too much love

Thursday, 7 April 2016


If I could sweep the dust on my blog, it would be more than one inch!! It's been so so long I didn't post anything even about my daily life. Lel nothing to be shared with anyone I guess. My daily routines are always the same every single day - wake up, eat, work from 10 am to 10 pm which is 12 hours, go home, watch kdrama, sleep. I didn't really have time to write up for blog, 정말 미안하다! Although my life as a working girl quite hard and tiring, I still love everything about my work place because of the surrounding, the people around me especially. I couldn't asked for more, this is just more than enough. I think working life is better than school life because people at work knew how to appreciate my presence unlike when I was in high school tho. 

Well, back to the topic! I haven't receive much love from high school friends before and no one ever said or even confessed that they like or love me at Jess. Maybe it's because we were too young for that. Hahahaha tak juga aku rasa!? Or is it because I look so selekeh when I was at school? Most probably. Tapi since I started working, more than 10 people have said they like or compliment me. Ada satu confession yang aku paling tak sangka dari budak cina. I didn't have a lot of Chinese friends when I was in high school so when there is a Chinese boy do that to me, I kind of feel happy because that means he doesn't have any thought that Muslims are bad or terrorist or something like that, like some people had. Kawan dia yang bagitahu sebenarnya "Awak smile banyak cantik" "Budak tudung merah itu comel" luls thats what I get tho. Yang lagi satu kawan dia sorang ni macam handsome lah sebab kpop sikit kan haha selalu wink kat aku. At first aku macam terkejut juga sebab rasa macam 'eh apasal dengan dia ni' lepas tu aku macam tak kisah sangat sebab maybe dia main main je kan. Lagipun aku rasa macam kitorang ni kekawan je no hard feelings. But the problem is it's already 5 times he winked at me?!?! 

Ever since I have started working, I have a lot of friends from Lower Ground level up to Level 3! Melayu ada, Cina ada even India pun ada. That's what represent Malaysia, right? 

정말 미안하다 : jeong-mal mian-hada (I'm so sorry)