2016 mission

Saturday, 26 December 2015


It's only five days left before new year and who's excited please put your hands up! Higher please. I am too. A new spirit and new wishes in a new year. Hah before that, what are you guys doin' right now? Watching tv while eating your fav potato chips on comfy sofa? Or just laying down on your bed? Or are you still on a vacation? Thats must be nice. Hm I would love to do that right now but I can't. I'll explain later. 

Okay let's talk about my wishes for 2016. I want to get my driving license before I get into any uni or college or matrik. Being able to drive will be so much fun because with that license, I can go shopping and sight seeing. Yezza lets go to FashionValet store in Bangsar Village *vroom vroom*

I also wished to get a job but Alhamdulillah I have it already. It's only 4 days I'd started working. I work at a shop that sell accesories for smartphones and tablets at Metro Kajang. I can said my workplace is the best choice I'd made. Petunjuk Allah dan pilihan mama takkan pernah silap and I'm loving my job so much. Yes, so far lah. Abang (boss) and Angah really nice to me and treat me like his adik. Mai and Putri are also nice to me hm best lah dapat kawan baru yang sebaya. For those 4 days, I have met people with a lot behaviours and different citizenships. Ada jugak jumpa orang bisu, I felt sorry for 'em that I almost cry. My workplace close at 10:00pm so, I am a bit exhausted. Depends on what day lah. Sebab tu lah tak dapat nak relax sangat kat rumah. I can finally know how my mom feel all this time. However it is such a beautiful experience for me!

Aku pun berharap to get 9A+ when the result come out on March. Insyaallah, Amin. Doakan lah kejayaan aku ek. And I wish to get into any uni or college or matrik in 2016. Belajar cepat cepat and habis pun cepat. But...I still didn't decide what course I will take. Yup, that is my major problem this month huhu. 

I also want to save money to start my own business. Of course lah fashion weh. Pompuan kan haha. Insyaallah I'll start with tudung first sebab tudung lah paling senang. Tapi modal tinggi sebab bukan nak beli borong tapi my own design, my own label. Nama for my business already have been decided and harap harap lah tak ada sesiapa ambil. Penat aku perah otak cari nama bisnes. So, wait for my business okay hihi and don't forget to give your support and buy my tudung. Eceh. 

jumaat pakai baju kurung

hari keempat with tudongcha