upgrading in 2015

Friday, 31 July 2015


I always wanted to be good at playing music instruments. Because I think I will look cool when playing those things. Fingers moving on the piano keys with a fast speed like a youtuber who make piano covers, Reynah. I do think she's talented. Well, obviously.

But no matter how much I want to play them, I can't afford a keyboard nor a guitar. So, the only thing that I can play for free is gamelan because we have it at school. I can tell some of you don't even know what gamelan is. It is a traditional music instrument that is originated from Indonesia. It is actually a set of several instruments. Ada bonang, bonang penerus, family saron (demong, baron, peking), gambang, kenong, gong dan gendang. Still don't know and curious about all this things? This is the best time for you to use your googling and youtubing skills. Haha. 

Mula berkecimpung dalam muzik gamelan pada akhir 2013, after pmr ended. Bermula dengan bermain saron peking yang kecil tapi mempunyai bunyi yang sangat nyaring, I have been given a new task to play bonang penerus at the beginning of 2015. And for tomorrow on Hari Koko, I got a gold opportunity to play bonang which is the main instrument in gamelan. Since the first time I get involved in gamelan, I wanted to play this thing but don't have enough confidence to show my skills in front of thousands students. But now, I am ready to show it to the others.

our team, Game-Gamelan

So, I am really excited for tomorrow event. May Allah ease our plans and may everything went smoothly for us.We will be playing 2 borneo songs, Jambatan Tamparuli and Gunung Kinabalu, Anak Kampung and CLD with the presence of drum! It is going to be great. See you next time!