my 2018 resolutions

Monday, 29 January 2018


No matter how many or little I've achieved last year resolution, that's just last year story ok. New year, new resolution. Tak kisah lah semangat separuh jalan ke hangat-hangat tahi ayam ke it's never wrong to put new goals right☺

2018 resolutions:

1. Sleep early
Before start finals, I slept early around 12 or 1 am but then y'know it's hard to stop revising and do past year questioning when the next day is the day of the examination. I ended up slept at 4 am and worse, I didn't sleep for the whole day. University students can relate this I guess. Tapi tulah, tak sihat; for the physical and mental health. Jadi, my first new resolution is to go bed early!

2. Drink milk
I hate milk. I hate the smell. I hate the taste. I wonder how people consume it every day. I wonder how I even drink it when I was little. I actually stop drinking when I was about 5 years old (kot?) I blame myself for not growing any taller since primary school. My height stop at ±157cm sobs sobs ok so it has became my resolution since I've found out how to drink milk without vomitting; drink chocolate flavor. I actually have started drink it since the 1st day of 2018 and everytime I drink, I'll be like "oh myyyy this is my new resolution, my 2018 goal" and tell my housemates hahaha but yes, my roommate was suprised to see me holding the milk carton πŸ˜›

3. Continue with Korean lesson
I started learning Korean since 2012 and so far, I can read and write. I know the basic. I understand easy sentences. But I really really need to work on more on grammar and vocabulary. I should finish all 9 levels to master the language (or at least can speak fluently) and maybe later, I can take TOPIK exam hurm maybe. Although Korea doesn't offer the course that I'm takin' but 'sokay pergi bercuti ke pape nanti senang. Or at least I can become a translator or I can talk to Daniel oppa without the need of a third person. μ—΄μ‹¬νžˆ κ³΅λΆ€ν•˜μž!

4. A balanced lifestyle
I gained weight. I ate a lot. I workout less. I hate being on strict diet. I felt unhappy. Ok so this year, I want a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle in terms of food intake and physical activity. I'll exercise at least 30 minutes per day since I love love loveeeeeee zumba especially to kpop songs! Or at least 3 times a week ✌

5. Stop do last-minute work
I do this most of the time. Let's put a stop to this.

6. Save some money
I am 20 years old this year. Getting older, man. That's mean I have to save money. For the future's sake. Either pursue study, go for holiday, buy a house and car or marriage or all of them. I should spend less on unneccessary things including snacks and beauty products. Huhu crying inside γ… γ…  so sad, so hard.

7. To go to usrah
I've mentioned this on Things that I'm proud of in post. I feel empty inside. My heart breaks easily. I become more sensitive. It's a sign for me to be more closer to Allah this year. May Allah forgive all my sins.

8. Try some new study tips & notes-taking methods
Study is weird. I miss to hold pens and read notes when I'm on a break. I will always, always go to youtube and watch some study tips or how to study better videos. But when a new semester start, I miss being on the bed for the whole day. New semester is tiring. But, it's fun in some ways. That's exactly why I say study is weird. I've been trying lots of study methods. Cornell's method is good. I'll try to do it again next semester. Oh yes, I'm gonna try the colour coding stuffs too. Hoping it will work on me. Just reading the notes isn't working at all to me. I prefer doing notes and writing as it really helps me to memorize better. Futhermore, I've a great time choosing colour pens and highlights ✏

9. Read books

Ever since I started diploma, I don't really read any books. Literally, the enjoyment of reading starts to disappear without I'd noticed. I can count with one hand how many books that I've read since semester 1 (I'd finished semester 3 already guys). If I am not mistaken, the only books that I have read was Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down and also Tarbiah Sentap (eheh I am a big big fan of Diary of a Wimpy Kid novel). Tak sampai 5 buah buku pun ok. Sedih. But this year, after I've watched a video of Fatimah and Ali talking about how book affects brain & after I read Omar Mokhtar's post about how much his siblings love to read books (he needs to read 4 to 5 books per day to Fatimah and Ali), that triggered me to start reading again. I know this going to be hard but, at least I'm trying to be better kan? You can check them out by clicking here and here.

10. Istiqamah
I am thankful and grateful. Sebab masih rajin, masih kuat untuk terus turun solat Isyak berjemaah di surau. Nampak macam senang. Tapi sebenarnya susah juga. Manusia kan huhu kadang-kadang rasa malas tu datang. Tapi bersyukur ada housemates yang sama-sama rajin turun surau.

Goals tahun ni;
- masih istiqamah turun surau setiap kali Isyak
- amalkan surah Ar-Rahman, Al-Waqiah dengan Al-Mulk setiap hari

Let's start with these two first. Biar sikit dulu. From time to time, kita tambah.

Okay, that's it! May all of you have a wonderful year & bless with success and happiness πŸ’– May you achieve your goals too πŸ₯…

μ—΄μ‹¬νžˆ κ³΅λΆ€ν•˜μž: yeol-shim-hi gong-bu-ha-ja (Let's study hard)


  1. Good luck in reaching your goals! Susu sedap okay. Lagi-lagi yang perisa coklat πŸ˜‚

    1. Thank you Rasya! Budak tak suka susu mcm ni lah ahahaha 🌸✨

  2. All the best in achieving your goals! I want to learn Korean better and be able to write the language too :)

    1. Thanks Aina πŸ’›πŸŒ» Korean is easyyyy hihi good luck awak