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Sunday, 20 August 2017


I still have a few books from Big Bad Wolf last year but I insisted on buying a new book last month because Helloooo it's the latest Diary of A Wimpy Kid so, obviously I need to get it. But I haven't read it yet. I'm saving it for the new semester. Sebab aku rasa mungkin I would need something to read, other than lecture notes. Jadi kita simpan dulu okay ๐Ÿ˜‰

I downloaded webtoon app 6 months ago and for someone who loves comics, of course I love webtoon too. I used to read Doraemon comics when I was in primary school. I would buy them everytime I follow Mama to pasar. And since I don't have much interesting books to read, I started to read webtoons.

For August reading, there are a lot of great webtoons to read. Lagipun webtoon kan ada sequel and macam drama so, apa yang aku baca 5 months ago, aku still baca sekarang. Takpe lah, I'll just share mana lah tahu kalau korang bosan atau perlukan something to read to fill your leisure time kan.

1. Siren's Lament

The story is about Lyra, the florist that had been cursed by Ian, the siren who live in the sea and eventually become half human and half siren. The sirens transfer the curse to human by kissing them in order to become human. It's only work if the human is having a broken heart. However, there's something wrong with the curse that makes them only half siren and half human instead of totally human and siren. So, Lyra invite Ian to live at her house as he doesn't have any family and try to figure out the solution to their problem. Shon who is Lyra's best friend's brother and also her boyfriend just found out Lyra is a siren when he saw Lyra's tail as she jumps into the sea to go after Frey's boat. Frey is a siren's hunter because he wants to revenge for her brother. 

Ok sampai situ sahaja sebab the story is still ongoing. It's a turtore to wait every week for the new episode. The best thing is, Siren's Lament always have great music in the webtoon. Jadi, sambil-sambil baca tu dengar sekali lagu.

Status: Ongoing
Star: 4.5/5 ★★★★

This webtoon is about a 17 years old girl named Yoo Shin-ae who wants no part of romance in her life. All she needs are food and her two best friends, Maya and Rika. She had been rejected love confessions from boys including Deiter, a German foreign exchange student. At a restaurant, she is panick when she sees the boy that she rejected is there with his friends and tries to cover her face. It's becomes tense when one of the Deiter's friend is badmouthing her. She accidentally spilled a cup of drink on a handsome redhead, Yeong-gi whom she meets again at a party. She and Yeong-gi did a prank to Maya and Rika who ignored her calls. When Yeong-gi was getting a taxi for Yoo, he suddenly fainted and was brought to a hospital by Yoo. That's where she encounter with Kousuke, ten thousand dollars suit's guy that were ruined by Yoo and also Seoshi. Despite his suit had been ruined, he wants to repay her for sending his brother, Yeong-gi to hospital without letting anyone knows. Kousuke gave his card to Yoo and told her to contact him if she already know what to ask from him. But one day, Maya put a prank on Yoo by calling Kousuke and set her into a blind date with 2 guys, Kousuke and his brother, Yeong-gi.

From the first episode lagi aku dah suka with this series. Masuk episode 3 dah gelak guling-guling tengok gelagat Yoo dengan 'topeng muka' dia untuk pergi party. This webtoon pun ada collab dengan Kenny, jadi lagi syok lah baca sambil dengar music. Masih episode 20 so, need to wait patiently lah ye ๐Ÿ˜€

When everyone else wearing party mask
There is Yoo with her full face mask HAHAHA

Status: Ongoing
Star: 4.7/5 ★★★★

3. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

It's about a daily life of a Malaysian girl, Fishball living with her 199 cm boyfriend. Fishball updates her webtoon 3 times a week. Jadi tak ada lah bosan sangat sebab selalu update kan.

Status: Ongoing
Star: 4.0/5 ★★★★

4. unTouchable

This is the first webtoon I read after I downloaded the application. Trust me, this is the best webtoon so far. The music, the storyline and the character is da bomb! ๐Ÿ’ฃ

It's about Sia Lee, a model and also a vampire who absorbs energy from human by touching them instead of drinking their blood. After accidentally touch Jiho at their first encounter, she becomes desperate to touch Jiho as his energy tastes better than other humans. Sia tries to become close to Jiho, but Jiho rejected because he has a germaphobe. He hates meeting with people as he tries to avoid any physical contact. A box of children books for Jiho are sent infront of Sia's door. Then, she decided to go to his house, which is next door to give the package to him. Jiho tells Sia to keep it because he don't want to meet her. However, as a writer, he really needs the book to start writing. Then, he tries to ask for the books back. The desperate-for-touching Sia tells him to date her in order to get the books back.

Panjang tau cerita dia. Tak larat nak summarize kan. But this one, YOU HAVE TO READ! There are part yang macam seksi sebab Sia Lee tu kan model so, ada dia pakai bikini. Tapi the storyline is indeed a worth to read. Ni the first webtoon yang betul-betul sedih sampai aku menangis tak henti. Bengkak mata tahu tak.

Status: Completed
Star: 5/5 ★★★★★

That's it. Do read if you have time, because all of them are amazing pieces of art ๐Ÿ˜


  1. The only webtoon I've ever (tried) to read was Cheese in the trap. Tu pun lepas habis tengok drama dia XD

    1. Terpengaruh dengan drama lah ni ek hahaha Aida ada subscribed Cheese in the trap tapi belum baca lagi. Sebab banyak webtoon baru yang best best :p