10 favourite cardio workout channels on Youtube

Saturday, 29 July 2017


Around 3 months ago, when I returned home after final exam, I was very excited to use my treadmill again to sweat and lose weights. However, when I pushed the Start button, it didn't working. The last time I used it, it was working perfectly. I am so mad at whoever that broke my Ms. T 😠 By that, it means I had to find other ways to exercise. Ever since I stay in hostel, my passion for Zumba grew even bigger each day. Therefore, I know bunch of channels on Youtube with great moves. I'll just share it in case anyone needs it.

I will start with youtube channels that have Kpop dance workout first (because they're my favourites)

1. Kkardio Dance

Honestly, this is the best Kpop dance workout channel everrr!! I've been following them since the Blood Sweat Tears's video until forever. Their outfit, energy and choreos are always on point. I love how the key point of Kpop dances are also included in their workout choreography 👍👍 I love how they make the dance workout really look and feel like I'm dancing to the songs instead of workout. Get it? I hope they do a video for KARD Hola Hola because that song has been in replay for days.

2. yojoo Lee

As for this channel, it's not 💯% Kpop dance workout. There are also some English, Spanish songs. Tapi best sebab dia pun selalu buat moves ikut the real dance choreography. So, bila kita zumba tu rasa macam feeling feeling pandai menari Kpop HAHAHAHA padahal tak 🐙 Her facial expression pun on point. I love the Bang Bang zumba video the most!!

3. sarahkaypop

Ahhhh suka sangat channel ni jugak sebab she makes almost all the latest Kpop songs. Dia selalu buat ikut highlight dance which is apa yang aku selalu cari dalam Kpop dance workout videos. The reasons why I don't really use her videos in my workout routine are the moves a bit slow, in other words they really look like workout moves instead of dance dan outfit yang not really on point compared to Kkardio Dance. Tapi aku faham lah sebab dia pun student and she only do that for fun 😉 I love her Red Velvet's Red Flavor video the most <3 I LOVE YOU SARAH IF YOU READ THIS!!


Hm this one okay lah. Not really loving it. Channel ni ada buat videos for free and also paid videos. Kalau yang paid tu choreography best gila than the free ones yang moves memang repeated je all the times. Bosan. Sangat. Uh please. In my opinion, sarahkaypop is much better than this channel. But, I still subscribe to their channel hm because why not? Maybe they'll improved themselves?!

5. fittoakay

Beautiful dancer and outfits. Suka tempat dia record all the videos sebab cantik 😂 Tapi tak suka sebab dia hmm how to explain ek 🤔 Contohnya dia buat lunges kaki kanan then untuk kaki kiri tu dia mirrored kan je dari yang kanan. Faham tak? Check it yourself. Rasa macam takde feel nak zumba kalau macam gitu. I will be happy if she improves it for other videos.


Yezz one of my favourite 😍 They have more English songs for zumba jadi kalau siapa yang tak minat Kpop tu boleh layan yang ni lah. What I love about them is their energy in all their videos. Lepastu, diorang zumba sambil senyum. Jadi bila tengok tu rasa macam fun sebab they really enjoy doing it. Tapi tak faham how they can smile all the time like duh, I was panting and sweating like crazy but they?! still looking good 😑

7. Saskia's Dansschool

This channel is Sarah's favourite. Aku layan je sebab banyak zumba moves yang rancak. Tapi the only thing yang aku tak minat adalah sebab banyak gelek. I really hate those kind of thing. Rasa macam euwww aku bukan feminine sangat pun nak gelek begai 😒 Lepastu kalau nak kena buat Zumba kat public macam tak appropriate sangat lah. My opinion.

8. FitDance Life

Hah yang ni pun aku minat 😀 Lagu best, choreo pun best. Tapi ada juga movement yang macam susah sikit. Tapi kalau buat selalu takdehal kot. FitDance Life Channel hanya ada lagu Spanish dengan English sahaja. No Kpop 😩

9. Carolina Brearley

If anyone is searching for Zumba that makes you drenched in sweat, this is it 💦 No word to describe other than AMAZING 😍

10. ZUMBA RedStudio

Haha yang ni aku baru je subscribe. It's all because the dance are good!

Let's work on losing weights and maintain it. Have a wonderful day with Zumba 💖