#slimfit mission

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


If you have read my old post, you must know that I've some sort of weight problem (my BMI said that I am overweight) I wanted to blame SPM for this but yeah, it's my fault afterall. Plus, I didn't do any exercise for a month and a half because of the exam and lazy habit. Makan nasi balik pulak tu hm bayangkan lah how much weight I have gained!?

Maybe you won't believe but I can gain 3kg in one month. Haha gemuk as I can be. However, I have turn into a new leaf guys! I woke up early this morning and went for a 30 mins jogging. Tapi pancitlah haha stamina dah jatuh ke lantai. Sebelum ni, aku ada download app 10k kat play store. Aku dah start lama jugak lah tapi stop before spm. Dah bersawang, labah-labah pun dah bercucu cicit dah kat situ. Heh. Tapi this morning I'm going to start my fitness routine all over again. Like the old 날 lah kan hihihi. 

For me, 10k app is really useful for the beginner. And convenient at the same time. 5 mins for warm up. 20-60 mins of running and walking alternatingly. And 5 mins for cooldown. Baguskan sebab dia macam guide and train kita betul betul. 

I can listen to my fav artist too, yeap Justin Bieber 

In order to achieve my ideal weight 47kg, I need to train hard and eat less. Nafsu makan aku ni Astaghfirullah! Kena control sikit tak boleh ikut bisikan syaitan. Jangan pandang aku sebelah mata ek aduyai kalau aku kurus siaplah siapa yang pandang rendah kat aku. So, this is gonna be my diet plan as 2016 mission until I achieve my goal.

- jog at least 30 mins
- a piece of bread and milo
- brunch with an egg
- 100x sit up
- 50x fire hydrants each leg

- half cup of brown rice/pasta 
- lauk pauk sekati lah tapi avoid fried food or food with a lot of fats
- 100x push up
- 50x legs swing each leg
- 50x donkey kick each leg

- an apple/fruit/2 pieces of biscuits
- 100x triceps dip
- 1 mins of plank for 10x

- pilates/zumba/hiit/jog/walk at least 30 mins
- 200 to 300 jump rope

- half cup of rice (no rice is better)
- lauk pauk
- 100x squat
- 100x double leg lift

I'll try to stick to this plan until I see 47kg on the scale! Yes, I can I can. Fighting!

날 : nal (day/s)