week 1 sem 2

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Times are getting by sooooo fast that it almost the end of week 1 in semester 2 already. So technically, I have another 13 weeks to go to finish this semester. Well, my week 1 is great!!!!!!! It is because there's no tutorial class and lab class this week which means I have more free time. My wednesday class this week started at 11 am while my class today started at 12 noon omaigod what is more amazing than that??! 😃 Masa sem 1 dulu everyday class started at 8 am. Even this semester pun actually, cuma lab session will start at week 5 (if I'm not mistaken) so I am gonna enjoy the leisure time that I have right now.

ELC151 class which is the english class today is really fun! We were asked to be a promoter to promote any things that we have at that time. Honestly, I'm a person who get nervous easily especially when I have to talk infront of many people. I don't like to talk much. I also don't like to be at places that have a lot of people. So, my hands and body are shaking so bad when I heard the task that were given to us this afternoon. I'd teamed up with Izzati and we promoted our so-called Smart Magic Umbrella. Alhamdulillah I'd survived 😅 I'm glad and really proud of myself being able to stand infront, look at them in the eyes and speak smoothly without gagap. Bersyukur sangat sangat. My performance was okay. However, my classmates did so much better and came out with really great and creative ideas. Well, I'm not a creative person afterall. Everyone were giggling and laughing at each other's performances. I'm happy to have the same classmates this sem and I hope that we will stay together until we finished our diploma with certificate in our hands, insyaAllah. 

That's all 👋 

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