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Monday, 23 November 2015


I can't believe it's only 1 month left before year of 2016 heh time do flies soooo fast like a bullet train! 

Do you know how important a planner in your life especially new year? Planning your schedule and activites well might contribute to your success tau. Unfortunately, some planners out there are not attractive enough for you to buy and if there are good planners, it cost an arm and leg huhu tak semua mampu dan mahu keluarkan duit semata-mata for a planner betul kan. So, if you are searching for a good-attractive-affordable planners, Giganto Creative Studio are selling everyday planner with 4 great themes with amazing prices. 

Everyday planner have 4 themes; academic, business, fitness junkie and monthly. Really systematic and pratical for daily use. And also it comes with colours and patterns that won't make it looks dull-and-boring typical planner. 

Here's the patterns and colours that you can choose for your 2016 planner : 

Here is the themes that you can choose :

RM 29.00
RM 20.00
RM 28.00
RM 24.00

So, what are you waiting for? Better make it yours right now or you might regret later. Planning in a better way for your own success with Everyday Planner by Giganto Creative Studio!! 

For more information and to place your order:

Contact: 0172397670 

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