semester 2 break

Friday, 14 April 2017


I've finished sitting for my last paper, Pharmacology this morning. That's the end of my semester 2 and I won't be seeing kolej for 5 months. Feeling sad to leave uni friends but I am excited to go to the place where I can called home. I'll surely have plenty of leisure time at home hm not really that much time if I start working 😒 I do remember how tired I was, standing on my feet for 12 hours from 10 am until 10 pm. Then, I exercised a bit & took a shower & sometimes watched korean shows, well most of the time I fall aslept in front of the tv. That's when I started to amaze how Mama can play her role as a housewife and also works at the same time. Lepas tu terus dah tak complain kalau Mama masak benda simple je lepas balik kerja kuikui. I rarely sleep in my room because I was too tired to walk lol pemalas 😝 My mom keep on telling me to take driving license eeeeeee I don't want ㅠㅠ too scared!

Okay, I have lots of things that I want to do during my 5 months semester break and I'll list it one by one 😉

1. Re-decorate my room. I want a tumblr room & gym kinda room uhuuu with white-painted walls, fairy lights, the 'grid' thing where people put pictures on it, board, bts pillow HAHAHA basketball net, yoga mat and mirrors for zumba and kpop dance practice

bilik aku sekarang
2. Find a job. A compulsory thing to do because I need money. Because without it, I can't buy things such as novels 😭, beauty products, tudungs & last but not least FOOD (tteokbokki)

3. Food hunting. I always want to go to Myeongdong Topokki & Mr. Dalkgalbi because they serve a really good and savory Korean food including my all-time favourite mukbang, tteokbokki 💖💖

4. Start my 15kgs-weightloss-journey hmm sound so difficult and almost impossible but well, lets see if I can show the world how I can transform to my 15 years old shape 🙆 Eat clean, zumba, cheat meals, dance practice anddddddd more workout! I am going to start eating rice again, starting from tomorrow, 15th April 2017 after exactly 5 months of blood, sweat and tears of refusing to eat rice since 15th November 2016 kah kah yezza tempoyak Atuk kirim dari Sarawak menanti di rumah 😄😄 dah warning siap siap kat adik jangan habiskan kalau tak memang kena lah dia 👊

5. Finish all the novels that I bought at Big Bad Wolf sales last year. And buy new Diary of A Wimpy Kid series. Obviously, I am a Diary of A Wimpy Kid's fan since I was in secondary school, I have all the series exclude the first one because I had read it at school library.

6. Khatam semua Korean dramas 😘 Including Strong Woman Dok Bok Soon, Tomorrow with You, Defendant, Missing Nine, Goblin and Voice 🎬 && horror movies that I took from my friends' pendrives. I'm gonna have a wonderful semester break this wey cuti 5 bulan kot!?? Sama macam cuti after spm tunggu result and masuk universiti!!!!

7. Ok yang part nak dekat last kena baik sikit HAHAHAHA no 7, aku nak terus istiqamah pergi surau / masjid setiap solat isya' 😔 Alhamdulillah, untuk sem 2 ni lengkap aku pergi surau setiap isya' kecuali kalau pms & ada hal sophys & pergi keluar and balik after isya'. Kalau sampai rumah ni, selalunya banyak gangguan 👻👻 jadi iman kena kebalkan sikit 😢 kalau start kerja lagi payah nak dapat peluang pergi surau but when I get chance to, insyaAllah aku cubaa.

8. Solat dhuha. Aku rasa aku paling baik masa form 4 duuh solat dhuha tak pernah tinggal sebab kawan selalu ajak turun surau masa waktu rehat dan jadi terbiasa. Tapi lama kelamaan, makin malas. Syaiton makin menghantui diri Astaghfirullah teruk betoi 😣 Jadi untuk 5 bulan ni, insyaAllah cuba praktikkan balik solat dhuha tuuu doakan lah yer

9. Masak. I'm bad at cooking. 

10. Update blog from time to time.

Ok done 😂 Have a great semester break gais! Take care, see ya lagi 5 bulan tehee 


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