parents day

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Today is 8 May 2016 which is Mothers' Day and tomorrow is actually my father's birthday so I want to dedicate this post for them hihi.

To both of my lovely parent Kapli and Jama'iah 💖💖💖, thank you for everything you have done for more than 18 years. All I could say is thank you and Alhamdulillah for having mama and abah in my life because without you, I wouldn't become who I am today. Both of you are the greatest gift from Allah to help me to become a better person and more importantly, His better servant. I knew and realized how bad and rude I was to mama and abah when I was in form 1 to form 3, maybe because of changing of hormone and puberty, I guess. I am trully sorry for the bad words and actions I did before. As I entered form 4, Alhamdulillah I received hidayah from Allah and changed my behaviours and personalities to become a better one. I tried my best to listen to every single words both of you told me without any complains and sighs. It was really hard at first but after a while, it's a bit easier. I am still trying my best to be the best daughter of yours even if you can't really see my efforts. But I am trying. I really do. 

Mama and abah are really precious to me but I'd never realized how important and grateful I am to have both of you until someone that I just met told me and make me see my parent in another perspective. He told me a lot about how grateful we are to still having parents and how hard parents are to raise us up until now. Also, he told me how thankful he is to Allah to have his parent and little brother, how much they means to him and how important to spend our times with our family. Honestly, I feel really bad for my family members. I think I didn't really do anything for them. I don't really treat them nicely. Maybe I do but sometimes. Those words from that friend of mine really changed me. I am trying to treat my parent and lil sister nicely and spending time with them. Eventho we have such limited time at home because of work and school, but I tried all my best to have a bit of family time at night and in my day off from work. 

Actually, it is not that hard to do. And because of that, I took a day off today to spend this special day with abah, mama and adik! 

Mama 💞, thank you for giving birth to me, raising me well with love and give anything I needs and wants. To be honest, I study well for you. I know I can make you proud and happy when I get good results in exams so I try to push myself to study real hard. I do anything for you even if I don't really like science and anything related to it but since you want to see me become a pharmacist, I will do it. You told me becoming a pharmacist will guarantee my future and etc and I will believe that because I know mother's choice is always the best 👍 Thank you for every drops of breast milk you feed me when I was a cute baby and I will always pray to Allah to place you in jannah. I hope you have a long life so that you can see me graduate from university, become a pharmacist, have my own business, get married to a man who will treat me like a princess, have 8 or 9 childrens so that you can play with them and won't feel lonely hehehehe thanks for supporting and encouraging your beautiful first daughter in anything she do!!!!! You never missed to wish me luck when I have exams and competitions and thank you so much for your never ending support. Thank you for being my #1 bestfriend who always listen to me. Even if the things that I tell you quite ridiculous sometimes. I promise I will buy you a big house, your dream car, fab handbags and clothes and jewelleries when I become rich and have a lot of money! 💰 That's my promise to you, mama aka my #1 bestfriend!

Abah 👪, you are turning 51 years old this year. You are getting older year by year but why are you still look the same like when I was in primary school. You didn't really aged haha. I think that's a good thing. Thanks for raising me up from a cute baby to selekeh girl to a very beautiful young lady kikikiki 😝 You are the first person who taught me how to cook rice and measure the water correctly and I did really well since then. Since I entered high school, you have to always wake up earlier than you always did to send me to school. I know it was really tiring but you never complain, and I thank you for that. Sometimes you have to ride the motorcycle with a full speed when it was about to rain. And I feel sorry that you was soaking wet from rain when you came home. Thanks to your hardwork and patience, I got 1A+ 4A 2A- and 2B+ in spm. I wanted to give you 9As but what could I do, Allah has a better plan for me with that 7A hihi. I just hope you proud with my spm result because I had study really hard to get those As. Abah, although you nag 1000x more than mama haha but I know its for my own good. But, I get so annoyed when you nag even it's not my fault. IT IS OK! Even though you don't really care what happen to me at school or outdoor, I'm glad when you tried to. I didn't say this to you before but thank you for saving my legs from being bitten by a wild dog. Allahu, that was one of the scariest moment in my life. I really thought that dog bite my legs, but fortunately you, abah saved me. At that moment, I feel really safe around you. I was grateful to have you. Abah is my lifesaver who helps me when I am in danger. Even though you didn't received much education and graduate from university, to me you are already succeed in life. Working as a lorry driver isn't easy and I know that. You have done alot for our little family, collect aluminium tins and nails to be sell and more. You have helped neighbours and people in your own way. I will always pray you become a better servant of Allah and lead our family to jannah. I can see you have changed to become a better dad by wishing me goodluck when I have exams and wishing for my birthday haha I am thankful for that because you never did before 💓

I am trully happy to have both of my parent who give me lots of love and treat me nicely especially when I get good grades. Haha. I promise to become a good daughter and graduate from university and receive more awards in life. Haha yup mama always tell me to finish studies first before get married hahahahaha you are so worries that I will get marry early. I won't insyaAllah I will let adik get married first before I do kikikiki happy mothers' day and happy advanced birthday abah!!!!! 🎉🎂🎁🎈 lots of love from your grown up daughter 👧