get free Vsco filters for Android

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


This is absolutely a rare post from me. Because all this time, I only write about the daily things happen in everyday life (this is my diary). I'd never do any sharing such tutorial or things related to blog editing before. But nah, I'll break that record now.

I'm personally one of those people who loves photography. Although I am not a pro, but who cares? As long as I enjoy myself clicking on the shutter and the pictures I take turn out amazing, I'm good 😊 Everyone found editing apps are important that help to make the photos even better by adding some lighting and filters before uploading them into social medias. I do that as well. The one and only editing app I have in my phone is Vsco. I love the filters so much especially Hb1. However, there are only several filters that are given for free while the rest require money.

I wasn't bother to get all the filters for free because I was satisfied enough with the filters that I had. But, a few days ago, I scrolled down on Instagram and I saw a caption saying there is a way to get Vsco filters for free. My eyes opened widely as I read on word 'FREE' 😂 Later, I found myself on a website after clicking on the link given. Unfortunately, the process is troublesome =___="

Then I started google down on getting free filters and yes, I found the easiest method. I tried and walla it worked!!!! I have all Vsco filters right now yeheee

Let's do it now, guys!

1. Uninstall the current Vsco app you have on your phone.

2. Hit on this link and you will be directed to the dowload page. All you have to do is click download.

3. A download page would appear and you have to wait until it reaches 100%

Click on the VSCO Cam updated then wait until the download process finish
4. Then this will appear and you have to install

5. When this thing come out, don't get panic! All you need to do is go to the Settings and allow the Unknown Sources

6. Jajangggggg!!! You will find that all the filters in your Vsco application 😁😁

See, all dowloaded 😎

Have fun editing your pictures with all the new filters you never had in Vsco app 💖 Comment if it's works for you, thank you!