driving I

Monday, 12 June 2017


Hi guys, I'm still in the process of learning car driving and nah, I don't think I can get my license before Eid. Last two weeks, I learnt how to drive at selekoh and how to park the car. I did well. At least my teacher complimented me. And this morning, I practice it again. I thought I'll do well but Aigoo, I keep making mistakes.

Practice after practice, I did well on my own. Okay, I should have give myself a pat on the shoulder. It wasn't easy, duuh.

Then, I drove on the road. I was extremely happy and scared at the exact time. I wasn't sure either to smile or not so, I did both. I look funny 😌 but still, I'm fab 💆

Nah, take it, this is my bare face! (Almost, I only put on bedak Johnson and a bit of lip tint) Yes, those pimple scars on both cheeks are from the past 2 months breakout

I'm tired from waiting for my turns and haus also. Teacher, hurry pls I'm fasting, when is my turn?! 😑

I always hyper after driving lesson and will tell my parents and sister how the lesson goes. My father never believed me in almost everything. Everytime I tell him I can't wait to drive on the road with my P license, he'll be like

"Aish, belum boleh lagi. Ingat jalan raya sekarang ni macam dulu ke. Silap hari bulan, boleh accident"

I know what he says is true. But the thing is that, isn't he suppose to encourage me? 😞

That was when I remembered about my Kerja Kayu project when I was in Form 2. It was suppose to be done individually but, my hasil kerja was done by many people. I wasn't lazy, okay!? It was just I need some helps from those around me. My best friend, Raudha gave me a hand to cut the wood because I was scared of the mesin gergaji. I cut the wood too, a little bit. After cutting, it's the time to nail it. My now and then guy best friend, Ammar helped me. At one point, I knocked his nail with hammer. It was a funny accident. I couldn't forget that moment and I believed, him too. At home, with the color sprays I bought, I wanted to spray the kayu on my own. But my never-believe-your-daughter father took the spray and did it all. I was pretty mad at him because that's my project and I wanted to do it myself 😬 He told me, I didn't know how to do it in the right way lah and I would messed up everything. Okay, whatever.

Masa macam ni lah I miss my high school friends including my guy best friends, Ammar and Aiman. They were one of my best friends ever. They helped and encouraged me so much back then. I helped them too, including did their homeworks. Ammar moved to another school in Egypt in September 2012. Alhamdulillah dah selesai hafal 30 juz Al quran. Although we were miles apart but we are still close until now. Thanks to Whatsapp. He's currently studying for fast-track SPM sebab dulu kan dia duduk Mesir. Aiman pulak went to boarding school in 2014 and I was a bit upset because he didn't tell me about moving. I knew the news after I asked his girl friend why he didn't come to school for days. I thought we were best friend? 😢 I didn't save his phone number and he changed his. He lost my number and we couldn't keep in touch with each other and I haven't heard anything from him until the beginning of this year through Instagram. But at the end of March, I deleted my instagram account and I forgot to ask his current phone number. So, we lose contact again.

oh God! Why do I have friends like this? 
They are probably forget about the pictures ahah, that was taken on Thursday in the class in 2012, when we were in Form 2. They were childish back then, now they must be more mature, I guess.

I hope one day, I could meet them and all my high school friends again.

And I also wish my father will have some faith in me someday 😊