Discovery of Modern Science of Al Quran & SOPHYS interview

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


I miss writing so much. I wanted to update about Discovery of Modern Science of Al Quran that was held 2 weeks ago, SOPHYS interviews and Bertam Sports Carnival programs on last week but there are a lot of things including assignments, paperworks and weekly booth sales that have been holding me back from doing so 😭 I have so much to tell and lot of pictures to share in here. 

Let's start from Discovery of Modern Science of Al Quran which is Nisa' and Ali Izzat's program on 27 October 2017 πŸ“† Nik and I (first time being paired together) was assigned as AJK Pendaftaran and what I did was taking all the participants' names that were sent to me through Whatsapp during the mid semester break. On 19 December, as usual lah kan if mid semester, I would woke up late around 12 noon because there's no one at home HAHAHAHA teruk gila!!!! Then when I reached out for my phone and connected it with wifi, my Whatsapp chat was flooding with messages from anonymous. I was like Eh apahal lak ni banyak orang whatsapp then when I opened one of the chat, I realized the viral words about the program has been spreaded. Aku macam Ish kenapa diorang tak ada bagitahu apa apa pun nak viralkan pasal ni? πŸ˜‘ Punya lah jenuh nak reply satu-satu chat dari siang sampai malam dan hari-hari seterusnya. The hardest day was the day of the program. I have field trip to TG Food Health Industry that morning until around 1 pm. Then I had my first meal and finished at 2 pm. I rested a little bit before solat Zohor and went to Dewan Kuliah. I have a replacement class for Pharmacotherapy subject at 3 pm that Friday and Alhamdulillah we finished early at 4 pm. Phewww πŸ˜… I went to Penolong Rektor's assistant room untuk ambil surat kebenaran kutipan sumbangan for my program. Habis tu balik bilik, solat Asar then turun kat food court untuk tolong diorang susun kerusi. Terharu gila sebab ramai yang tolong even dari kelab lain 😒 Dalam pukul 6.30 pm aku dah pergi tunggu van untuk pergi pasar malam. Tapi pakcik didn't showed up so, I called Pak Long. Masa tu dah pukul 7 pm dan still hujan lagi. Aku pergi pasar malam, ambil contact name semua peniaga yang aku nak berjual untuk program Bertam Sports Carnival dengan sepantas kilatπŸ†When I arrived at college, it's already 7.20 pm huwaaaa aku dah lah jaga pendaftaran. I am very thankful ada housemates macam Mekti dengan Eyan yang sudi ironkan jubah and tudung πŸ’– I was able to dress up beautifully thanked to them. 

The program went well, Alhamdulillah although there were a few mistakes but that's part of learning process 😊 Here, some pictures of us. I love each of them, I really do πŸ’—

I took pictures with my mentee too. I wasn't the one who asked for it though nor my mentee πŸ˜’

After the program, we discussed a little bit more in the meeting room about the first interview that would be held the next morning until 12 am. Pack gila schedule!!! Dah lah next day after interview tu ada test Pharmacotherapy πŸ“šπŸ˜· 

Alright, let's move on to the interview, shall we? 

The first interview was conducted by us, the exco(s) without our club advisor at 9 am in bilik gerakan. The total number of students that were interviewed is 45 but 3 of them couldn't come because of some personal business while one person withdraw from the interview; 3 sessions from 9 am until 4 pm oh god I was so tired duh πŸ˜ͺ I could say almost half of them said if they could, they wanted to be Exco Keusahawanan πŸ’° They must love seeing lots of money as much as I do πŸ˜›

I did enjoyed spending every second with my precious exco(s) doing interview with our dear juniors who will be taking our positions in the future insyaAllah. However, there are a few of them who give statements and opinions that I believe unpleased us all; they said they wanted to join SOPHYS because the other 2 clubs are too high and too big for them; some said they want to start learning from the bottom; some think we, SOPHYS have less works compared to the other two. Please do not belittle us. I could see fire coming out from excos' eyes and I could see mine too πŸ”₯Mungkin sebab diorang tak ada kat tempat kitorang lagi well, penat weh sumpah!!!!

We had our second interview on 3 November 2017 together with Madam Dini at bilik gerakan from 12 noon until 5 pm. Zetwe, Jiha and I joined the interview 3 hours late because we need to settle buying all the ingredients for jualan and also few stuffs to buy for Bertam Sports Carnival. I was really enjoying some of their free performances though HAHAHA cc Apiz and his additional actors. After 5 pm, I settled the jualan for Bertam Got Talent event that evening. Fuhhhh penat dia toksah cakap 😧

Those who said Exco Keusahawanan punya kerja senang dan tak banyak, you are so so so wrong 😀 Ingat senang ke keluar 2 3 kali every week, beli barang jualan, angkat barang berat, handle jualan setiap minggu and sometimes, more than twice a week dan juga buat belanjawan semua tu?! Terasa emo gila πŸ˜‘ I am very thankful for having sweet and kind Bakal Zaujah who always willing to drive me here and there and accompany me to buy ingredients for jualan every week & also to the boys who willing to spend some time every Thursday to make ice cream together πŸ’–

I am nothing without them. 

I'll save story about Bertam Sports Carnival: Modern in Tradition and some other events for another post πŸ˜‰ Till we meet again, and may I have time to write up 😊