things that i'm proud of in 2017

Sunday, 31 December 2017


There are so many things happened in one year and also created bunch of great memories that I'll cherish forever.


Things that I'm proud of/happy with in 2017 ;

  1. I kind of allow myself to do different things; ajk hiasan, hadiah, keusahawanan, pendaftaran and Ketua Pengarah
  2. I did well in handling money and sales & yes, I make so much money
  3. I less dependant on people err a bit lah 
  4. I went hiking 3 times this year 🌱
  5. I teached one person for UPSR 😂
  6. I pushed one person away from my life because she didn't appreciate me as a friend when I was treating her so nicely & I did not regret it at all
  7. I managed to handle the program that I held in November all by myself; things was hard, I cried and had mental breakdown but Alhamdulillah I pushed myself to the limit & the program also went smoothly
  8. I didn't really watched any new drama in semester 3 at the college hm at least 
  9. The total hours of activities that I participated in was 77 hours ✨
  10. I control myself from buying things online for 8 months weh haha feeling so proud duh
  11. I made friends with juniors hehe 
  12. Did 4 presentations quite okay and 1 microbial art that I never have done before
  13. I was in charge of managing the sophys seki every week for UBFest
  14. I started selling new flavors of ice cream at the college & I get lot of praises 'bout them oh yeah 🍨
  15. O yea, I made new medicines this year ahaa but suppositories was a failure no matter how many times I did 💊
  16. I went to Kelantan for my second cousin's wed for the first time ever
  17. I watched theatre for the first time in my entire life although the theatre was conducted by the students but it was so good and so funny I couldn't stop laughing since the beginning of the story
  18. I still go to surau for isya' berjemaah Alhamdulillah
  19. I had the best 19th birthday celebration and suprises in my whole life 🎈🍰

Also, of course there are a few things I wish I could do better in 2017 💤

Things that I regret in 2017 ;

  1. I cried a lot this year hm for so many reasons
  2. I did not focused in class; I chatted with the person sitting next to me, I also get sleepy
  3. I didn't go to usrah at college this year 📝 I regret this the most, my heart felt empty
  4. I had a-kind-of-a-small-fight-but-not-really-a-fight-just-not-talking-for-4-days-for-no-reason with my roommate err idk what to say about this but we are good now
  5. I get low carry marks but it's okay I'll try harder later
  6. I failed my lab test; I blamed suppositories 😤
  7. I get angry a lot especially to the boys sorry, I couldn't control my emotions hm my bad
  8. I still can't speak confidently, I still scared and still me
  9. I am getting lazy to help my parents with house chores 
  10. I kinda lazy to go to the library so I just went there twice
  11. I didn't listen to SHINee's songs as much as I did in 2010 and I regret that a lot especially after Jonghyun's death
  12. I couldn't have a meet-up with my old best friends; everyone is so busy they could barely have time for a hangout 👭
  13. I still couldn't go to Big Bad Wolf and I read novel less
  14. And last, I complain a lot
Thanks 2017 for an amazing year and thank you for changing and shaping me to become much better person than last year, that's for sure hehe. May my 2018 become a great year and to many memories to create, to many people to meet and also to more goals to achieve 🌠