Saturday, 20 October 2018


Sadly, I had been conned 🙃 I was stupid to trust people that I never met so easily. But I never thought these kind of people still exist, macam it's 2018 takkan lah kau masih guna jalan haram untuk dapat duit? 

There are many things you can do to earn money.

I was fooled by this one Chinese girl known as Woon Jo En yang aku jumpa in Carousell dengan account @merchandiseunnie. Because she sells lot of things aku berminat lah nak jadi dropship and contacted her thru Whatsapp.

Srsly duh she sounds so nice and friendly. I just collected orders from customers and all I need to do is submit orders kat dia and make payments. Dia tak pernah rush aku pun untuk bayar. I made transactions twice because aku dapat orders banyak. First transaction aku bayar RM600 into her bank account 34750111654 (Heong Leong Bank) on 21 September and second transaction was made on 25 September sebanyak RM169 into the same account. Lepas dua kali transaction tu I asked her for tracking numbers but she said her partner was busy and had no time to send it out so, after she got back from Korea, she will post it out to Poslaju by herself.

Disebabkan ramai sellers sekarang yang beli sendiri barang from Korea jadi aku tak lah terfikir kena tipu. Dia cakap she'll come back on 8th October jadi aku tunggu. Again, I made the third transaction on 9th October sebanyak RM420 sebab aku collect orders ikut minggu and made payment setiap hujung minggu. She told me she will checked her emails and will send the tracking numbers the next day. Tapi takde pun.

15 October aku whatsapped her but only one tick. Busy mungkin, apa yang aku fikir. 16 October, aku call sebab customers dah tanya so many times. No response. The number is unavailable. Dan hari Selasa 17 October I called again and still no answer. Dah tak sedap hati, aku checked her account in Carousell and I found out she is a scammer and almost 20 people was fooled by her.


Aku tak tahu nak rasa apa. Tertanya-tanya samada ini mimpi atau realiti. Aku nangis, aku takut. Apa yang aku perlu buat? No one helped me.

I kept it to myself until the next day I told my friend.

And yesterday, aku keluar pergi police station masa rehat sebab masa bila lagi aku boleh pergi? Lagipun tak ada kerja, jadi chill lah. I spent 2 hours there, buat dua statements. First, yang kat kaunter depan tu. Tu sikit je around 100 words lebih kurang. Then penerima report called this one Inspektor dan aku pun jawab call tu. Dia suruh aku tunggu dia.

Then I followed him to office dia, and told him from A to Z. Boleh tahan panjang juga cerita aku. Lebih kurang 3 full pages juga. I didn''t cry at all. because there's no tears left kut. Dah penat dengan semua nih.

Inspektor kata aku mungkin tak dapat balik my money which is in total kerugian RM1189 🙃 but sokay, I submitted report to KPDNKK and let's see what will happen next.

Aku tak tahu masa bila nak pergi bank settlekan this case. Dengan praktikalnya, masa bila aku ada masa nak keluar.

Serabut kepala. Banyaknya dugaan. Moga segalanya dipermudahkan.

Next time, please be more careful and do not trust people easily, dearself.


  1. You are not alone, I almost got scammed by a scammer when I want to sell my preloved things on Carousell a few months ago, but I realized that scammer was being suspicious and I got a suspicious email, and thank goodness I took a step early before I got scammed but nevertheless, I am traumatized by it and Carousell too, the world and people can be scary sometimes

  2. Hope you'll feel better soon. Moga scammer tu dapat balasan yang setimpal.