my beautiful ketupat

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Amidst the hustle and bustle of preparing the food for tomorrow, I managed to sneak in some time to write this up. 

Okay, where should I start? 

I helped peeling bunch of red onions and garlics for 2 hours last night for rendang. My eyes and fingers were burning and I was literally crying. I hate you, onions!! 😠 How dare you make me cryyy you are not even my boyfriend =___=" 

Then, I put the cookies and kerepek in colourful tupperware to serve to the guests. One cookies into the tupperware and another one into the mouth. It is clearly my favorite part of preparing for Hari Raya.

Today, after sahur and perform Subuh prayer, I slept again. I woke up a bit late but not when the sun was right above the head. My parent went to wet market quite early in the morning, leaving my younger sister, little cousin and I alone at home to buy 4 kilogram of meat and 4 chickens. Fuhh, I was so thankful they didn't forced me to go with them. Most of the time, when I accompany them to the wet market, my father and I will just wait outside while my mother buys everything she needs. God, I'm lucky I am young and my legs are still strong to stand for hours. She takes an hour or more to settle her weekly shopping spree and both my father and I just stand there, looking at other people selling their items and some of them also waiting for their wives and mothers like us. 

I let my sister did almost everything. Ugh, she deserved it what!? She had much more energy because she's not fasting (pms thing) In the afternoon, my mother cooked her rendang daging while I helped her to look after the ketupat pulut and nasi impit. All I need to do was stirred it from time to time so that, it won't hangus at the bottom. It was blazing hot outside, so I dragged a small fan and switched it on. Due to boredom, my cousin and I watched 'Goblin' on my laptop. It was like killing two birds with one stone, huh? 😉 I am so bijak!

My baby ketupat look really beautiful. They must be taking after me 😛

I fold the clothes after that. 

Around 4 pm, I went to my cousin's house next door since the whole family were going to their kampung in Johor. I spent one hour and a half chatting and watching them packing their clothes. I used to stay there for hours, well, their house was my house back then. We used to play house, ting ting, run races, baseball, football, badminton and climb trees to pick some rambutan. Now, all of us have grown up. So nostalgic! I can't believe in another few days, one of them who is 1 year older than me are getting married. I feel so old 😑 And I am so so soooooooo excited!!! 

At night, which is just now, I played bunga api and pop pop with my other cousins. Not as fun as we celebrate Raya in Sarawak. I have a lot of cousins there and the house will be so noise. Ah, that's makes me feel very grateful to have such beautiful big family that I can laugh out loud, and do crazy things freely without care about what people think.

Okay, I am sleepy. I better put on face mask  before bed to look pretty for Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya everyone. Forgive all my wrongdoings. May Allah bless us and our families, Amin. Have a wonderful Eidulfitri  🎊🎊