hopes & goals 2021

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

This is pretty much resolutions post for 2021 🤟🏻 

  1. I want to achieve the BIG WHY I started aedascarf (in a year or two aamiin)
  2. I want to understand few surahs, the meaning of every ayat
  3. Solat diawal waktu 🤍 jauh lebih awal dari sekarang sebab kadang terlewat jugak hmm
  4. I want to buy a printer! For business purpose hahahaha
  5. I want to love myself, know my worth and appreciate myself ❤️
  6. I want to excel in every semester 🥺 juseyo!!!!
  7. I want to convo diploma asap! Yes pls 👩🏻‍🎓
  8. I want to worry less, insecure less, overthink less and trust more ❤️
  9. I want to keep appreciating my partner, keep loving (more!) and be with each other until forever 🥺
  10. I want to buy some clothes hahahaha it has been awhile since the last time I bought for myself sebab aku kedekut sikit dengan diri sendiri
  11. Know my boundaries no matter how much I am trying to be "nice", think about partner's feeling first
  12. Wake up early & go to class early!!!!! 
  13. Cook &&& bake more 🧁
  14. I want to lose few kgs (back to 47kg)
  15. I want to reach at least RM3k++ in my maybank account 😬
  16. I want to have at least one post per month ✨ no more mia (missing in action)
  17. One of postponed 2020 goals; get driving license 🤭
  18. I want to treat my fam more ✨❤️
  19. I want to go for another hiking this year & more jogs 😬
  20. I want to create more memories and go for more dates!!! 💖😙