cracked suppositories

Saturday, 9 December 2017


Another hectic week done! ☑

I'm sorry for keep missing in action these past 2 months. I've been wanting to post something but I could barely find time to create a new post. I'll hardly post anything for the upcoming weeks until final exam finish at the end of January 2018 (it's new year gais 🎉)

Bertam Sport Carnival: Modern in Tradition, Feed the Needy: Reach Out to Help and few other posts are still in the draft, not even half complete. I might publish them all during semester break, or maybe if I go home during study week and I get tired reading lecture notes, I'll post it then. Hahaha 😂

First of all, Alhamdulillah, the day where I've been waiting for since 5 weeks ago has finally come. I'm done with Unity Bertam Fest 🎪 I wanted to thank everyone who has been helping me out since the first week of the event until the end especially my girls and boys, not forgetting my dearest 20 juniors.

I'll do separate post special for them later on. I'll try my best huhu.

I have 2 presentations, 2 tests and 1 quiz for next week 📚 Am still working on the slides for movie review for English class. For Public Health subject, I am done with my part for Hypertension banner that my group will present next Friday. May Allah ease everything 😊

I think I failed my lab test for Solid Dosage Form subject hmm dunno, 'cause the suppositories that I made during the test aren't nice and some of them are cracked 💔 I made 2 moulds of phenolbarbiturate suppositories for 2 hours and that still not enough 💊

I didn't cry, I really didn't 💔

This is me waiting for the suppositories to harden 😂

Did you watch MAMA 2017? I did hehehehe but I only watched the performances especially Wanna One 💞, Seventeen, Samuel. I'm very proud of Samuel he did really great in Vietnam but I do hope he'll win some awards soon. My precious Seventeen, they did great, as always! I love them all oh myyyyyyyyy 😍

Have you listen to Beautiful by Wanna One?!?!?!?!? 🎶

I am addicted to it now maigod that song just very calming and I couldn't stop listening to Daniel's parts. His voice is very too really amazingly undoubtly sexy as ever 💗 Sigh, why why why they come to Malaysia when I'll be sitting for final exam duh?!?!?! I know I'm broke but still, I want the chance to meet them as one group before they'll disband next year 😭

Alright, enough with this short update! Go and check out Beautiful MV ok hihi bye bye 👋 

Ps: what do you think of my new header? Comment below ☺