Big Bad Wolf sale 2015

Monday, 14 December 2015


Alhamdulillah. At last, I could finally go to Big Bad Wolf this year (with Fatin hehe thanks bawa aku) Big Bad Wolf is actually a book sale that offer books with greatest and craziest discount from 75% to 95% heh where else can you get that much discount huh? This place is a heaven for bookworms (me!) and you will just don't want to leave that place haha. Open for 24 hours weh. Harga average RM8 and RM10 tapi ada jugak yang mahal sikit. Paling mahal pun dalam RM40++ okay. I repeat PALING MAHAL tau! 

Aku dapat grab banyak jugak lah dibandingkan dengan tahun lepas. Tahun lepas aku beli 2 buah novel je sebab 2 tu je yang berkenan dihati nak buat macam mana. Let's take a look of what I have bought just now.

notebook with wise words

the dork diaries

twilight fever never ends

this is not mine ok haha its for my little cousin!

dah lama keluar movie dah ha kalau kau malas boleh tengok movie je

rm70 for 8 books is craziest thing ever

Memang rugi siapa yang tak pergi because you can save up a lot babe! Tak rugi beli buku banyak sebab it helps to improve your grammar and vocabs. It's actually will be over at midnight today but maybe it's your rezeki kot because they extend it until 내일, 15 December at 2am. Go grabs as much books as you can!!!

내일 : nae-il (tomorrow)