a korean addict

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Korean addict, yes I am. 

Starting from year 2010, I was introduced to kpop musics and the first kpop songs I listened to was Ring Ding Dong and Gee🎶 I do remember how hard it was for me to recognize each of Girls Generation group member because their faces are almost the same, kan? Listening to their old songs surely make me cry😢 How I miss the old days; the good times I had spending money on epop magazines, kpop stuffs (I still do and even more worse) and spending time fangirling to kpop groups with my friends especially Yan! Getting into kpop musics driven me slowly to watch Korean dramas, movies and reality shows. The plots, actors and actresses are seriously daebakk👍 After watching and listening to kpop songs and kdramas, I started to learn Korean languange through websites back in 2012 when I was in form 2. Besides how cute Korean languange sound, the reason why I learn hangul because I really hate that I can't read the words in the reality show (if you know what I mean) After the struggle I had endure every day, I am able to write and read all the Korean words in a fast pace. However, I haven't been able to continue my lessons these days but I will try bit by bit because I wish to watch Korean drama without any subtitle later on. Then, I started to fall in love deeper into Korea through the food. Yums they taste amazingly delicious😋 My all-time favourite dish is tteobokki. MasyaAllah, sedapnya! The restaurants I have enjoyed my Korean dishes are Sopoong, Dubuyo, Eid bangi, Hanbing and also B.bap. I haven't try dishes at Myeongdong Topokki yet, but I'll surely go there because there are a lot reviews saying they serve great food with great price🍛 Day by day, my interest towards Korea grew bigger. The fashion is a wow! 💕 That's what makes me want to lose weight even more as most of their clothes are super duper small. And since last year, I am so into Korean beauty including skincare and make up products. I am honestly focus more on skincare regimen rather than make up because in order to get a great make up result, we need to have a nice skin. And if we have such a nice skin, we don't really need to wear make up to cover up our flaws, don't you agree? I don't put on that much make up tho, just a small amount of bb cream, baby johnson powder, lip tint and I am ready to go! 😄 Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbut my skincare routine is quite long and most of my coursemates will think it's complicated and wasting money. It does requires a lot of money but I don't care; I invest for my skin now so that they will thank me later. I have so much complexion since I was in primary school but it is getting better now, Alhamdulillah.

Now, please bring me to Korea! ✈