after 8 weeks

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


After days of spending time at home, real home, I am on my way back to bumi bertam 🌎 so sad but yes, I cannot stay home much longer because there are too many things to settle; programs, tutorial sheets, lab prescriptions etc 😥

I am happy my mom gave her permission to go home last weekend because these past few weeks had been so hard & tiring. Sophys isn't getting along so well this semester, we had big fights & not to forget, flooding tears oh myyy 😣 Also, there are quite a lot of death news these days starting from arwah mak Aisyah, arwah nenek Fizah & few days ago, arwah nenek Asip 😔

Then, these 'what ifs' questions start to pop up.

I am glad I can go home, because to wait for week 12 isn't easy & it's just way too long meh. How could I wait?!?!

There are some few things I did at home, besides from cooking hahah
✅ finish & submit assignment phd221
✅ cari baju dinner
✅ watch some kshows
✅ jalan jalan kat ioi city mall & of course had kalguksu udon & kimbap for late lunch
✅ makan masakan mama tanpa henti
✅ beli hadiah birthday abah
✅ lipat baju (my daily routine at home 😂)
✅ do some notes on phd223

I am getting better at eating kimchi ~

The train I am currently in departed from KL Sentral at 9 in the morning and yes, still got an hour to arrive in Penang so just let me enjoy first. I cried a bit masa nak kena berpisah ha yelah engko aku memang kerja nya nangis je sejak dari dulu tak berubah. Pening kepala bila tah nak jadi kuat.

See you again in 4 weeks dear Selangor! 💞