life update

Sunday, 13 January 2019


Hi buddies 🌻 how is your 2019? May Allah ease you to make this year a better one, insyaAllah.

As for me, Alhamdulillah, I've already started making efforts to accomplish my resolutions & I'm doing just fine, insyaAllah. Watch at least 1 islamic vid a day is done with ease Alhamdulillah may this effort makes me more and more closer to Allah. Do you still remember I wrote on my resolutions post 'Spend less on unnecessary things' however, I'm about to buy Wanna One Fancon DVD and Wanna One World Tour in Seoul DVD (heheheh) but hey! I think I should reward myself using practical allowance I received from uitm aiteee (baik angguk kepala gais) although the amount is tooooo little gais toooooo little, rm250 per month but Alhamdulillah I should be grateful tau sebab kawan kitorang (i mean, kawan aku) yang lain course tapi sama kolej, tak dapat langsung allowance hmmm sad do!!!!

So to make it short, I will buying those 2 DVDs because now, in Korea it's out of stock (hard to find kot) & still remember tak pasal my Kang Daniel lipbalm? I'm trying to get it out from Poslaju, doakan pls :((

I'm currently on 1 week semester break (ceh, baru je sampai rumah semalam 😝) & the first thing I did once I arrived home was posted few new posters I got from purchasing an album and also from dba hehe thanks a lot dear 💚

Oh yes, one of greatest thing I did was to subscribe to Aida Azlin blog and I'm so sooo happy to receive Tuesday Love Letters hehe so far I've received two & she is INDEED very inspiring woman. Her writing is always positive and I am totally in love with it 💖😭 I hope one day Nurul Aida will be as amazing as Aida Azlin (because we share the same name? hahaha) && always think positive and also spread dakwah and love to the community. If you haven't subscribe to her blog or youtube channel, make sure you okay! 😙 that's probably one of the good thing I did this year 💃🏻

See you later! 🙆🏻‍♀️


  1. I love Aida Azlin's Tuesday Love Letters as well. It feels like she spoke it straight to my heart.