my babysitter since I was a baby

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


I was planning to lay on the couch with both legs open wearing my loose tee paired with dark blue pant and watch special Raya program on this day 2 of Syawal.

But then, after Zohor.....


You know I am lazy to go out when I wear this crumple shawl

I was at my babysitter's house in Sungai Ramal Dalam donning grey Arabian shawl matched with red baju kurung. The last time I met Wan and Atok was during last year Hari Raya. My family and I stayed for almost 1 hour, talking about life and how their business doing these days. I am thankful to Allah for giving them good health especially when they are at their old ages.

As I was observing and staring at their faces, seeing their wrinkles, eye bags and beard, I could not deny how grateful I am and how I miss to be under their cares. They took care of me since I was a baby until I was in standard 5 before I start staying at home alone after school ends. I stayed at their place from early in the morning until late evening on weekdays and sometimes, I still there at night. I also slept at their house for a few times. I met and befriended with Wan and Atok's grandchildren playing with them all day long. I was the oldest among other kids so, whatever I did, they followed.

Typing this, reminds me of the good and bad old days at my second home. Believe it or not, I used to be a really naughty kid they barely could controlled me. They were strict to each of the kids they babysitted in a good way, especially when it comes to Islam. I often get scolded because I was lazy to perform solat.

They make nasi lemak and roti canai for business. They also sold fried mee and few kind of kuih such as karipap, seri muka and talam. I helped them to pack nasi lemak and follow Maman to send it to Petronas.

I had my first makan dalam talam at their house.

They brought me to Bagan Lalang and I caught small crabs with my hands.

I went to the pool for swimming from time to time with Kak Ita. Err obviously, I swam at the kids' pool 😂

I went to museum in Kuala Lumpur with Wan and Atok and got a scar above my right ankle when I was off the motorcyle.

They are a lot of great things I experienced myself when I was babysitted by them.

But the best thing was they gave their precious love to me, as if I was their own daughter. Alhamdulillah, I am growing up to be a fine lady thanks to their cares.

Love your parent and whoever that had been taking care and loving you. They are the greatest gift temporarily given by Allah so, appreciate them.