REVIEW | Catrice The Modern Matt Collection eyeshadow palette

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


I was planning to buy Maybelline The Nudes palette from Hermo because they are giving 50% discount from the normal price. However, since I was quite disappointed with the Blushed Nudes palette, aku rasa macam takpelah try yang lain dulu. Then, last month, I went to Metro Kajang with Adik to take some fresh air. Ceh konon 🙄 I wasn't planning to buy anything pun. Tapi, at the ground floor, I could hear the Guardian store calling for me from afar. How could I resist? I had already at the counter paying for the eyeshadow palette when I realized that I was supposed to keep that money for something else. Ok bye, duit 👋 Haha.

Ada 4 palette to choose; The Precious Copper Collection, The Essential Nude Collection, The Modern Matt Collection and The Nude Blossom Collection. Latest one, The Ultimate Chrome Collection.

I was in dilemma either to choose The Nude Blossom Collection or The Modern Matt Collection. Sebab both colours are so pretty 😍 But I ended up buying the second one sebab Adik kata I'll look better in matte. Okay, whatever.

The reason I bought this palette: Tak sengaja, sedar-sedar dah ada kat depan kaunter HAHA maybe because of the beautiful pink purplish shades and most important, the cheap price! Aku rasa boleh kena sawan bila tengok harga produk Catrice sebab sumpah murah.

Where to buy: Guardian

Price: RM24.21

Size: 10g

Packaging: Transparent plastic packaging that the shades can be seen.

Shades: It comes with 9 shades.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is okay. Not too pigmented, sebab murah kan. You can't expect the drugstore products to be as good as high-end products. Tsk. It's great when applying using fingers but when using brush applicator, the colours are hard to see and it becomes chalky.

Ingredients Analysis: There are no harmful ingredients in this palette. There are only 1 safety rate no 4 but mostly are 1~2 only.

My Thoughts: I use this palette more than I use my The Blushed Nudes palette. Sorry, Maybelline! ✋ I just love the colours so much. And they are all matt, guys. My favourite shade will be the 3rd from the left. I wished they came with mirror so that it will be much easier to apply eyeshadow in the car or everywhere I go without the need to bring a small mirror. Okay lah, mungkin sebab zaman teknologi kot semua orang ada smartphone masing-masing boleh guna. But still, I need a real mirror. I also disappointed they didn't came with any applicator. Lagi sekali, maybe they already know the pigmentation is not really good kot so, people better use their fingers.

Recommended: Yes, if you need a cheap eyeshadows but still have good pigmentation.

Repurchase: Yes, tapi nak collection yang lain. I need The Nude Blossom Collection and The Ultimate Chrome Collection.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored review. I bought this product using my own money (read: pocket money from Mama)


  1. there are only 3 pallette available at guardian kl central T_T

    1. There are 4 palette in Kajang sebab the chrome still baru so, tak ada lagi kat sini ☺ but all the colours are so pretty! Kalau boleh nak beli je semua hahaha