REVIEW | 3 Concept Eyes [3CE] Lily Maymac Matte Lip Color

Thursday, 3 August 2017


I never thought I would buy any 3CE products because the first and the last time I went to Sephora, I was shocked to see the prices of their makeup items. Really expensive, man!

But, I think Lily Maymac lipstick edition just put some spells on me that I could stop myself from buying it. Luckily, I just bought one out of three lipsticks. Pheww. If not, I'll be super broke. That was few months ago, because now, I AM TOTALLY BROKE.

For this edition, they only have 3 colours; #118 Holy Rose, #119 Hold On and #908 Warm and Sweet. And I got myself the Holy Rose code.

Packaging: How can I say NO to shining rose gold packaging?!?! Uh oh, look at how beautiful it is. The box and container look so elegant and expensive. After waiting for 2 weeks of preorder, I almost cry when the parcel arrived. Tiap kali lepas pakai mesti letak balik dalam kotak 😝 Only the Lily Maymac edition sahaja yang box warna rose gold, kalau yang biasa warna plain hitam.

Size: 3.5g

Code/Colour Name: #118/Holy Rose


Yes, it is really pigmented. Apply sekali boleh nampak.

Price: RM87 (Tak sure harga asal berapa tapi lebih kurang macam ni jugak)

Where I buy: Kat igshop @the.skins.meal sebab kat Hermo dan Althea takda. Tapi no worry sebab, igshop ni trusted seller dan hanya jual original Korean beauty products sahaja 👌

My Thoughts: Colour dia macam brownish-red gitu. Lebih kurang macam maroon tapi bukan maroon. Tapi warna dia sumpah cantik gilsssss I kenot. Bila apply kat bibir tak smooth sangat, quite kasar. Tapi tak kisah apa pun, it is perfect for gradient lip looks. Tak berapa long lasting, sebab in a few hours (around 2-3 jam) macam tu dah hilang. Kena apply lagi lah.

The swatches
This is how it looks like on my lips. Tapi tak terang sebab calit sikit sikit je. 

Recommended: Of course

Repurchase: Yes, but hmm I would like to try different colours (if I have any money)


  1. anis pun dah lama berkenan that one #holy rose T_T tpi tak tercapai hajat nak beli lagi

    1. Holy rose ni pun dah lama kat dalam wishlist aida, bila dah ada duit baru lah dapat merasa nak pegang. Sebab mahal kan 😭