diary of internship | week 4: done with CDR

Saturday, 8 September 2018


Tak sangka dah masuk sebulan intern and it's my last week of training in cytotoxic drug reconstitution/oncology pharm already :( i never thought i'll feel sad to leave this department haih aku ni senang sangat attached to something/someone. Bahaya. Tak pelik lah sebabnya all pharmacists and prp(s) kat sana semua baik belaka & funny too ㅋㅋ 

Minggu ni, i am quite busy actually sebab i need to finish final year project proposal that were given to us a week ago. Like serious lah duh. Luckily, we found someone who is willing to help us last friday. Heheh thank you Sir Amin & Sir Rayme! 🌱 serabut jugak la sebab cam pagi sampai petang menghadap kerja kat hospital pastu balik nak kena masak untuk housemates (when it's your turn to cook) and malam lak kena hadap proposal yang entah bila nak siap. Tapi ini lah masanya kau akan merasa betapa penatnya seorang ibu yang ada komitmen lain selain jadi suri rumah sepenuh masa. 

Thank you mama! 😿

Ha okk minggu ke-3 at CDR was good tho, i become better in handling things there. Had lots of fun and i was in charge to train other trainees as well. Because i was scolded last Friday, i was scared to see Mr Beh (he's nice actually) & decided to not go into the prep room on Monday. Instead, i let the other two trainees to go inside. i just sat outside looking at them, gave instruction using signal language (haha). Idk but he was being so nice (more than usual) to me & we talked about kpop a lot. Ever since then, we listened to kpop songs together, talked about groups that we stanned atm, talked about concerts, he took my phone and put on higher volume 🎵 that the whole office can heard (oh gosh), looked up iKON's vids on my youtube. & whenever i caught him listen to kpop, i asked him to turned his phone so that i watch it too. 

Oh myyyyy finally i have someone that i can relate to - cam weyyyy ada geng nak borak pasal kpop, gaduh pasal bias memasing. This is fun tho. Really really fun! ☺ Ps: i know that he actually know Hangul on the first day because he can read what i wrote, but never actually know that he's into kpop stuffs. 

Sir Kar Seng's like the nicest person i've ever met. Never ever get angry. Always cool with anything. No rush. No scolding. Just calm & cool. Miss Choi Ling pun baik gilssssss she knows my name!!!!! (menangis terharu) i helped her with easy tasks, nak tolong lebih-lebih tak dapat sebab i am lacking in so many ways. Still have a lot to learn. I think she kinda get attached to me (maybe!?) because for the whole week she keeps saying that i should stay there longer. Well, i wish i could. Because of these two people (other than mentioned above), Miss Lee and Sir Sol, this department feels like home. I like Miss Lee because she's very pretty, friendly and smart (her grade is sooooooo high duh). As for Sir Sol, he's from uitm too. Haha obviously not from diploma sebab he's already a pegawai farmasi at age of 25. To me, he's a genius. Real one. He's working at TDM (same office) but just recently, transferred to CDR. He has some kind of attraction whenever he say smth. 

i also took part in decorating our units. i think i'm pretty good (except for drawing) i'm sucks. i gave my all for the whole day for that thing & the outcome is okay. 

Pretty cool, huh

Oh yes, our supervisor dah 3 kali  tumpangkan kitorang naik kete wiwuwiwu terharu :") i couldn't be more grateful 💛 he's the best supervisor/uitm alumni/pharmacist ever ;b 

And one more thing about this week, i've finally know what i want to be in the future. I've made up my mind; i want to be a pharmacist. i love how drugs worked, how CDR pharmacists sacrifice their own safety to reconstituted drugs for patients' well-being and how cool drug names are.

Isn't it cool to have an ambition (?) yay for me, i guess. 

Let's take around at the prep room, shall we

@ CSSU untuk inden items yang sterile; trays, forcep, gauze etc

CDR; checked ✅