah chose Kimchi Fried Rice - Cheese Base, while Farzana chose Hot Stone Bibimbap and shared Chocolate Latte with Izzah.

Although I have been to Hanbing several times, but that was the first time I've tried their meals instead of the tteokbokki. The meals suprisingly taste really good 😋 The Yum Box comes with rice, egg rolls and spicy octopus. But the amount of the rice is too little compared to the price. Brisket Ramyeon also delicious! Kuah dia not too thick and spicy. Tapi dia sediakan dengan chili flakes and kimchi. Jadi if you like it to be spicy then add more chili flakes lah. Bibimbap also great!! Sedapp 💖 A bit better than Myeongdong Topokki punya bibimbap rasanya. It's okay, nanti boleh try lagi HAHAHAHA 😂 Oh yeah, of course we couldn't just eat there without order bingsu, which is their specialty. We only ordered one bingsu and shared it because it's so big. Ingat lagi tak how I was shiverring from cold to finish the bingsu alone. Read it here. Aku dah pernah try yang Mango, Oreo dan Injeolmi so, I was really hoping them to order other than that. Luckily, they ordered Blueberry Cheesecake Bingsu. Weh sumpah sedap gila!!!!! Cheesecake dia tak muak langsung tau. Tahu tak, aku baru je tahu yang drizzle dia tu boleh minta tambah. Omg, kalau tahu dah lama aku buat tiap kali makan bingsu 😑

Baru nak borak lama and go to shop few things with Izzah before she fly to India tapi kakak Yusra suruh dia balik awal sebab she wanted to use the car. Okay lah. Jadi before balik, kitorang ambil some pictures outside the mall.

Back in 2014, when I weighed 47kg *sigh*


Rindunya korang 😭 InsyaAllah, later when we are free, we can meet up again. Study hard, Yusra busuk and Penjana Elektrik!!! Have a safe flight, Izzah 💖 #hutangtakjumpadiorangbeforedahlangsai