for the first time

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Its been awhile since the last time I am into this kind of stuff. I missed it quite alot to be truth. Tahun 2011 boleh dikatakan zaman kegemilangan blogger lah. 

So, the first post for this comeback is about my friends. Best friends. Who doesn't have ones? I am sure everyone have at least a friend that you can trust and share all your problems with kan? Tak kisah lah walaupun primary school friends. It is still counts as friend. And I am really thankful to Allah for meeting me with my best friends with beautiful personalities and good akhlak. 

As a spm candidate, this year is full of challenge and hardship (this is what happen when you not do revision much more earlier) It's like riding on a rollercoaster indeed! Semua orang sangat busy with their studies and have no time to have fun (including my best friends) Because of that, my best friends and I didn't meet during March holidays and June holidays. Well, I do understand them as all of us are going to sit for a big and important exam. Tapi sedih sebab rindu nak borak and kongsi apa yang jadi di sekolah (I always fail when it comes to share about what happen in my school because I don't really have anything great to share) 

But, this year I got to spend a day during Ramadan to berbuka puasa with them. For the first time in 6 years of our friendship. Walaupun tak semua tapi lain kali insyaAllah kita dapat berbuka puasa semua sekali. Fatin has planned to iftar at Noodle Boat station but for some reasons which I don't know why, we changed the place to Alamanda.

We wanted to berbuka puasa at Thai restaurant but it's so expensive. Plus, we are just a secondary school students who still ask pocket-money from our parents. So, don't expect us to go to expensive place to eat. Then, we decided to go to The Manhanttan Fish Market restaurant. The foods are really delicious and affordable (good for a student like me!) We ordered Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter, Fried Giant, Mac & cheese and a set of something that comes with soups, ice teas and salads. Can you imagine how the four of us managed to eat all of food? Giant betul aduhai. Bersyukur sebab solat before makan kalau tak makan tak sempat, solat pula terbabas.

w/ tra
such a beautiful sight
너무 맛있어요
missing yan, dayah, qiha and jannah
glad to have all of u in my life
Masa makan, macam-macam cerita keluar. Fatin told us there is someone who had a crush on Mira. She is a really kind and pretty girl with such a cute voice. No wonder she has a secret admire/s. It's just too funny how the guy suddenly popped from nowhere and ruined the pictures (at their school) and I also believe Fatin has a secret admire! About Tra, she told us she sells crepe scarf at her boarding school and her income is really amazing. And she also tells us that we can become her people to sell her products after spm. 

We went back home at about 9:30 pm because Mira had to go to her kampung in Kelantan that night. Memang seronok dan gembira dapat jumpa balik after 6 months. Lastly, I hope Yan, Dayah, Jannah and Qiha could join us next time (after spm ok!) 

너무 맛있어요 : neo-mu ma-sisseo-yo (so delicious)