59 pre-merdeka at UiTM

Saturday, 27 August 2016


It's 4 days more before Malaysians celebrate our 59th Malaysia Independent Day! Rasa excited, happy dan bangga bila dapat participate dalam events yang dianjurkan oleh pihak UiTM Cawangan Pulau Pinang untuk Sambutan Hari Kebangsaan kali ni. 

New experience in a new year at a new place gitu. 


26 August 2016
Perbarisan Merdeka;

Bakal pharmacists anda; we are here to serve you with love HAHAHAHA

New love, Sophys!

27 August 2016
Jalur Fest;

Got 4th place in Larian Kibaran Merdeka 7 km run! 


Again, I got 4th place. But, better this time since this run are 2 km further than Run For Charity. Aiming for the gold medal the next run. InsyaAllah, will make it comes true. I'm gonna work for it!