Kak Sarah's wedding

Sunday, 13 December 2015


It's already a week and two days after my cousin's wedding, Maisarah with her husband Aulis. Right after exam had over, I was quite busy helping out my mak teh with doorgifts at her house. Yes, I stayed there for a few days hah nampak tak my effort disitu?! For the doorgift, we gave snickers, cloud9, mentos, jelly or sumi (budak budak dulu panggil sumi je famous kot benda ni) and a few sweets. All the family gathered at the living room including my cousins to put the sweets in the doorgift bottles. Seronok sangaaat dapat buat sama sama. Semua nak lawan siapa cepat dia menang haha memang lawak lah malam tu. I could feel the love there! Hihi love in the air, people. 

The night before the wedding, an accident happened to me. Masa nak iron tudung, seterika tu was a bit problem and for a sudden, my tudung had a hole!!!!! Astaghfirullah, berkecai hatiku melihat tudung baru dah berlubang. And I cried! Yes, I CRIED. Tak ada rezeki nak pakai tudung tu, I guess? The last time I cry was during majlis mohon restu before sitting for SPM. Tudongcha kot huhu RM30 is quite alot of money. Kalau kau kaya lain lah cerita kan, duit beratus pun kau tak kisah. I know because I was surrounded by people from rich families (yes, those people are my schoolmates in JESS) At first, I tried to fix it but the time was already passed midnight so, I just let it be sebab esok tu nak kena bangun awal.

On wedding day, I woke up early and performed Subuh prayer. Everyone was busy dress up and make up to look good haha of course lah we are the tuan rumah kan. But as I expected, I just couldn't wear any make up even though I tried haha cuba pakai tapi cuci balik. My skin is quite sensitive to chemical in the cosmetic which can cause breakout. Alhamdulillah, the majlis went smoothly and a lot of people came to see our beautiful newlywed couple. 

grandparent from my mom side: atok and nekwan

dari kiri: mak teh, mak udak, mama dan pengantin

Pictures above said everything haha my fav picture is the picture with whole family in it. I love my cousins <3