i became a tutor

Thursday, 13 July 2017


Yes, you read the title right. People, please don't laugh! 

I'll be tutoring a neighbor's daughter who will be sitting for UPSR in 2 months from now starting from this Monday. I will be a little occupied at night. I'm not sure if that a good or bad thing. However, I'm certain about one thing. I'll be missing my current favourite dramas, Fight For My Way and Suspicious Partner 😭 

To be honest, I feel so funny right now. Man, how did I suddenly become a tutor?! I never teach anyone before, not even to my sister. I found talking, interacting and socializing are things that are difficult to do. Therefore, I rarely talk (except to my parent and sister). I've a hard time at university because of lacking in communication skill. Meeting new people with new environment. But, get accepted into a club in uni, does helps me when it comes to interact with other people. At least I feel less awkward. I get new experiences in handling events as well.

On Monday, we did Bahasa Melayu exam questions. At the essay question, I thank myself for having a blog and write. At least, I've ideas for the essays. The next day, we did Mathematic, the subject that I like the most in primary school. I enjoy tutoring her Math because it's fun yezzzzz 😀 English for yesterday and her struggles with that subject reminds me of myself in the past. I could barely write an essay. To write a sentence in English also was difficult for me. I know the girl I'm tutoring is also facing the same situation as I was. That's makes me want to help her even more. Tonight, we'll do Science questions. Ah, this not gonna be easy because I learnt Science and all the terms in English, but she learn it in Malay. And what makes me even more nervous is I always hate Science in primary school, high school and even now HAHAHAHA why on earth do I chose Pharmacy in uni!? 😂 Since I hate it so much, I don't know how to tutor her tonight.

I saw what you did HAHAHA I did the same thing at every exam papers 😛

Studying all these subjects with Anies reminds me of the times when Farid, Faris and I study group together for the exam. Mostly, only Farid and I study every night together because Faris is not really into studying. Punya gigih setiap malam jalan kaki pergi rumah dia. Penat wooo. Acah jauh je haha padahal sebelah rumah je betul betul berapa langkah je. Lepas isya' terus bawa buku dengan pencil box nak study sama sama. Farid was always good in Math, he even get higher marks than I.

Thank you Allah for this new opportunity. At least, I know if I'm couldn't be a pharmacist in the future, there are a lot of other things that I can do out there.