uni life

Friday, 10 June 2016


Ok class has started on Monday this week. I thought uni life and school life are pretty much the same. But it is not. The learning process in uni life's really fast. Writes our own notes based on what the lecturers have given, tries to understand and do revision whenever we have times (which is rarely bcos class finished at 4 or 5 and sometimes 7pm), completes all the assignments (coming soon haha), need to score for 4 flat every sem in order to get CGPA 3.75 and above so that I can continue my degree in pharmaceutical) walks back and forth from hostel to classes and needs to take kor (curriculum) and excel in the test. 

Never thought uni life is this hard. I always think uni life is fun, laughing here and there without worrying about studies, go for a study groups, join clubs and do lots of stuff with unimates. I have that kind of thinking because that's what I see at dramas and movies most of the time (liar!) I wonder how uni students coop with all of this stuff, y'know study, kor, assignments, classes to attend and they are still happy? Pelik. Itu je aku mampu cakap. Tapi so far all the lecturers are okay, not so strict and fun. 

Although I said uni life is hectic, boring and tense, but at Kolej Al-Zahrawi (my hostel) I feel some kind of peace. Esp when I get into my house (yup we get house not dorm), be able to talk with my funny and sporting housemates make me feel good. There are 8 of us in that house and during iftaar, seronok teramat sebab masing masing buka cerita about what happen in classes and etc. Aina and Hidayah are the funniest. Nora jenis yang mudah terhibur so, she laughs a lot. Quite. A lot. Sarah's really a good talkers and acts really well. Dia boleh lakonkan balik macam mana lecturer atau anyone yang dia rasa nak cerita, in a funny way. Ain hm kadang kadang cakap jugak tapi not that much tho. Shahira, Fatin jenis pendiam haha sama macam aku! Geng sarawak kateko ewah 😂 But we know when to make a conversation and interupts when the others talked. Memang satu kepala lah satu rumah. I am grateful for that. Really grateful. Alhamdulillah. Tapi Fatin (sometimes we called her abel) going to IPG (Institut Perguruan) this Saturday. Huwaaa we are gonna lose a sistur!!!!! 😭 

All of us took pics before class started everyday and sent it to our whatsapp group! 😂

After got a B+ for add maths in SPM, I do feel a bit trauma or some kind of feel afraid to do add maths work. But this is the challenges that I need to take. Something that I need to face. For diploma pharmacy students, we need to take precalculus and calculus subject = add maths + math for 6 semester. Hahaa. How lucky I am? 😂 Tapi dengan azam yang baru, aku akan usaha lebih untuk dapat anugerah dekan for every semester and anugerah naib canselor (pls reminds me this whenever I am not in study mode or feel lazy or feel unmotivated ok 👌) 

Ps: I have bought train ticket for cuti raya already hoyeahhhhh!!!! So excited can't wait to go home, another 20 days to go 🔜